Sunday, April 15, 2012

A call to action 
By: Diane Sori

And so it has begun.  Our great nation, a nation of freedom and exceptionalism, has been turned into a nation of sheep, whiners, and the apathetic, as some continue to blindly follow a usurping, calculating traitor of a president who wants to see America fail so she can be rebuilt as a New World Order nation with himself at the helm.

Sadly, even the most patriotic sector of ‘We the People’ have, up to this point, sat back and watched in amazement as Obama and his minions forced everything from unconstitutional mandates to unwanted legislation, such as ObamaCare, down our throats.  We sat back and watched as his socialist policies continued to destroy America from within as he laughed at the Constitution.  We sat back and watched as he catered to special interest groups, lobbyists, the radical left fringe, and anyone and anything anti-American. We watched as he defamed and dishonored our brave men and women in uniform as he traveled the world apologizing for their actions.  And we watched as this president continued to show total disregard for the will of the majority of us Americans.

While we sat back and watched a man take the office of the presidency and swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, while we sat back and watched that very man do everything in his power to ridicule, defame, and negate the very document we all hold dear; the very document that laid the groundwork upon which this Judeo-Christian nation was founded; the very document that helped create the greatest most free nation the world has ever known; some of us grew restless as we watched.

Well, we will sit back and watch no more.

While this president and his administration continue trying to turn our great republic into a socialist nation, giving themselves unprecedented power over everything we do, say, write, or even think, we patriots are out there spreading the truth  any and every way we can.  And this is no easy task with the obstacles in our way, as this president tries to control our last vestige of both communication and truth telling...the internet (remember the infamous ‘net neutrality’ ruling of the FCC).  And always remember Obama’s total control of the media and how dangerous that is as all dictators’ start by controlling the free unbiased flow of information.

And while Obama continues to challenge the very system of checks and balances that is so critical to our rule of law; while he openly tries to create new rules of law to expand his Executive Branch powers so as to make himself a dictator over us all; while he openly criticizes, chastises, and manipulates the justices of the Supreme Court to try and make them bend to his will; and while he continuously tries, and many times succeeds, in issuing Executive Orders that usurp power away from the States (basically negating state’s rights); ‘We the People’ are organizing on grassroots levels all across our great land to help assure that on November 6th the demise and fall of a man who has made a mockery of the presidency will become a reality.

And we WILL succeed because Obama fails to see that ’We the People,’ especially we patriots, are uniting together in great numbers to attain our goal of restoring constitutional authority, government accountability, full transparency, and respect for the law of our land as laid out in our Constitution.  What Obama fails to see is that we WILL restore America to God the Creator as the Declaration of Independence so wisely stated, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  By their Creator, God IS in our founding document whether Obama cares to accept that fact or not.  

And lastly, what Obama fails to see most clearly is that all the infighting between Republicans WILL stop and we WILL all come together to rid the White House of the most dishonorable, dishonest, traitorous man to ever hold the office of President of the United States, because ‘We the People’ know in our hearts that if we don’t, our beloved America as we know and love her will be no more.


  1. I believe President Obama is doing everything he can to usurp power from the other branches of government and put in place all methods and means of voter fraud, including the rebranding of Acorn as "Project Vote." On a more optimistic note, I do not believe he'll succeed in winning a 2'nd term, not because the GOP has shown any courage in dealing with the more nefarious aspects of his works or the works of others on the radical left. I believe he'll fail because of the very brilliance of the nation's founders whom Obama so routinely derides. The founders knew that we would have bad men who'd win elections. That's why their system of checks and balances is protecting us from a greater degree of damage than we've already suffered. I also believe, as do Limbaugh and Hannity, that Obama could lose in a landslide. Maybe not the level that Carter lost in 1980, but certainly to the degree that Dukakis lost in 1988. And with Romney as GOP nominee, some traditionally Democratic states will be in play that haven't been since 1988. The main reason I don't believe it will be an even greater loss for Obama is two-fold. A) There is such a greater percentage of the voting public on the public dole now than were in 1980. B) The pols and commentators on the conservative side are pulling their punches a bit because strong critics of Obama will always have the race card thrown at them. Even though we know the accusation is based on a flae premise, conservatives will be sensitive to it and choose their words. The left will be smugly convinced that they've won the debate since they've set the terms of it. They've been too clever by half as conservatives are now educating folks who ordinarily wouldn't be receptive to their message. Watching Geithner dissembling on George Stephonopolous was so much fun. He kept saying Romney was wrong about his 92% and change figure about how job losses have been affecting women but he had no comeback for it. And the more we stick with facts and keep feelings out of it, the more debates we win. And on a truly non-scientific note, I've noticed what I believe to be an important trend. While my more liberal friends are digging their heels in deeper and taking longer drinks of the koolaid between breaths, my more politically independent friends are swinging conservative, and listening to more conservative radio programs. Not a scientific poll by any means, but, for me, a cause to be optimistic.

  2. I so like your line of thinking. I have said since day one that Obama will never get a second term and I will stand by that prediction. After all, one can only fool the people for so long before even the kool-ade drinkers and sheeple start to wake up.

  3. What happens if you can't get the votes? Then you control who counts them!!! Open your eyes and watch what happens!!! What can you do about that??? I agree with you 1000% People need to wake up!!! Check out Obama's connection with Soros!!!

  4. Obama's connection to Soros is simple and right in your face...Soros IS the puppet master who pulls Obama's strings...and Hillary's, albeit to a somewhat lesser degree.