Monday, April 29, 2019

Israeli Ambassador to the UN: The words, the demonstrators and the cartoons turn into shootings against worshipers in synagogues.”

Ambassador Danon is 100 percent correct. It is the relentless demonization of Israel from the Democrat Party, and the mainstream media, and academia, and America’s Muslim leadership, which has resulted in the surge of antisemitic attacks we are now seeing in the United States.

This demonization of Israel became mainstreamed under President Obama, spreading rapidly once Israel’s enemies realized that they had a supporter in the White House. Under President Obama, anti-Zionism became an acceptable way to express anti-Semitism.

Over 10 years after Obama was elected, the New York Times is printing Nazi-like cartoons, the BDS Movement is making life for Jewish students unsafe on university campuses, and the leading presidential candidate for the Democrat Party openly calls the Israeli government racist.

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