Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Benghazi...treason at the highest level 
By: Diane Sori

Recently, Obama and his mouthpieces, including Secretary of State John 'Swiftboat' Kerry, reiterated something Hillary said during her Benghazi testimony, "it's time to move on."

Well guess what...it's NOT.

On FOX News' Special Report last night, in an exclusive interview (which I watched) with a special forces operative who was masked in silhouette with his voice disguised for his protection, said in NO uncertain terms that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is lying about everything that happened the night of September 11, 2012 when muslim terrorists stormed the US Embassy compound in Benghazi, Libya. 

This man told about a C1-10 plane that was on patrol in the area, having been based in Croatia, and that it was more than capable of rapid response the night of the attack.  He went on to say that the plane would most definitely have made it to Benghazi before the second attack, and could have aided in evacuating the wounded and maybe even saved Ambassador Stevens and the others.

He also said that at least 15 special forces were stationed in Tripoli at that time and could have immediately been deployed when the first word of impending trouble was sent out by Ambassador Stevens. And he also spoke of two military units that could have been on the ground in time to squelch the uprising from the get-go.

The special operative continued on to say that the betrayal went all the way to the top, and that Obama needs to take responsibility, tell the truth, and own up for the deaths of our Ambassador, his aide, and the two ex-SEALS. 

And oh yes, and most importantly, this brave whistleblower said that both Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Hillary Clinton knew that help was indeed available and could have arrived in time to change the outcome.*

Those bast*rds lied...Obama lied...Hillary lied...they all lied...and four Americans died because of their lies! 

And what of the survivors...there were 30 odd survivors of that horrific night and yet NOT a public word has been heard from any of them...and why can't Congress in the course of their official investigation have access to them. What are they privy to that this administration is so afraid of...I think we know and the whistleblower confirmed what we know...Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his minions all knew and this miserable excuse of a president gave orders to 'stand down' instead of helping our people in trouble.

In fact, last night FOX reported that four or more State Department career officials and CIA operatives are 'lawyering up' (as the saying goes) before giving 'sensitive' information about the attack to Congress, and that for now unnamed Obama administration 'officials' have dropped hints to them about the so- called consequences of coming forward and talking.

Threats and blackmail adding to lies and murder...consequences all right but NOT for the whistle blowers.

In a FOX interview on Monday, Victoria Toensing, a former Justice Department official and current Republican counsel to the Senate intelligence committee, who is representing one of those State Department employees, confirmed that threats have been made. “I'm not talking generally, I'm talking specifically about Benghazi...that people have been threatened and not just at the State Department. People have been threatened at the CIA.”

Sounds just like something a certain usurping president and his peeps would do now that they've been caught and exposed like a deer in the headlights.

And get this, Toensing says, “In order to tell the whole story, my client has to provide classified information, but (as of yet) The State Department hasn’t acknowledged a process for doing that” meaning she has NOT received the security clearances necessary to be able to review classified documents and other key evidence she needs to see to properly represent her client. 

Heaven forbid the Obama controlled State Department aides in the truth getting out.

Toensing even said that her client, who she won't name for obvious reasons, has important information on all three time periods considered relevant to the attacks...the months that led up to the attack, when pleas for help were rejected...the eight-hour time period when the attacks actually occurred...and the eight-day period that followed the attacks when Obama, Hillary, and crew kept bloviating over and over that the attacks were the result of a spontaneous protest over a video about mohammad.

And with these threats and with interviews in the shadows, it should be obvious even to those with their heads still buried in the sand that this administration, along with a lack of reporting by the main stream media, is doing everything to prevent the whistleblowers from testifying in public and under oath, because Hillary and Obama must be protected at all costs.

So while federal law does provide protections for federal government employees who are whistleblowers. and ensures these people that they will not face repercussions in retaliation for giving information about corruption or other wrongdoing to Congress, we are talking about the Obama administration here, and that means all things taken for granted as being the rule of law NO longer apply.

The Benghazi hearings should be interesting for sure, and just maybe it is 'time to move on' but to move on to the beginning of the end for Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his miserable administration...and that includes Hillary too...and the word 'treason' comes to mind.


