Monday, January 19, 2015

Sanctions on Iran vs Obama's Pen 
By: Diane Sori

“Congress needs to show patience.” 
 - Obama's words to veto any new sanctions being placed against Iran

In what amounts to a threat...YES a threat...Barack HUSSEIN Obama warned Congress they dare NOT cross him by putting any new sanctions on Iran...the very country who calls America the 'Great Satan'...because he says new sanctions would “undermine” international unity against Iran.

I never knew there was international unity against Iran...did you...didn't think so.

And in his claiming that new sanctions would also prevent or at least delay any deal-in-the-making from being reached to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons, Obama has gone so far as to announce to Congress that he will veto any and all legislation that places sanctions against Iran, and he will do so even though many Democrats are on board with this. And so once again he's bending to the will of Iran and their negotiator, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi, who said that reaching a comprehensive deal depends on Washington showing “good will” towards his country and will happen only if global powers, as in the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council-the U.S., UK, Russia, China, and France-plus Germany), stop pressuring Tehran.

And if they do NOT stop pressuring Tehran and if a sanctions bill does pass Congress, some Iranian lawmakers have threatened they will push their government hard to resume unlimited uranium enrichment.

In fact, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in an effort to make that threat stick, recently said on Iranian state television that,“If the Western countries want to negotiate with the Islamic Republic of Iran, they must make a political decision, which for some could be difficult, and stop with the pressure.” And Obama, good little islamist that he is, of course will acquiesce and is more than willing to go along with a 'weak' deal...any deal...instead of NO deal at all, ignoring the fact that it would set a dangerous precedence in regards to the issue of nuclear proliferation. And lets NOT forget that he could then also pat his narcissistic self on the back and say to the world, 'see I disarmed Iran.'

So Obama's saying that, “The likelihood of the entire negotiations collapsing is very high if sanctions are reinstated" is just empty words because the current ongoing negotiations are being conducted with Tehran expecting that NO new sanctions would be put in place against them, thus equating to the fact that Obama both acknowledges and cowers in fear to the threats being issued by Iran. Cowering to threats while at the very same time willingly choosing to ignore the fact that Iran will do whatever they damn well please NO matter if deals are reached and put in place or NOT.

And his being threatened and then cowering to Iran afforded Obama the very opportunity he needed to now threaten the new Congress hoping they in turn will cower to him back, in his eyes alone, a bit of his manhood.

And NOT unexpectedly, British Prime Minister David Cameron...a fellow liberal-in-denial albeit one with an oh so proper English accent...also believes further sanctions would hurt the talks saying new sanctions would, “fracture international unity.” And Cameron truly hopes that the new Republican controlled Congress...a Congress that he's personally lobbied NOT to implement sanctions...will bow to Obama's and his wishes.

But hopefully this new Republican controlled Congress will NOT.

And guess what...imposing further sanctions is actually what's needed...strict crippling unrelenting economic sanctions plus a whole lot in it's time to go in...hand-in-hand with Israel (who Iran calls the 'Little Satan')...and seriously kick some Iranian butt because who are they to be holding the (for now anyway) free world hostage with their incessant demands and threats that NO deal will be reached if sanctions against them are still even a possibility.

Holding the world hostage while at the same time continuing to threaten to wipe Israel of the map. Yeah...we need to negotiate with these people...NOT.

And like I said, some Democrats are finally seeing the light and recognizing the danger we here in America face with a nuclear armed Iran...a danger Benjamin Netanyahu has spoken about for years. In fact, Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) told Obama in NO uncertain terms that if Congress waited too long to do what needs to be done that sanctions could NOT be put in place fast enough to have any effect if the Obama says...collapse. And Obama's saying that he would deal directly with Congress if talks do fail...that he would “tighten the screws” if that a joke at best for this president has done NOTHING of substance all these years to halt yet alone slowdown Iran's moving forward with its uranium enrichment program for the simple fact is he does NOT want to slow it down.

You know it...I know it...Israel knows it...and now some Democrats in Congress are finally starting to know it as well.

