Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A no punches held solution to immigration reform 
By: Diane Sori

The Zimmerman case is over (hear that Holder...over)...we don't give a rat's behind that overpaid, untalented black rappers and singers don't come to Florida ('Stand Your Ground' stays) we welcome that... and the royal baby has been introduced to the now it's time to get back to the business of America.

First, Benghazi must NOT and will NOT be forgotten by 'We the People'.  We'll continue to sit here and wait for answers to questions, and rest assured we will NOT let up until we get those answers and someone (can you say Barack HUSSEIN 'Stand Down' Obama and Hillary 'What does it matter' Clinton) is held responsible...held responsible and pays dearly for willfully and with malice leaving behind four Americans to be murdered by muslim terrorists (yeah I said it...muslim terrorists), and then tries to cover it up with the biggest cock-and-bull story about a ridiculous amateur YouTube video...and that in and of itself should be grounds for removal from office based on shear idiocy alone.

Second, while the IRS scandal, the NSA spying scandal, the AP and FOX scandal, the Snowden leaks, and all the other scandals continue to plague...and rightly so...the Obama administration, we again sit and wait to see if Congress will do right by 'We the People' and follow through with defunding the monstrosity known as ObamaCare.  But I wouldn't hold my breath for that one, because yesterday they capitulated to 'the anointed one' and will fund the Syrian rebels.  Guess they're just too scared of the race card being used against them to realize that they have now joined Obama in 'aiding and abetting the enemy' for these rebels are funded and supported by Obama doesn't remember them...let me remind him..they murdered 3000 Americans on 9/11 as it seems his memory needs a bit of refreshing..

So, that leaves number three, the totally screwed-up disaster known as 'Immigration Reform'.  Immigration Reform has divided the right into two camps...those who seek a workable pathway to citizenship and those who say NO to any solution that even smells of the word 'amnesty'.

But most are overlooking something that can actually bring both sides on the right together, and it's called 'self-deportation'.

While those words have been thrown out and bantered around before, 'self-deportation' could very well be a solution to the ILLEGAL problem if done correctly. Differing from 'voluntary departure', which allows one to legally come back to the United States after a certain period of time, because of the circumstances involved in how ILLEGALS came here and raped our welfare and health care systems, 'voluntary deportation' would be permanent, which sadly, is really something that's needed in this case.

Let me explain...being in this country ILLEGALLY is indeed a crime, hence the word ILLEGAL (meaning against the law), but in reality there is NO way we will be deporting 11 to 20 million people (depends on which figures one goes by) NO matter how much we'd like just isn't going to happen and those supporting this idea need to get a grip on reality will NOT happen.

But there is a way to get them to deport themselves back to their home countries.  First, our borders MUST be sealed...NO ifs, ands, or buts...sealed, locked down, NO entrance for anyone unless they come here LEGALLY through all the proper channels.

Locked down and sealed BEFORE any discussions relating to reform of any sort begins.

And there is absolutely NO negotiation on this sealing and locking down of our borders...NONE.  And do NOT say it can't be can...Israel did it and so can we.  In fact, I'm sure the Israelis would be happy to help 'We the American People' if we asked for help in doing so...and I'm NOT being sarcastic here because look who our president (gag) is and how he does NOT want our borders sealed.

Then immediately after the borders are sealed and locked down ALL...and I mean ALL aid to those here ILLEGALLY must be stopped (and the feds know exactly who they are and where they are and don't let them try to fool you that they don't)... as in ALL freebies and in NO welfare, NO food stamps, NO housing vouchers, NO school vouchers, NO free medical care, NO Obamaphones, NO charity of any kind...NO anything.

And that also means NO jobs.  And here is where the 'self-deportation' comes in.  Fact, NO person should be working here in our country...taking jobs away from LEGAL Americans... without either having proof of citizenship or a legal green card.  And I mean none NO matter they be blue collar or white collar jobs.  ALL persons currently working would be required to show proof of citizenship to their employers to verify their status (this might seem an inconvenience but one that could actually give jobs back to Americans), and those without legal papers or legal proof of status would be fired immediately.

So if one loses ones job and then gets NO government aid whatsoever... NO health care... NO food stamps...NO welfare...NO anything...they would most likely be forced to leave our country because their free ride would be over, and I believe they would do so voluntarily because they would have NO other option if they wanted to survive...literally survive.

And after the ILLEGALS start voluntarily leaving because the rules already on the books are strictly enforced in full, then and only then should any discussion be started on revising or updating existing immigration laws...if they even need revising or updating at all.

Yes, I realize this seems harsh, but our country cannot keep supporting criminals, and coming here ILLEGALLY makes one a criminal NO matter what the bleeding heart liberals say.  And more importantly, it's way past time that America's leaders start putting LEGAL Americans BEFORE all others....way, way past time.


  1. Excellent article! One fact not discussed here is that once illegals go home, reduce assistance to anyone not willing to take a job, regardless of how "menial". I bet you'll see our citizens clamoring for those jobs if that's the only way to support themselves and their families. Where did we get this notion that it is more honorable to let the govt support us, than to work at a job we don't like? For generations, people have taken jobs they don't like to support their families, provide benefits, etc!

  2. Why can't we deport 10 or 20 million illegals?
    We spend 100 million on one trip to Africa.
    Why wouldnt you spend our tax dollars to enforce our immigration laws by deporting the illegals?
    Seems like the a very basic thing to do. Deport those who are here illegally. And reduce by 90 percent those that want to legally become citizens each month.

    1. Because it's cost prohibited. And imagine the chaos in rounding people up...violence would ensue on a grand scale. Better they leave on their own and we get to keep the money being sent on them now.

    2. I am sure there are many people retired like I am that would be willing to volunteer our time to get rid of these illegal aliens in America.

    3. I understand where you're coming from but it will NOT happen...and BTW, I wish we could round them all up and ship them back to where they came from but as a realist I know that will NEVER happen.

  3. Thanks. And i agree...NO welfare or anything for able-bodied people. Only the truly needy should be given assistance and once they're over the hump off the rolls they should go. And of course there will always be a small minority of people who need lifetime assistance but we are NOT talking about them.

  4. One problem I see.....what do we do with the children who have been born here & are considered US citizens? No other country allows this when foreigners give birth on their soil. This needs resolving & changing.

    1. YES it does and probably special allowances would have to be made but ONLY in cases where those children are either in college or productive members of society...the scuz goes back NO matter if they were born on our soil or NOT.

  5. Haaaaaaa haaaaa haaaaa lol I'm sure native Americans are saying the same thing about you. send your white European ass back