Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The 'Constitution-Free' zone is anything but constitutional
By: Diane Sori

"When you go into business in this country today you do NOT give up your moral conscious."
- Part of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby

Ending the biggest assault by any administration on religious freedom, 'We the People' won two battles yesterday as the Supreme Court ruled in favor of both Hobby Lobby and that caretakers do NOT have to join or pay unions so they can take care of loved ones at home.

Two battles won but there are so many more to go before our beloved America is set right again, and one battle that looms large as it affects our welfare system, our healthcare system, and our economy is our unsealed southern border situation... especially in Texas.
Texas has become hell...literally...as Obama sits back and smiles because for him everything is about votes...future Democratic votes. We all know this is his true motive as he does NOT give a damn about these people per se only about what they can do for the party. And he knows they're willing to sell their souls by way of their votes so as NOT to bite the hand that feeds them. But there are things kept hidden by this administration that concerns NOT only those crossing our borders but how their doing so affects each and every one of us.

First, what's happening now is that America is being assaulted by an influx of ILLEGAL criminals...YES criminals...crossing our southern border. Called 'undocumented immigrants' by the media these folks...even the children...do NOT deserve that moniker because they're criminals by their very act of crossing into our country without following our immigration laws...meaning they've broken our laws to get here. And if you break our laws you're a criminal...as the meaning of the word criminal is that you've done something ILLEGAL.

However, doing something ILLEGAL is NOT just a catch-phrase for those crossing our borders, it also applies to the questionable activities of the Obama administration...and questionable includes keeping from public knowledge ILLEGALITIES done in reference to those crossing ILLEGALLY.
Now here's something few are aware of although it was mentioned fleetingly some years back on FOX...something regarding the extent to which the Obama administration monitors, collects information about us, and trashes our Constitution. It seems in 2009, the DHS...which is charged with securing our nation’s borders... announced it would conduct a 'Civil Liberties Impact Assessment' of its in-place 'suspicionless' search-and-seizure policy...and what's in place encompasses the entirety of the United States. Claiming it was done in the name of national security...the DHS made-up what's called the 'border zone'...a zone that stretch 100-miles inland from every coast and from our northern and southern borders, including where U.S. land meets oceans in addition to recognized borders with Mexico and Canada. Legally, the 100-mile border zone is called the 'extended border' of the U.S., as defined by Title 8 of the Federal Code of Regulations that deals with "Aliens and Nationality."

There's also something called the 'functional equivalent border,' which encompasses areas around international airports within the interior region of the U.S. And this spreading into the interior is part of a broad expansion of border powers with the potential to affect the lives of we ordinary Americans who have NEVER left the country let alone tried to enter it. So with that the DHS has now set themselves above the Constitution and done so by making, setting, and enforcing their own rules.

And get this...within the border zone the DHS can search your electronic belongings for NO reason whatsoever...and NO reason whatsoever is buried within their own DHS regulations as long as three criteria are met: first, a person must have recently crossed a border meaning if they're already here they become exempt; second, an agent should know that the object of a search hasn’t changed; and third that 'reasonable suspicion' of a criminal activity must exist...yet ignoring that crossing the border ILLEGALLY is a criminal activity in and of itself.

Bottom line...as a result of the DHS created 100-mile border zone, there are now almost 200 million people living within this zone, including those in New York City, Houston, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. In addition, the DHS made it so that they can ‘overrule’ the Fourth Amendment...which mandates that a search or seizure done by a government agent must be ‘reasonable’...NO matter that the courts have construed Fourth Amendment 'reasonableness' as requiring probable cause and a judicially granted warrant. And the DHS can now also ‘overrule’ the First and Second Amendments within that 100-mile border zone, initiating what amounts to a Constitutional crisis for the Supreme Court has recognized several exceptions to certain Constitutional amendments, one of which is the border search exception within said zone.

