Wednesday, July 13, 2016

He Had No Business Being There
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots 

“We are not as divided as we seem because I know America.” 
- Barack HUSSEIN Obama at Tuesday’s Memorial Service for the five slain Dallas police officers

And so said the man who has done more to perpetrate a racial divide in our country than any president in decades before him…and all I can say is "he had no business being there"

Former President George W. Bush had every right to be there. Texas Senator Ted Cruz had every right to be there. Even Vice President Joe Biden, whose son wore the uniform of our country, had a right to be there. But Barack HUSSEIN Obama did not.

Nor did his disrespectful wife Michelle, complete with her bare arms at what was supposed to be a solemn Memorial Service. And so the man, who we know is really a muslim, quoted scripture…something he does not do well…and again "he had no business being there" nor did an imam as none of those officers killed was a muslim, and especially with it being that the killer indeed was a muslim convert.

And so in a teleprompted script obviously written for him and not really convincingly yet oh so theatrically given…a speech some will laud but I will not…Barack HUSSEIN Obama, as expected, brought into his what should have solely been words of comfort for a grieving nation, words he instead peppered with alludings to the past…alludings spoken to deliberately keep the fires of racial unrest going as he spoke of slavery, subjugation, and Jim Crow…all the very mention of which sets off those who relish in behaving badly.

And "the man who had no business being there" also alluded to his gun control agenda as in his ridiculous assertion that “it’s easier for a poor kid in a struggling neighborhood to get a Glock than a book”…shameful at a Memorial Service to say the least. And he did so while at the same time trying to temper down the agenda of the very hate group…Black Lives Matter…who is at the bottom of most if not all of the recent attacks against those who have sworn to ‘serve and protect.’ 

Saying those very three words that should never have been said on this most solemn of days and for obvious reasons, Obama consciously chose to rub salt into the wounds of the families of the officers killed…families who rightfully did not clap as some others did...when he spoke glowingly about Black Lives Matter and their (anything but) peaceful protests and when he spoke of the killings in Minnesota and Louisiana…something that should never have been mentioned at a service in Dallas that was to honor five police officers gunned down in cold blood…a service never meant to honor persons behaving badly.

Nor at this service for five fallen heroes should Obama have spoken the words that people “cannot dismiss protesters and those questioning law enforcement tactics” for words like that at the time they were spoken not only dishonor those now gone but once again show where Obama’s true allegiances lie…and it is so not with our police no matter some of his flowery oratory to the contrary.

And so the man who mentioned himself 45 times during his speech…in fact he did so twice before he even mentioned the slain officer’s names…had no business standing in front of the seats that held but folded flags in honor of those five officers killed…Michael Smith, Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Brent Thompson and Patrick Zamarripa…five officers who now were relegated to second place by the man who "had no business being there."

Continuing on with his wanting America to change…it’s always about change and not for the better…Obama was quick to place blame for the officer’s deaths solely upon racism in America…most especially his self-perceived law enforcement racism against blacks…daring not to mention that the killer of the five white police officers had skin the same color as his. 

And yet he spoke of what he called “righteous anger” but he never really said who specifically we should be angry at. And so I will tell you at whom our collective “righteous anger” should be directed…and by collective I mean Americans of all color whether they be white, black, brown, red or yellow…as ’We the People’ not only should be angry at Barack HUSSEIN Obama himself but we must be angry that at the bottom of all the hate and divisiveness that emanates from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the fact that this one man has turned the ‘People’s House’ into anything but our house now.

And truly "he had no business being there."

This was not, as I see it, a Memorial Service but a political rally complete with Obama and Michelle hugging and holding hands with those on the stage…props used only to make it seem like they cared…for these were people they would never go near if not for the cameras watching. And what an insult to Dallas Mayor Mike Rawling’s opening remarks…remarks that brought the crowd to their feet…when he expressed his awe of his city law enforcement officers, and when he said, “We will weep, we will not whine. We have too many bridges to build that we will cross together.”

Words I hope can be turned into reality but words I fear are just the mayor’s wishful thinking at best.

And I do truly wonder why did Dallas Police Chief David Brown felt the need to spend most of his time quoting the words of singer Stevie Wonder instead of speaking his own words…words from his own heart…about his fellow officers murdered by a young angry black muslim man. 

No, this Memorial Service was political in nature, even having the feeling of a political rally, and I believe it did a terrible disservice to the memory of the five officers lost, especially when the man who had no business being there spoke of “the very real fear and pain among black Americans who have felt targeted or mistreated by officers”…never once mentioning the fear police officers face when confronted by angry black mobs…and how “we” (meaning white America) need to “open our hearts” (meaning we are the bad guys) on the subject of race.

And yet there were some memorable moments by others…moments when the true character of the man stood out, and I am speaking about former President George W. Bush whose words were the words of a leader comforting a nation still in shock...comforting a nation still grieving. "Too often we judge other groups by their worst examples, while judging ourselves by our best intentions," he said. "This has strained our bonds of understanding and common purpose...We want the unity of hope, affection and higher purpose.”

Yes we do want unity but true and lasting unity cannot happen when hate and disunity are this president’s rules of the day. And how can said unity be accomplished when this very same president, who in a political move that even a blind man could see, brought one of his most outspoken critics, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, with him to Dallas aboard Air Force One. Rubbing it into Cruz that this is the closest he will ever get to riding the Presidential jet seems more like it, especially on this particularly sad day.

And even with Barack HUSSEIN Obama labeling the murders a ‘hate crime’…a crime he said was “motivated by bias”…how can unity be achieved when he refused to say what these killings truly were…as in an act of domestic terrorism committed by a homegrown convert to islam…a convert to islam who also happened to have the same color skin that he has.

Being color blind is one thing…being blinded to color is quite another.

And now with Obama scheduled to soon meet with both civil rights leaders and law enforcement officials on what he refers to as “the broader issues” regarding race and law enforcement…issues he claims have fueled demonstrations nationwide…you just know that all his Dallas ‘for the camera’ kumbaya moments will be replaced by his ongoing support of Black Lives Matter’s rhetoric and actions against the police.

Remember, you can take the hate out of words but actions will always speak louder than words said.

And with that I say “he truly had no business being there.”

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