  1. I posted the following on the day that Hillary Clinton was arrogantly sitting before the U.S. Congress and lying through her teeth about the Benghazi Debacle and why She Did Not listen to Ambassador Stevens when he requested Security at his compound and why they did not, even during the attack on the compound, did they not Bring In Air Support for the Brave Ex Seals who went into the compound and brought some of the people out. The Navy Seals had given the command post the coordinates of where the mortars and rockets were coming from, and instead of getting support, the Seals had given away their location after they Lit Up The Enemy so that the Air Strike had a clear and definite target. These great men sacrificed their lives and died for a country they had given their lives to, and this Criminal and Subversive Administration and all it's players, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, turned their backs on them and hung them out to dry. I am sure these brave souls would have ever believed that their own Commander In Chief would betray them. I bet the last thoughts that went through their minds was, “Damned, we have been abandoned and Double Crossed, and left here to die!”

    This lying sack of crap Hillary Clinton lies just like the rest of the Obama Regime, including the Liar In Chief, Barack Obama himself. When being questioned today about security measures, Clinton filibustered and never gave anybody a straight and honest answer. One female congresswoman from Florida really grilled and nailed her. Hillary said they needed to 1.3 billion dollars to upgrade embassy buildings and to provide security for our personnel. The lady from Florida pointed out that the Secretary Of State and the State Department have been allocated 1.4 billion for Global Climate Warming Initiatives, and asked why they did not drop this Grand Scam and Boondoggle, and use 1.3 billion to do the Security Measures and that would still leave .1 billion which is a hundred million dollars to be put back in the USA Treasury. This kind of nonsense spent by our Bureaucratic Agencies is the very reason that we have a 16 trillion dollar deficit and under the Obama Regime, they are adding about 1.6 trillion annually to the already 16 trillion dollar debt, 6 trillion of which Obama ran up in only 4 years in his first term. And actually doing something useful and legitimate with the trillions of dollars, they use it to put into the United Nations Coffers to do Nothing But be Divvied up by the Scoundrels that the United Nations Represents. Actually Building Protection for our Embassies would be money spent Actually Accomplishing Something, and they could not commit as much fraud doing this as they can in Calling It a Global Warming Project “That Does Not Exist.” This 1.3 Billion is a Total Ripoff, and none of it goes to do one damned thing for the Environment or for people in general except for a few hundred scoundrels who divvy up this 1.3 trillion dollars with nothing returned to anybody in any part of the world. This is what our government, domestically and internationally is nothing but fraud, waste, abuse and theft of all possible schemes. Global Warming is but one. Others are For World Peace, Saving the Chil-Ren, Helping the Downtrodden, etc., but in fact, most all of our foreign aid goes directly to corrupt regime governments and nothing goes to the improvement of their citizens. It is all a scam. But, these Fascists always Find Some Children, Animals, etc. to hide behind as they and scheme in order to get ignorant citizens to go along with this theft on a scale never before occurring in the history of mankind.

  2. The following posted right after it came out that Congress would hold Benghazi hearings, but only after the congress went on Christmas Break for a few weeks, therefore giving the Obama Regime a few more weeks to Cook the Books on Benghazi and to round up and threaten would be witnesses, or worse, maybe Disappear them, if they refuse to go along with the Obama Regime and say, “I am going to tell what I know.” This would likely become a death sentence for said whistle blower, but would be listed as an accidental death, suicide or of natural causes, which in this case Natural Causes would be that You Dared Challenge the Obama Regime and their traitorous, criminal and fascistic behaviors including aiding and abetting the enemies of the USA, most of whom are Muslim Terrorists and of course, the communists are still with us too. They are now part of the Mainstream Democrat Party.

    And, now they are caught in another Official Lie as relates to the murder by terrorists of our Ambassador to Libya. The entire Obama Regime Reported that the attack on the Libyan Embassy was during a riot concerning a two bit You Tube Video made by an amateur. The attack and murder of Christopher Stevens was due to the Incompetence and Complicity of the Obama Regime and his State Department lead by one of Obama's Fellow Incompetent Communists, Hillary Clinton, and repeated by her subordinates and Aped Over and Over by all the USA Media, both print and electronic and especially ON TV where the Lie was intentionally told over and over with no concern for the Truth. I am happy Congress is finally Calling the Obama Regime out on their Official Lies.

    But, in the end, the congress will do nothing but threaten to huff and puff, and in the end, tuck their tales and go home for Christmas Break, come back next session and begin Spending and Taxing and Raising the Debt Ceilings and running up 1 to 2 trillion dollar deficits annually.