And that along with Iran's very actions...actions including their ongoing aggression towards Israel, their constant threats of war, and their outward monetary and military support for worldwide terrorism...shows proof positive that any true and binding agreement with them will be just about if NOT impossible...and that if a deal by some chance is reached it won't be worth the paper it's printed on.

So the bottom line remains that we need to economically choke Iran so severely that they are brought begging to their knees until we finally have the courage and fortitude to go in and do what we and the world know needs to be done.

But...and this is a big but...with Obama as America's President and Commander-in-Chief...traitor-in-chief addition to his 'supposedly' being the leader of the free world...what needs to done will NOT now or anytime on his watch be done simply because this man will NEVER step on his brethren's toes. With Barack HUSSEIN Obama, his muslim blood is thicker than any minuscule amount of allegiance he may have to the country he was elected (gag) to serve.

And when you have none other than islamic cuddlier Secretary of State John 'Swiftboat' Kerry as head negotiator you just know that any deal reached will NOT be in America's best interest and will most likely be reached for Obama's face-saving political expediency alone. And knowing that Europe is (rightfully) NOT too happy with America and Obama right now, Iran will actually now have the upper hand in negotiations and will use that to their advantage when they call once again for a 'comprehensive' lifting of nuclear sanctions against them along with wanting access to trade, technology, finance, and energy. And the only thing 'our side' will get in exchange will be Iran's agreeing to...with fingers crossed behind their back of course..a "mutually defined enrichment program with mutually agreed parameters"...parameters you just know they will NEVER honor.

So as Kerry continues on with this 'dog and pony' show in Geneva, Obama is getting his veto pen ready all while the centrifuges Iran already has continue in operation moving them ever so closer to their becoming a nuclear power...and a rogue nuclear power at that.

Are you scared damn well better be.


  1. I have always felt that Iran will hit us first, then Israel. Missiles launched from ships or submarines, maybe Venezuela.
    0bama has said he would never use nukes no matter what happens.
    0bama has said if we are hit, there would be a thorough investigation before he does anything. In his case, it will probably be to hand the problem to the UN to resolve.
    - I write as Red Branch

    1. Obama is a traitor who would probably give Iran the coordinates to hit to inflict the most damage and casualties.

    2. I'll check out your stuff Red Branch. :)

  2. Hey Diane, maybe I'm having a problem with my computer or something, but I can't find any of the articles you wrote or posted yesterday about Dr. King. Can you repost them please, or tell me where I may find them? I know you and your ilk are huge supporters or civil rights.

  3. Don't you left ever get tired of supporting a president who hasn't kept any of his promises other than fundamentally changing America into a goddamned shit hole?

    The point of the article was this muslim shit is coming to a community near you...and soon... with odumbass in charge of things.

    The no go zones were reported in the national news recently. If you choose to not believe them, then by all means continue to stick your goddamned head up obama's mulatto stinking "brown" ass and continue to inhale his bullshit!

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    Do you look at the stuff Diane puts up, or is your head just stuck too far up Obama's lying ass? These mother fuckers are out to kill us!

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    Diane covers one part of the violence against civilization with gusto (the Muslims), but hardly touches the nigger problem.

    I will say this and honestly mean it: if all blacks and Mexicans were suddenly taken from our midst, our crime rate would go down about 80 to 90 percent. If there were no Muslims, the world could almost be singing kum by ya!

    I hate these groups because they are SHIT! If you really want to defend blacks, Muslims, and Mexicans; then provide me proof that what I said is wrong; otherwise go to hell you stupid fucking liberal pile of Obama's shit.

    1. Diane's middle school racist mean girl is back shooting of her stinky little mouth. Go to the principles office RIGHT NOW young lady!

    2. He or she can say whatever they want...this is MY blog NOT yours you middle school stinky little troll. BTW, I think I will start removing EVERYTHING you post against my readers...maybe then you will just go away.

    3. It is oh-so obviously YOUR blog Diane. I sure don't want credit for this stuff.

    4. You might want to think twice about removing all our posts though Diane. Without us, all you have are 3 or 4 mentally and emotionally challenged bunker cases posting some truly reprehensible racist diatribes occasionally. At least we pad the comments. Amarite my fellow stinky trolls!?