Tuesday, July 16, 2013

'Stand Your Ground', racism, and Eric Holder 
By: Diane Sori

George Zimmerman has been found NOT guilty in the self-defense shooting of Trayvon Martin yet two very important ramifications have occurred because off this verdict.

First, while this case was NEVER about 'Stand Your Ground'...it was always a case about self-defense...Barack HUSSEIN Obama and crew tried to make it just that so they could use the tie-in to work towards getting Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law repealed…which is something Obama desperately wants as doing so would accomplish what his failed gun control law couldn’t…that is disarm ‘We the the People’ because if Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law is repealed the other 30 states that have a form of this law will also most likely face repeal.

Passed by the Florida legislature in 2005, ‘Stand Your Ground’ allows Floridians to use, if necessary, deadly force in cases of self-defense when they believe their lives are at risk or their person is at risk of severe bodily harm. But the main difference between ‘Stand Your Ground’ and what’s known as ‘common-law self-defense’ is the matter of ‘retreat’. While ‘Stand Your Ground’ removed the necessity to ‘retreat’ (pull back), ‘common-law self-defense’ does require an individual to ‘retreat’ if it’s safe to do so to avoid violence, especially to avoid the need to use deadly force.

So simply, ‘Stand Your Ground’ means that a person may justifiably use deadly force in self-defense if there’s a reasonable belief of a threat being made against their life or person without having to pull back first, and ‘common-law self-defense means you must pull back if you can.

Thirty states besides Florida have some form of ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws, including those that have adopted the so-called companion Castle Doctrine statutes (a legal doctrine that states a person’s home is where the use of force, including deadly force to defend against an intruder is allowed, and where one is free from legal responsibility or prosecution for the consequences of any force used), and three other states are considering either ‘Stand Your Ground’ or Castle Doctrine laws of their own.

So take away the right to defend yourself or your home from 34 states and ‘We the People’ are in deep trouble.

Second, isn’t it odd that suddenly ‘Stand Your Ground’ is in the forefront since the ‘small but vocal, militant black minority’ didn’t get the verdict they wanted against George Zimmerman. And isn’t it odd that those peacefully protesting and even those NOT so peacefully protesting are overlooking that the media willfully turned what should have been a simple self-defense case into OJ revisited.

And isn’t it quite hypocritical that those who are using this case for race-baiting...those like Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, and their ilk…happily looked away when a totally guilty black man accused of killing two white people walked with a verdict of NOT guilty. Where was the outrage for everyone knew OJ was guilty, the evidence was there ten-fold, yet through legal wrangling he was found NOT guilty simply because the media turned the case into an issue of race and racial inequality.

And ‘supposed’ racial inequality is the calling card of vile men like Jesse Jackson who said on FOX News right before the verdict was read that he would only accept a verdict of second-degree murder or manslaughter. Guess what Jesse, we don’t give a damn what you will or won’t accept.

And yesterday one of the biggest racists of them all, Attorney General Eric Holder, calling the shooting death of black teenager Trayvon Martin “tragic and unnecessary,” had the audacity to say on national television that since the trial in Florida failed to serve justice, he and the DOJ would continue to investigate the evidence in this case as a civil rights case of racial hatred NO matter that the jury verdict was already adjudicated…as in George Zimmerman according to our rules of law was found NOT guilty of all charges by a jury of his peers, but the jury verdict be damned as this was NOT the verdict he and his racist ilk wanted.

Placating Obama’s allies and echoing the NAACP accusations that the verdict was an “outrage,” Holder will cater to the ‘small but very vocal militant black minority’…the very ones who if any verdict comes down against any black person…even if they are guilty…yells racism. Claiming George Zimmerman ‘supposedly’ criminally violated the civil rights of Trayvon Martin, Holder could care less that right after the shooting the FBI investigated and found NO evidence of racial bias or that a hate crime of any kind had been committed.

And by his saying that ‘justice for Trayvon may still be possible’ Holder is deliberately and with malice saying the jury reached the wrong verdict and he will make sure the right verdict, according to him and his racist ilk, is handed down…and this makes a mockery of our judicial system for Eric Holder has now crossed the line and is overstepping his bounds by violating the civil rights of George Zimmerman.

