Thursday, July 7, 2016

Guilty But No Recommendation To Indict   
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

“Our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges in Clinton email case…I can assure the American people this investigation was done honestly, competently and independently.”                      
 - F.B.I. Director James B. Comey

Well folks as expected Hillary Clinton walks with no...I repeat no...F.B.I. recommendation to indict being brought against her in regards to the email scandal that continues to rightfully haunt her to this day. 

Amazing isn’t it what with F.B.I. Director James Comey deeming Hillary “extremely careless” in her use of a secret email server to conduct government business, and saying that it’s possible enemy hackers breached her system but…and here’s the kicker…even though he also stated that Hillary did hide and delete key emails, he still is not recommending she face charges, criminal or otherwise, because he could find no prior case to support that her behavior was intentionally criminal.

No prior case…who really cares about prior cases…right now ’We the People’ care about this case and this case alone.

No criminal intention…I don’t think so for Hillary Clinton knew well that she was willingly and knowingly exposing our national security infrastructure to any and all by her using a private and unsecured server, thus opened America’s secrets up to foreign government hackers, leaving our country vulnerable to enemy dalliances of the worst kind. 

And with Comey’s choosing not to recommend prosecution…and with Attorney General Loretta Lynch having said before the findings were even announced that her department will follow the F.B.I.’s recommendations…we now have proof positive that if you have the right amount of money, the right connections, along with a sham of a husband who just happens to be a former president and who just last week ‘happened’ to have an anything but ‘chance meeting’ with the above said attorney general who would have been the one to prosecute your wife, the very wife who is your way back into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…you can get away with anything. 

Just ask the family of Vince Foster.

Amazing just amazing, and that amazement continues on with Comey’s adding that Hillary did indeed mishandle information and that some critical emails were lost forever...even saying that Hillary and her staff were not just “extremely careless” in their use of email but that many preventable mistakes were made yet even with all that still no indictment was forthcoming... not that we believed there ever was going to be one. And make no mistake about it we know this investigation was all for show…a year-long ‘dog-and-pony’ show to placate and hopefully diffuse the angry masses…for no matter the offense, no matter the guilt, this outcome proved once again that the Clintons do get away with everything. 

And with Comey’s obviously rehearsed and oh so carefully crafted statement worded as it was to get our hopes up that just maybe this time the right thing would be done, Comey instead pulled the rug right out from under us at the very end, and now has me believing that he, F.B.I. Director James B. Comey, has joined the ranks of those the Clintons have ‘bought’…’bought’ or maybe even threatened.

Whatever the scenario all I can politely say is shame on him...shame, shame, shame.

See F.B.I. Director James Comey's full press conference here:

So now I’m left to wonder just how much it cost Hillary…or would have cost Comey…to get out of the fact that eight email chains containing information that was deemed ‘top secret’ at the time she handled them have been discovered; that another 36 chains containing ‘secret’ information are also now in F.BI. hands; and that an additional 80 chains containing so-called ‘confidential’ information at the time she sent and/or received them have been discovered as well.

And now when you add in the 2,000 other emails containing information now deemed classified but wasn’t at the time Hillary sent them...and that work-related messages Hillary and her lawyers deliberately deleted instead of turning them over to the Department of State were also found…I sure hope whatever deal Comey did cut with the Clintons was worth the selling of his soul, for in no way is Hillary not guilty of violating the ‘Espionage Act of 1917’ or of violating the Federal Records Act.

“None of these emails should have been on any kind of unclassified system,” according to James Comey yet they were, but he still issued the always will be known as ‘Butcher of Benghazi’ a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

And with no criminal charges nor even one misdemeanor charge recommended to be filed, means there is no reason for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the presidential race. So the still scandal plagued Hillary will not have to be replaced on the ticket, uber leftist Julian Castro will most probably be her VP pick, and promises of ‘free stuff’ will help to roll out the red carpet for ascension to the very throne Hillary Clinton so desperately covets.

And isn’t it more than just a wee bit odd that Comey’s statement…no matter his stoic theatrics to the contrary…helps to exonerate Hillary at this specific point in time as it now pushes Trey Gowdy’s report on Benghazi to the back burner, and as it now, Hillary hopes, helps to diffuse the brouhaha over last week’s 30-minute meeting between hubby Billy-Boy and AG Loretta Lynch.

