Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Censorship is alive and well on the internet
By: Diane Sori

Censorship in this day and age of Barack Hussein Obama is alive and well on the internet, especially on the social media network known as Facebook.  You post something derogatory about Obama or his inner circle...they censor you.  You post the TRUTH about Obama’s failed policies...they censor you.  You post something against islam, muslims, or sharia law...they censor you.  You post support for our military or post condemnation for the jihadists or heaven forbid the ILLEGALS...they censor you.  You get my drift.

And what do I mean by censoring...I mean Facebook sends you little messages that your posts and/or comments are ‘spammy’ or irrelevant and they will NOT allow them to be posted.  And after receiving a certain number of those little messages Facebook sends you a warning saying that if you don’t cease and desist they will put you in a temporary time-out OR they just go ahead and outright ban you from posting, commenting, or even accessing your account with NO warning whatsoever.  I know, I’ve been there, and I guarantee I’ll be there again.

Now who are these high and mighty persons who set themselves up as our judge and jury...none other than Barack Hussein Obama’s libertard friends headed by Facebook’s daddy himself, and you all know who I mean by that.  But if some of you have had ‘brain freeze’ this past year or so and can’t put two and two together, I’ll tell you that it’s the ‘young man’ who met with Obama last year to stack the Facebook deck in his favor and against any of his opposition...that ‘young man.’

Now I’m NOT saying that that ‘young man’ himself does this censoring as he is too high and mighty to bother with us peons, but rest assured that that ‘young man’ has assembled a ‘special’ team for the purpose of trolling and infiltrating our conservative sites, and then in their infinite wisdom they decide what ’they’ consider to be objectionable posts based on the moral, political, military, and social agendas they have been instructed, or should I say ordered, to have.

Case in point: a few months ago I was banned from Facebook because I dared to post the picture of what those muslim bastards did to one of our soldiers in Mogadishu.  They told me that ‘somebody’ (yeah, right) complained that this picture, which, BTW, had been all over the internet, TV, and newspapers for years, offended them because ‘they’ felt we had no business being over there and these men got what they deserved.

And we all know who ‘they’ are now don’t we.

And of course the ‘special’ team agreed with that particular ‘somebody’ because Obama now pulls Facebook's strings, and Obama doesn't want any criticism of his muslim brethren, so banned I was.  But here’s the kicker in my particular case...they banned me for X-number of days on the grounds of posting pornography because the dead soldiers blurred genitalia were insignificantly visible in a photo that had been posted all over the world! 
They didn’t care about OUR soldier being tortured, killed, mutilated, and dragged through the streets as some sort of muslim trophy prize; all they cared about was a blurred insignificant partial image of a small glimpse of a dead man’s genitalia.

That picture Facebook considered pornographic and worth banning me for, but the pedophilia sites all over Facebook are not!

So it appears that now the special team of Facebook censors can and will dictate to us patriotic Americans what we can and cannot post according to where their whims blow on any given day or according to orders that come down to them from above, meaning the White House.

Now is this Facebook issue really that important in the scope of issues our country is facing right know is!  And the why is because Facebook is on the information superhighway and as such is viewed by millions and million of people every day.  It’s one of just a few mediums left open to us members of the liberal opposition, you know us conservatives, as a way to get OUR message out because we know damn well that our message is NOT one the media cares to disseminate.

Also remember that those who control the information superhighway control us all.  Control the information given to the control the masses; control the’ve negated the opposition; it really is that simple.

And I, for one, refuse to be negated, controlled or silenced.  So I press on and let the Facebook peccadillos fall where they may for as far as I’m concerned free speech is still my right here in is unless Barack Hussein Obama manages to usurp another election that is.

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