Saturday, September 20, 2014

Arming the Wrong Side with Congressional Approval

By: Diane Sori

‘We are collaborating with the Islamic State and the Nusra Front by attacking the Syrian Army’s gatherings in…Qalamoun.’
Admission by Bassel Idriss, commander of a Free Syrian Army brigade

NOT good folks...NOT good at all.
As our country's top generals continue to urge Obama to reconsider his pledge NOT to send American 'boots on the ground' into Iraq to help in the fight against fight against his brethren of sorts...both the House and the Senate sold 'We the People' and America itself out yet again.

Cleverly and calculatingly attached to a short-term spending bill to fund the government and keep it up and running through December11th at a $1.012 trillion a 273 to 156 vote...the House voted in favor of arming and training the anything but 'moderate' Syrian rebels...specifically the Free Syrian Army.

And in the Senate, 44 Democrats, 33 Republicans, and one independent voted for the bill, while 9 Democrats, 12 Republicans*, and one independent voted against the bill. Sadly, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell also voted for this abomination of a bill knowing full well that Obama's "NO Strategy' strategy to defeat ISIS will NEVER happen for Obama does NOT want to defeat ISIS...he still wants to 'manage' ISIS...manage ISIS with perhaps him calling all the shots.

But to make this vote all the more grievous is that when you break the numbers down, in the House 159 Republicans** voted in support of a bill that actually 'aids and abets' the enemy with only 71 Republicans voting against it...while 114 Democrats supported it with 85 of their party voting against it. And in the Senate with only 12 Republican Senators opposing this bill, the sad fact is that our own party sold us out by allowing this vote to pass.

NOT that this vote really means anything as Barack HUSSEIN Obama has said time and again that he has the authority any time he so chooses to order the Pentagon to deploy airstrikes against ISIS fighters in Syria as well as in Iraq. But actually he does NOT for while the Constitution states that the President as Commander-in-Chief is authorized to conduct war, Article One, Section Eight, Clause 11...sometimes referred to as the War Powers Clause...clearly states that "Congress shall have power to...declare War"...meaning that Congress must first enact a declaration of war in order to commit the U.S. to war before the president can conduct war.

And Obama knows this but simply does NOT care just like he does NOT care that his 'NO Strategy' strategy plan to have U.S. troops train Syrian rebels...train the Free Syrian Army at camps in Saudi Arabia...could take up to a year...for this allows ISIS to grow stronger...something he seems to so want.

And Obama also wants the Free Syrian Army to be part of his anything but a true send the Free Syrian Army into battle against ISIS equipped to the hilt with US arms even knowing that they support and work with ISIS and have the same goal as ISIS...have the same goal as him in taking down al-Assad's secular government and replacing it with a Sunni sharia state and having that state part of the ISIS wanted caliphate. And what better way to do that than to delay with 'supposed' training those who should be but won't be the ones going into battle.

But with this most disgraceful of votes Obama can now say that he has full Congressional support to get the U.S. involved in the Syrian civil a war with a sovereign nation NOT at war with a war where Obama has aligned himself...and thus America...with the wrong side or to be more precise has aligned himself with the enemy for the Free Syrian Army...including those members he claims to have vetted...are directly linked to al-Nusra and al-Qaeda...are directly linked together to fight Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian Armed Forces...and together they are ISIS...ISIL...the Islamic State...take your pick as they're all one and the same.

And those in Congress know all this and many even have serious concerns about the Free Syrian Army yet they still voted to fund and arm them, and for that those who voted 'yea'...I believe...are just as guilty of 'aiding and abetting' the enemy as Barack HUSSEIN Obama is.

And as ISIS continues to spew threats against America...threats Obama says have NO tangible proof behind them...I guess two Americans and one Brit being beheaded sends NO message at all except that they interrupted his golf game that is...Obama keeps harping again and again that America must support the anything but 'moderate' Free Syrian Army. And don't you find that more than just a wee bit unnerving...and don't you thing red flags should be the Free Syrian Army is as guilty of beheadings, raping, and slaughtering civilians...slaughtering is ISIS...the group from which they were born.

Also, remember that the CIA and Obama had secretly been sending weapons and arms to the Free Syrian Army for quite sometime...can you say Benghazi... weapons and arms stockpiles that were raided by ISIS and al-Nusra (the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria) while the Free Syrian Army looked away...meaning that ISIS might have actually won some of their battles...killed a multitude of civilians...using Obama supplied American weapons and arms. And let's NOT forget that last December both the U.S. and Britain stopped sending weapons and arms to the Free Syrian Army but that this past April, Obama started arming them again...this time arming them with heavy weapons like tanks and anti-aircraft missiles...and now he's insisting...and Congress agreed...that we arm them yet again...this time to the tune of $500+ million.

So if we continue to arm the Free Syrian Army...a group most assuredly tied to ISIS and al-Qaeda...with deals in place NOT to step on each others has to wonder why first, Obama is NOT completely and outwardly backing both our allies the Kurds and the religious minorities who are being slaughtered by the likes of ISIS...and second...and this thought is beyond simply scary...if when Obama had all our troops pull out of Iraq if he didn't deliberately insist on leaving behind all those helicopters, tanks, military equipment, and arms so that his brethren could secure them and eventually and easily form a circle of sorts with Israel at its targeted dead center...the Obama condoned and oh so wanted Levant finally come to fruition.