Oh really... 
Enter center stage the ubber liberal American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) who surprise of all surprises honored the rule of the law...the law as laid down in the Constitution...saying that any regulation allowing customs and immigration agents to search electronic devices at America’s borders without 'just cause' was, is, and will always remain wrong. And least people forget, two years earlier the ACLU tried to warn us that the 100-mile border...dubbed by the DHS as a 'Constitution-Free' zone'...was going to be put in place. But did we listen...NO we did NOT as the media...except for the brief mention on FOX...hushed it up for obvious reasons.

And of course the DHS then countered the ACLU by saying that according to legal precedence... District Judge Edward Korman's upholding of the Obama administration policy granting officials the authority to search American's laptops and other electronics including cell phones...citing a controversial premise that makes citizens within 100 miles of the border eligible for a police check...basically meaning that the Fourth Amendment does not apply along the border zone. Saying that customs and immigration agents can “exercise long-standing constitutional and statutory authority permitting suspicionless and warrantless searches of merchandise at the border and its functional equivalent,” the DHS grossly overstepped their bounds as far as 'We the People' are concerned.

So as we come full circle at the borders...militia groups are now gathering at the border to do the job border agents can't do or simply won't do...can't do because they're overwhelmed by the numbers of people crossing the border...or won't do as they know they can't stop the influx of ILLEGALS entering our country because our president does NOTHING to stop them...instead encouraging more to come.

And as for the ILLEGALS...especially in regards to the children being shipped to areas within the 'Constitution-Free' zone...within the100-mile border zone...they cannot be touched...meaning they cannot be deported as this exception from searches and deportation was made part of the 'Immigration and Nationality Act.' So ILLEGALS get protection from being searched and/or deported but 'We the People' get NO such protection.

And so it seems U.S. laws are NOT in effect in the 'Constitution-Free' zone...NOT the First, Second, or Fourth Amendments. And with the Border Patrol NOT doing what they're supposed to do...what their job dictates they do...as in detect and prevent ILLEGAL aliens, terrorists, and terrorist weapons from entering the U.S., along with preventing ILLEGAL trafficking of people and contraband. But trafficking is exactly what the Obama administration does when shipping ILLEGAL children off to Arizona...and our border agents can't do a damn thing as they've been delegated to changing the diapers of these ILLEGAL criminal children swarming our borders.

So as more of our civil liberties erode away...especially if you live in a border state within the 100-mile zone...you have more to fear from your government than those entering our country ILLEGALLY...and sadly that's how it is in today's America.


  1. I just read in the Drudge Report that the people of New York are needing free food more than ever; yet Obama and the democrats bring in more illegals who will need freebies. If they keep bringing in more illegals Joe Bite me may have to curtail his staying at pricey hotels.

    I read this from a reader:

    "Vice pres joe biden's hotel bill not reported by ABC NBC or CBS but found by The Weekly Standard

    Biden's stay in London at Metropolitan Hotel for ONE NIGHT ......$459,338.65 at Metropolitan

    Joe Biden's stay in Paris for ONE NIGHT ....$585,000.50 bill at Hotel Intercontinental Paris Grand

    so ,..over one MILLION dollars spent by the VICE president for two nights

    our leaders living like despots while detroit has their water turned off in summer, and people trying to find food?"

    Hillary says she and Bill are indigent...pennyless! They only have 100 million dollars!
    Oh yeah...and the Obama's are swimming in money too!

    Where do the democrats get off saying that republicans are the rich ones, or republicans are not for the poor. Shouldn't Hillary give more of her 100 million dollars to the poor? Shouldn't Joe bite me stay in a more modest hotel and money be given to the poor? I wish a libtard would explain to me how it is OK for democrats to accumulate wealth, but not a republican?

    Why isn't Nancy Pelosi emptying her purse down at the border for the "Americans."
    She wants to use my money in taxes and I am poor!

    1. Yeah, cause Bush & Cheney stayed at the White House 24/7 and ate Ramen soup. Give me a break! They ALL travel, regardless of party. When they do, so do White House staff, secret service details, Air Force personnel, etc... Oh, and that Biden travel story is about 16 months old btw, and the sources were dubious at best.

