Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Political indifference and religious hypocrites...a deadly pair
By: Diane Sori

Let me start off by saying that I abhor both political indifference and religious hypocrites. When people show a lack of interest, or little or no concern for what is happening in our country today, it’s sort of like mediocrity in its worse form.  And when you throw apathy and God into the mix...watch out!

Our country today is at a crossroads...do we continue down Barack Obama’s hoped for path towards socialism or do ‘We the People’ rise up and take America back to the way our Pledge of Allegiance says we are...”one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.”

While we continue to bicker amongst ourselves, ‘the enemy within’ and those who circle in orbit around him, sit back and laugh at the fact that we can’t seem to pull ourselves together into the cohesive unified force we’ve been talking about being, because God, or some people’s tunnel vision version of God, keeps getting thrown into the mix, to the delight of Obama and crew.

Lately, there have been serious musing and rumblings amongst the ranks of us patriots who began this journey together.  Remember our battle cry, ‘ANYBODY BUT OBAMA,’ well now it seems to be ‘anybody but Obama as long as it isn’t Romney.’  And that is so sad.  Instead of giving the man a chance to shine, his detractors keep coming up with same old sorry excuse of, ‘but he’s a Mormon.’  

Yes, he’s a Mormon, so what.  I think a little history lesson is needed right about now.  Article VI, Clause 3 of our Constitution, states “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”  These very words were adopted at the Constitutional Convention two years before the First Amendment’s prohibition on “establishment of religion,” when even our Founders objected to informal religious tests by the religious hierarchy of the time.  Our Founders were more than willing to give positions of responsibility and authority to those who did not share their personal religious beliefs, so therefore, so should we.  

Also, remember that Abraham Lincoln, one of our greatest presidents, did not belong to any church at all.  “I have never spoken with intentional disrespect of religion in general, or of any denomination of Christians in particular.…. Leaving the higher matter of eternal consequences, between him and his Maker, I still do not think any man has the right thus to insult the feelings, and injure the morals, of the community in which he may live,” Lincoln said when he ran for Congress in 1846.  In other words, Lincoln was a tolerant man of the religious beliefs of others.

So, between Lincoln, our Founders, and our Constitution, I think a Mormon in the White House will be a welcome change from the muslim usurping traitor we have occupying it right now, and I think the Founders would agree with me.  So if it’s good enough for them it should be good enough for the know-it-all, it’s our way and our beliefs or no way, far right religious fringe. 

And even when the religious issues are settled, and I pray they will be soon, that still leaves us with the musings and rumblings of the politically indifferent whose whining getting on my nerves battle cry is, “the ‘fix’ is in, so why bother.”  To me that’s the worst kind of apathy of all.  If you can’t stand by your convictions and fight ‘the good fight’ than you are not the patriots you purport yourselves to be, because guess what folks, ‘the fix aint in’ unless we sit back, do nothing, and let it be in.  

Remember how some of us patriots started out all gung-ho and ready to take on the world, well some have now backed off, given-up, and are resolving themselves to another four years of Barack Hussein Obama.  I know some personally, and I want to just beat them over the head until some sense is knocked into them!  Giving-up is NOT an option here folks...it NEVER was and it NEVER will be!  While Obama and crew throw obstacle after obstacle in our path, we must push those obstacles aside and press on, if not for our sake, then for the sake of our children, because we all want them to have a country they can be proud of, a country ‘We the People’ had BEFORE Barack Hussein Obama took office. We want our children to have the freedom to live their lives as they so choose, and NOT to have to live under the yolk of a socialist regime with a muslim usurping traitor as the ‘anointed one’ for life.

So please, I ask all of you, no I beg you, please put your personal religious views and hatreds aside, put your defeatist attitudes aside, and help us forge ahead, united together in our original goal of ‘ANYBODY BUT OBAMA.’

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