But does it…as in was a deal cut at that anything but chance meeting. It sure seems that way for isn’t it strange that publicity loving Billy-Boy had it so that no media was allowed and photographs were a no-no at this tet-a-tet. So who leaked the story of that meeting I wonder…that is a question that needs to be answered for why do so unless a deal was indeed already put into place…a deal to let ‘We the People’ know that the Clintons are indeed above the law. Or did Billy-Boy threaten Lynch that if Hillary is prosecuted the Clintons will ‘sing out’ against Obama jeopardizing a deal with Lynch to assure her keeping her cushy job as attorney general should Hillary be elected president. Or is Obama’s hand directly involved in all this…as in did Obama arrange for this meeting so that he can keep Hillary within his sights and on a short leash.

Strange indeed for on the very day Comey addresses the nation Hillary just happens to be on Air Force One with Obama to go campaigning. Why would Obama do that unless he already knew that Hillary would not be indicted…meaning Comey himself lied when he said no one knew or would know the final decision until his announcement. And that can easily be proven a lie as Comey read from prepared notes…an actual script perhaps…that I seriously doubt he himself prepared as the entire monologue seemed too well-rehearsed…meaning others knew the outcome of the F.B.I. findings…the verdict if you will…ahead of time.

But also important in all this is that we must understand that James Comey has now blurred, in both the legal and the political sense, what should be the difference between someone being ‘extremely careless’ as opposed to that someone committing ‘gross negligence’…as in the deliberate intention to commit a wrong as per Section 793(f) of the federal penal code (Title 18)…and that is what would  have allowed felony criminal charges to be brought against Hillary. And while Comey said that classified information was indeed improperly and carelessly stored and transmitted via Hillary’s personal email, which should have at least brought a misdemeanor charge, we weren’t even thrown a bone, so to speak, leaving Hillary to get off scot-free…or did she as the ‘court of public opinion’ is rightfully still not on her side as even some of those in her own party do not trust her…meaning it’s now up to we voters this November to decide and adjudicate what we believe to be her true guilt or innocence.

And for me personally it’s guilty on all counts. 

But no matter the vote come November…after all ‘free stuff’ remains a powerful draw…it’s obvious that politics were indeed at play for how can Comey speak of all the infractions Hillary has committed…from the destruction of government records to the knowingly mishandling of classified information…and yet in his statement’s conclusion say he is not going to recommend that charges be filed. And really, isn’t the whole premise of a recommendation itself questionable in this instance for shouldn’t the D.O.J. themselves consider whether to pursue the stated violations of the law based solely upon the law, and not upon a mere recommendation. Remember, federal prosecutors are supposed to function independently of politics and not have the AG announce ahead of the findings that she will follow the finder’s recommendation regarding said findings…which is exactly what Loretta Lynch did.

So the question remains why was the F.B.I. holding back on indicting Hillary in light of the fact that others in less compromising situations did indeed face charges…General Patreus is but one that comes to mind. And knowing that when classified information is discussed said discussions become classified as well, one has to wonder why Hillary discussed said information with people clearly not having security clearance. And with Comey’s investigation finding that Hillary did indeed destroy government records, that she did store classified information on a private unsecured server, and that she also ordered some on her staff to remove classified markings from emails before sending them, the bottom line remains that Hillary Clinton’s actions were clearly criminal in all intentions.

And so Hillary Clinton, contrary to the words of the F.B.I. Director, did not just show poor judgment as he claims as she surely meant to cause harm…and not recommending charges reeks of political protection of the worst kind because no matter to what party your political loyalties lie Comey’s statement is a clear abdication of justice.

And with House Speaker Paul Ryan saying that Comey’s decision “defies explanation” and that “Declining to prosecute Secretary Clinton for recklessly mishandling and transmitting national security information will set a terrible precedent,” coupled with the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley saying that Comey needs to do more to convince Americans he made the right call, it’s easy to see why James Comey has now been called to justify his actions before the House Oversight Committee. And with House Republicans rightfully saying that Comey should have just laid out his findings without making any recommendation whatsoever, instead leaving it up to the DOJ to decide what to do…exactly what I said above…it becomes apparent that the Clinton machine has once again shown themselves to be above the law.

And that, dear reader, is the saddest thing of all.


  1. One wonders if this was Comey's "Justice Roberts obamacare moment". The coup d'état of the American government is over, Hillary is just the mop up operation.

  2. This was a true act of American Patriotism! If he had recommended to indict he may as well have sworn in Trump as our new dictator in chief.