    2. Show me where Bush or Cheney stayed at a hotel ANYWHERE and paid that kind of money or shut you piehole UP!

      Michelle spends a butt load more than ANY of the other FIRST LADIES did. When did Laura Bush fly over to China...funny, I don't recall that at all. THE OBAMAS WASTE MONEY!

      YOU know...the sheboon mentality is that the world owes her a vacation! HELL with all the money she wasted, she could have paid half of the delinquent water bills in Detroit for her hoodies!

      You democrats are retards and can't debate worth a shit! OK...SHOW ME WHERE BUSH...OR CHANEY...WASTED MONEY LIKE DIMOTARDs

      Excuse me if I don't think that will happen! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    3. Is that how you debate? SCREAMING WITH ALL CAPS and using curse words, telling people to shut up, calling them retarded? Lovely. How Christian of you. Another uneducated redneck tea partier.

      Anyway, Bush was on vacation more than any other President in history, accounting for 32% of his Presidency.

      In response to your "When did Laura Bush fly over to China" question, she made 3 trips to China, 2002, 2005, and 2008. Laura Bush made in total 46 international trips. Michelle Obama has made 14.

      But you guys don't really mind so much when white people use the plane, do you?

    4. Hill and Bill are VERY wealthy…why aren’t they giving MORE to the POOR? How about a few million for the people of Detroit and their water bills, or the new orphaned kids coming over the border like locusts? Why can’t Hill and Bill help some of those people out?


      YET…the libtards say the republicans are the rich and don’t give!

      The Clintons did give some, but they need to give MUCH more! I think they should give EVERYTHING to the poor. All democrat leaders should give ALL to the poor, the tired, the illiterate and disease infested!

      Yep…right Hill, you’re dirt poor. BRA HA HA HA HA HA!

    5. Since you are so good with the research of trips and vacations, why didn't you give the breakdown of the costs of those so-called trips. Sorry...Bush's ranch does not count! He was working with world leaders such as Putin.

      I can give the sum of what one of Michelle's trips cost, and I bet it far exceeds anything Laura Bush EVER spent. You are digging yourself into a hole!

      Dick Cheney NEVER stayed in SWANK hotels like BIDEN!

      Your side tries to claim they are for the poor people; yet do things to waste money that could be given to the poor!

      PS...don't believe all the retarded crap you read on liberal sites...they lie!

    6. Why don't you do the research yourself, rather than sucking down the right-wing pablum produced by Diane and her ilk?

      Dick Cheney's net worth is 90 million. Do you think that he was staying at the local Red Roof Inn when he was VP? Yep, that's jus ol' Dick Cheney pickin up his key from Earl the night manager at the Motel 6. Give me a break.

    7. Oh dear 'anonymous the troll' is back with all the wrong facts...of course. BTW, Dick Cheney earned his money through hard work. The Obama's haven't earned a legitimate dime in their lives and I include the presidency as he STOLE the election through voter fraud, the dead vote, and voter intimidation. BTW if you take those out Mitt Romney actually won.

  2. I know that Diane will probably turn a blind eye to the water problem with the groids in Detroit, but now the UN is going to intervene. I would hope Craig would discuss this during the “2ND hour” of Wednesday’s radio broadcast.

    Here is the latest from WND.COM


    What strikes me as funny is that the UN person said that racism could be happening in Detroit. I find that funny because the groids OWN Detroit. It is now THEIR city!

    Is the majority racist against itself? The white population of Detroit is about 7 or 8 percent, so how can they sway what the city does regarding water?

    The city of Detroit is at least 83% black…there lies the problem! The UN can look for the reasons, but that IS the reason for Detroit’s failure. Blacks are basically lazy and generally don’t pay their bills on time. Sorry if the truth hurts! (they also commit more crimes and are generally less intelligent than other races of men.) Detroit has devolved to the mean IQ of the majority of its residents (85.)
    I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but the truth must be spoken from the housetops.

    1. Since I know Diane won't say it, you're a vile disgusting racist and the whole world will be a brighter place when you finally die.