Just something to think about...just something to only one aligned with those out to kill us all would do what he is doing...or should I say NOT doing.

* The 12 Republicans who voted AGAINST arming the Syrian rebels: John Barrasso (WY) Tom Coburn (OK) Michael Crapo (ID) Ted Cruz (TX) Mike Enzi (WY) Dean Heller (NV) Mike Lee (UT) Jim Moran (KS) Rand Paul (KY) James Risch (ID) Pat Roberts (KS) Jeff Sessions (AL)

** House Roll-Call vote:


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  1. It would be interesting to know what Col. West would have done in the situation listed above. In that way we would know what kind of leader he would be if he were in Obama’s place.

    Does he think Obama will get another Peace Prize from the Nobel Committee this year? Or does he think that what Obama received was an affirmative action peace prize?

    How about Ferguson, Missouri? Does he think the white police office was correct in shooting Michael Brown in the face?

    Does he think all the new diseases popping up could be caused by the new illegal arrivals from Central America? If so, what would he do if he were president? Would he be the president to ACTUALLY FIX the border problem?

    Does he agree with President Obama’s Dream Act? What would HE do with all the illegals already here?

    After 50 years + of Johnson’s War on Poverty, most people are still in poverty. How does he explain that; what does HE think should be done?

    Does he think we need to fix our welfare programs? This would include anything and everything where the government gives out money. What does he think of the government using Social Security Taxes to pay for anything but Social Security? Those taxes are used in the general fund, is that fare to people who have paid into the system for years?

    If he is running for president, what are some of the things he thinks should be done?

    Does he think that Bugles is a repulsive snack? What does he think America should do to people who eat Bugles?

    Does he think that vegetarianism is a leftist mental illness?

    1. Sarcasm noted my troll and sarcasm is devoid of facts and reason...that's all I will say.

  2. What does Allen West think of the Russians buzzing our airforce with their bombers that contain nuclear weapons? What would he do? Some think the Russians are doing this because they perceive Obama as a weak president. What does he think about this? By the president doing nothing, does that not give the impression that he is weak? Oh well, maybe he needs to go to Martha's Vineyard to golf some more! We wouldn't expect him to make any decision until he has had a few rounds of golf.

    Everyone grab a bag of bugels and watch the slow deterioration of the nation we used to call the United States!

    1. Allen is NO fan of Obama and calls him out every time he steps out of line...and will continue to do so. Allen will be back on our show in a few weeks and I will ask him your questions, but i think he would agree with me that Russia would NOT nuke the US.

  3. I’m not sure that Allen West understood Diane’s call to shock and awe the area. Correct me if I am wrong but I understood that to mean bomb the living shit out of the entire area (I believe those were HER words). I actually read her stuff! I thought West was talking about just ISIS, but Diane was talking about even Christians or anybody else that might be there…they would be collateral damage.

    After listening to Allen West, I honestly can’t say I disagreed with him on even one point. Yes…if he ran and he was on my ticket, I would vote for him without question. There have been many great black Americans. Clarence Thomas is a great black Supreme Court Justice – thank God for that man! I think he has done more to protect the Constitution than any of the white ones! Unfortunately, I don’t know many other great black Americans other than Col. West. I noticed that if Diane supports any given black person, I generally can too!

    I am happy that right side patriots was on live again! I was getting worried about Muhammad. I guess Craig ditched Arizona for Nebraska. I didn’t quite hear where Craig moved to but I may have heard Scott’s Bluff. I have driven on I-80 near that part of the world and let me tell you it is a yawner! However, even that far north I would bet him when he walks down the street the first 5 people he meets will be Juan, Juanita, Jesus (pronounced HAY SUS) and Maria! They will then cough on him and get him terribly sick! Where I live is completely inundated with Hispanics (and they DON’T speak English).

    Eric Holder is biggest fucking waste of an Attorney General I have ever seen! HE follows NONE of our laws and scofflaws rule without fear of being prosecuted. We need a revolution!

  4. OK...unfortunately we are at war and war brings with it collateral damage...but remember, there are very very few Christians or any religious minorities left in Iraq...or anywhere in that region. And YES, there are many good black conservatives...of course Allen West always my first choice for POTUS, Clarence Thomas, Herman Caine, Tim Scott, Ben Carson, Condi Rice, Mia Love, etc., etc., etc. And I would vote for any of them as there color means NOTHING...the character and beliefs means everything.

    1. Yep…that’s a BIG 10-4!

      I noticed there was not much talk of the Ebola epidemic. Although that does not equal ISIS, it poses a BIG threat to our country and the rest of the world.

      In the war with ISIS, I don’t understand why we continue to fight fair with them (actually what we are doing is a very tame action). I would use chemicals to fight them. Why not make a chemical that simply makes them go to sleep for about 12 hours; then go in and capture them or cut off their heads or find prisoners or whatever the hell we want to do. We could do that! Pretty soon we will be using robots to do our fighting (at least that is what I have been reading).

      One thing you have not covered in your blog that I have noted is the fact that China and Russia are getting VERY belligerent and taunting us with their nuclear subs and aircraft. I wonder if Jay Carney – the stupid ass on CNN – still has posters of the Russian revolution in his kitchen. Doesn’t he know those prinks would kill his family in a minute?