Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend Edition: Obama’s High Crimes, Misdemeanors and Lies

By Craig Andresen 

tnp eagleThe cockroaches of liberalism are scattering wildly as the harsh light of truth shine upon them in the wake of the tyrant King’s latest scandal.

In Bowe Bergdahl, Obama set free a terrorist sympathizer, a converted Islamist Jahidi, a deserter and most likely a traitor whose father, Bob Bergdahl, sanctified the white house and recited a victory chant for the terrorists after tweeting to the mouthpiece of a known terror organization that he, Bob Bergdahl, was still working on his behalf.

To secure Bowe Bergdal’s “release” from his Taliban “captors,” Obama sent five of the most vile and genocidal terrorists in GITMO to Qatar where, supposedly, they will be kept from traveling out of the country for a period of one year.

Upon their arrival in Qatar, the GITMO 5 were hailed as heroes, praised and made into instant celebrities.

One simply has to wonder; now just one week after Obama shredded United States laws to make this move, if the government of Qatar has any bloomin’ idea where any one of those 5 former GITMO terrorists is today.

But, liberal/socialists are all wadded up because they think my outrage over this felonious freeing of GITMO terrorists is solely being driven by Fox News and right wing Obama haters.

In fact…nothing could be further from the truth.

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  1. It is depressing that the left can't see how vile this man is! Those who Obama set free will continue to kill innocent people. How can liberals continue to support this traitor to America? Chomping gum at a memorial for fallen men of WWII. A vet was asked to appear with Obama, but said he sadly had to decline. Obama's views were simply to radical. I feel the same way...Obama is not my president, and I would not want to appear with him as well. I am ashamed of Obama!