Thankfully, winning a federal criminal civil rights case is NOT easy for two reasons…first, the DOJ will have to prove that Zimmerman acted out of hatred for Trayvon Martin, someone he didn’t know, strictly because of Trayvon’s race. and two, by finding George Zimmerman NOT guilty of second-degree murder, the jury rejected the charge that Zimmerman acted with ill will, spite, or hatred...the very charges Holder wants to bring against Zimmerman.

Add in that the DOJ itself has stated many times that “negligence, recklessness, mistakes, and accidents are not prosecutable under the federal criminal civil rights laws” and the bottom line becomes that Eric Holder wants more than anything for the killing of Trayvon Martin to somehow be labeled a ‘hate crime’ so he can scream racism and divide our country even more…as per the agenda of his buddy Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Sadly, in today’s America civil rights, included due process, civil liberties, and the right of being innocent until proven guilty, have now become whatever the racist ilk like Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton want them to be.

And while Obama publicly says he won’t involve himself in the DOJ’s decision on whether to bring criminal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman, if you believe that I’ve got some swap land to sell you for Barack HUSSEIN Obama will indeed be the one telling Holder what to do after he sees how this plays out over the next few weeks and months…we know it, he knows we know it, and guess what…he could care less that we do.

And so we all need to stand strong with George Zimmerman for this man will be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life, and all because he was found NOT guilty of killing a thug in self-defense...and notice NO mention of race is included in what I said.


  1. The FBI investigated, and found no evidence that Zimmerman is racist.

    I hope Holder chokes on that.

    1. But if Obama says file he will...gotta keep the hate going in Obamaland.

  2. Obama is a racist. Creepy ass cracker is a racist statement. Holder is a racist.

  3. The pitiful Eric Holder. Pitiful...

  4. This is a clear Obamanation of the legal system. Obama is the modern day Adolf Hitler. He and his Nazi regime are turning every aspect of what makes America so great, upside down. He, along with his puppet Holder, are a couple of racist thugs. Just like Trayvon Martin. There is clearly something wrong when the president of the U.S. defends and advocates for a gangbanging thug, who sneaked up on and punched a neighborhood watch captain in the face. It seems that race trumps all else as far as blacks are concerned. Good luck with that!

    1. Yeah...to them slavery happened yesterday NOT over 150 years ago.

    2. I am not in sighting wrongs; But, they need to move forward. If they want to be angry at anyone it should be those who have acted like those in power now. It is not the responsibility of the working class to support those who are now on the 4th generation of welfare mongers!

    3. I said all along America was on trial in Florida last week. Not just Zimmerman.

  5. Does Colorado no longer have the "Make My Day Law"?

  6. I hope that during the 2014 midterms and the 2016 presidential election that conservatives and Americans who believe in the freedoms we are guaranteed in our constitution come out to vote in droves. I have found that many conservatives didn't come out to vote during the last election (or even the 2008 election) because they didn't believe their candidate stood for everything they wanted or else they felt like conservatives were already defeated. I think lack of voting lost the election for us (along with a host of other things). I hope that conservatives realize that it is better to have your candidate in office that you 50-75% agree with than to have a candidate in from the other side that you 100% DISAGREE with. We all need to make a stand and show the rest of the United States that we are still prevalent and we WILL get this country back to the way it was meant to be - the Greatest Nation on God's green Earth!

    1. People seem to get involved when it affects them personally. Starting in October thousands of seniors are going to find out just how Obamacare has affected them. Their premiums are going to skyrocket and what they get for this big increase will be a lot less. By 2014 seniors are going to know, first hand experience, what is really meant by Death Panels. American's just don't want to believe that our country would ever allow someone to die just because they are OLD. Well let me tell you, that is exactly what is happening.I have a good friend, that told me a few weeks ago that her friend, who is 70, will be needing a lung in a few years but they told him he couldn't go on the list to receive a lung BECAUSE OF HIS AGE...I personally have been denied 2 prescriptions due to my age. Folks it is happening. Hopefully in 2014 we will have some good candidates for people to go out and vote for. All politics are local. Get involved now.

    2. All you said is true and add in all the voter fraud that went on too.