    2. I'm just a messenger of truth! If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen!

    3. The problem is that the way your type deliver your "truth" is with burning crosses left on peoples lawns...

      You're proud of your ignorance and hatred. Disgusting.

    4. Well...at least white people don't have "the knockout" game" which occurs very frequently versus ...a cross burning? I never did that to a black person. Also...that is SO rare and SO archaic! Gee...you're having to go back to the 19th century for bad things done to blacks.

      Why don't you open your eyes to how racist blacks are against whites?

      Blacks do much worse than burn a cross on somebodies lawn, they kill at 7 to 8 times the rate of whites; and frankly white men just don't rape black women. Over 35000 white women are raped by black men each year; probably a handful of black women are raped by white men; so who is the bad person in that picture.

      A man in Detroit had an accident an was beaten by a gang of blacks. If the news where white men beating a lone black man trying to render aid, the media and blacks would be all over it.

      There IS a double standard! BLACKS are MORE racist than whites; and we would be BETTER off without them! Facts speack for themself!

    5. The knockout game... first hit on Google... the lightest African American I've ever seen. I thought you said white people don't have "the knockout game"?


    6. Oh dear...clueless...of course more blacks are affected by the water being turned off for the simple fact that Detroit is predominately black...it has NOTHING to do with race...period.

  3. A good way Michelle O to wasted taxpayer money while the people of Detroit goes without water!


    Many buffalo women can’t get water; yet Michelle O lives high on the hog like her hubby and Joe bite me Biden.

    Examples go on an on an on!

    IT is disgusting the way democrats treat poor people…use the money for their luxury; yet give NOTHING to the poor!

  4. Here is PROOF that the city of Detroit is cutting off water to the Negroid people (African-Americans).


    How can Obama look into those eyes and not cry? Where is Nicole Hill going to take her next shower? She must stink by now! Can’t we at least start issuing water stamps?

    What can she do…give up having tattoos all over her body? This is racism even though the city of Detroit is almost entirely black! Somehow…someway…a white man is at fault. I blame Craig! He needs to bring this up tomorrow instead of the obnoxious AHAB noise maker. How can Craig look into Nicole’s dark eyes and not cry that her water was cut off!

    This is much worse than having a so-called cross burned on her lawn; this is going against Nicole’s 14 th Amendment Rights!

    1. You are a vile, ugly person.

    2. But you love it! You know I am right, so you keep reading these posts! I will post the truth and you will accept the truth. The truth will set you free. Free at last, free at last, free at last!

      Of course this is not my blog, and Diane has the right to not allow me to post if she so wished. You say I am racist and vile, but there are black men I admire: Justice Clarence Thomas and Dr. Manning come to mind. Good black men with an understanding of what is holding the black man back. They do not want the black man to take handouts, to rob, kill, rape, and maim others, but to live like civilized men. They understand there is a long ways to go, and the left has destroyed the black family.People like you call these men uncle toms, but I say they have more integrity in their little finger than someone like Obama has in his entire body.

      What I say are MY beliefs, and they have set me free. I don't have white guilt (never really did.) I have MANY black friends and they think that many in their race are leeches. I know this is frack language, but we must be clear: black people don't measure up anymore since liberalism killed their freedom.

      My black friends think I am a great guy! I think they would buy me a beer; and I would invite them to my house for a barbecue; now...how could I do that if I were prejudiced. I LOVE black people, but they are f*cked up in the head like you liberals are; you are confusing right and wrong.

      It is wrong for gays to have anal sex; just as it is wrong for a muslim to have sex with a 12 year old girl or a goat! I am simply stating facts. You can like them or not, but these are things that I believe!

    3. By the way, although it is wrong for gays to have anal sex, that is their life. If they vote Republlican, they can come to my barbecue as well. However, no muzzies allowed! That is where i draw the line!

    4. Craig will NOT come to the rescue of the 'sponges' of our society nor will I. The 'give me, give me, give me' mentality must stop and stop now.