Friday, July 22, 2016

Two Speeches…One a Winner…One a Loser
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

“If you love our country and love your children as much as I know that you do, stand, and speak, and vote your conscience…Vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution."  
– Ted Cruz’s words at the Republican convention

So Ted Cruz got booed off the stage on Wednesday night at the Republican convention. Did he deserve it…yes he did. But must he shoulder all of the blame…no he should not. 

Let me explain.

The Trump campaign said they knew ahead of time what Cruz was going to say and that they OK’d it. However, they also showed both naivete and poor judgment for the fact is they never foresaw that once at the podium Ted Cruz might deviate from what he said he was going to say and what he was approved to say.

But putting that issue aside I must to be honest and say that Cruz’s speech showed judgment that was anything but stellar…a deliberately divisive and quite unnerving speech in some of its content…a speech whose aim was obviously not to help unify the party but a speech that did nothing but help to widen the fracture within the Republican party's ranks. 

Beginning by ever so briefly and with vocal intonations so emotionally flat, Ted Cruz said, “I want to congratulate Donald Trump on winning the nomination last night.” And that was case closed on Cruz saying his former rival’s name again during his entire time at the podium. Cruz then immediately shifted gears and very eloquently spoke about the ever increasing number of police shootings making it personal by speaking of the young daughter of one of the officers killed in Dallas but a few short weeks ago. Shifting his message again to speak of his conservative principals and philosophy that the Constitution is truly the law of our land…Ted Cruz proved once again that when speaking about the Constitution there is no one better than him. 

But when speaking of the Democrats' shortcomings, including when he spoke about Democrats not understanding the meaning of freedom, Cruz oh so politically correctly included muslims in the very same sentence as Christians and Jews. "Freedom means religious freedom, whether you're Christian or Jew, Muslim or atheist,” he said knowing damn well that islam is not a religion but a political system hiding behind the guise of calling itself a religion. And Ted Cruz knows or should know that muslims have no tolerance for freedom religious or otherwise…one just needs to look at the very acts of terrorism they commit, the condoning silence of the muslim masses, and the sharia law they live by...all proving that freedom is a word they never intend to have be part of their vocabulary.

And when rightfully speaking that freedom means recognizing that “our Constitution allows states to choose policies that reflect local values”…Cruz used the Democrats favorite politically correct word ‘diversity’ when he added, “That is the way it is supposed to be, diversity,” instead of saying what should have been said, as in the words ‘state’s rights.' I guess Ted Cruz forgot that diversity is never mentioned in the Constitution and that diversity has no place in a constitutional discourse. 

Wednesday night Ted Cruz’s speech was obviously a campaign speech for 2020…and neither his words said nor his words unsaid, I believe, will prove to serve those aspirations well. Simply, this was not the night to do what he did or say what he said…and that's coming from someone who applauds the constitutional principals Ted Cruz stands for…because in his daring to say to “vote your conscience”…the battle cry of the #nevertrump movement of which I was (at the time) proud to be a part of…and to do so at the convention when we need to unite the party behind the very man that many of us still do not like but a man we will support and vote for…sadly shows for all America to see that Ted Cruz put his personal animosity for Donald Trump before the harsh reality that beating Hillary Clinton must be our collective focus even if it means having Donald Trump leading that march.

So, will Ted Cruz come back politically from what he knew was a gamble that might not go his way…and right now it appears it has not…a gamble I actually do not fault him for taking after all the hateful, spiteful, and oh so childish words Donald Trump said about him and his family during primary season. 

I personally think Cruz’s uncalled for and divisive choice of words will be a heavy shadow that hangs over his head come 2020, for Ted Cruz should know well that words said during a heated primary season are just words used to inflame the masses and garner votes, and that no amount of money can buy class.

See Ted Cruz's convention speech here:

And Ted Cruz just did not get that no actual endorsement of Donald Trump was needed…a simple I will vote him…a simple we must all unite behind him…or even just a few words of praise for him…would have served Ted Cruz well as they now appear to have served well another former rival…Florida Senator Marco Rubio. 

“After a long and spirited primary, the time for fighting each other is over. It's time to come together and fight for a new direction for America.”  
- Marco Rubio’s words in his video message played during the convention

While not at the convention in person because he is out on the campaign trial running for re-election to the Senate, Marco Rubio did appear via satellite, and gave a rightfully damning condemnation of Hillary Clinton, something Ted Cruz should also have done but did not. Saying of Hillary that, “She was a key figure in implementing Barack Obama’s shameful foreign policy record of appeasing our enemies and betraying our allies, and diminishing our role in the world…She turned her back on the fallen heroes in Benghazi and then lied about it," Rubio, a long-standing member of the Foreign Relations Committee, understands the dangers we would face with a Hillary Clinton presidency saying that Donald Trump understands that as well.

Adding that, “Unlike Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump takes seriously the threats from Islamic radicals and is committed to rebuilding our military. And unlike Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, he is committed to appointing constitutionalist judges, who will respect the proper role of the judiciary,” were words of praise for Donald Trump with Rubio rightfully saying the now Republican nominee’s name…saying his name in a positive light even after he, too, was on the receiving end of Trump’s many uncalled for nasty remarks…saying his name something Ted Cruz would not do beyond his emotionless congratulations. And this shows for all to see that Marco Rubio is indeed for party unity, that he stands with our now nominee, that he is a team player who knows who the fight must now be taken to, and why we Republicans and we conservatives must come together to get that job done…and he did all this without having to actually say that he endorses Donald Trump.

See Marco Rubio’s convention speech here:

Ted Cruz should have taken a lesson from the words of Marco Rubio and maybe then he’d have gotten the applause Rubio did instead of getting booed off the stage.

“It's time to win in November,” Marco Rubio ended his words with, and Rubio knows winning means supporting and voting for Donald Trump for the alternative, like I’ve said so many times before, is indeed a hell of a lot worse.


  1. So he can endorse Amnesty again ? Hell with Rubio!!!

    1. It has been portrayed by the media that Rubio betrayed his election campaign promise not to support amnesty but Rubio's promise was stated with specificity as a promise not to support support "blanket amnesty" .
      The Gang Eight Bill is properly qualified as a border security bill, it included 700 miles of wall, 27000 more border troops, measures to assure that illegal aliens cannot collect benefits and called for the institutionalization of e-verify. It also included a pathway to citizenship but it was in the first stage of the congressional process- which is passing the then Democratic Senate so that it could be amended by the Republican House. Even so the pathway to citizen ship-could occur only after after rigorous requirements were satisfied which included the fulfillment of all the provisions in the bill first. That is not blanket amnesty.

      Continued at

    2. I am a supporter of MARCO...was a Team Leader for his POTUS campaign and again am a Team Leader for his Senate I know well that the Gang of 8 was NOT how the media reported it. Blanket amnesty it was NOT.

    3. MARCO NEVER endorsed amnesty...he endorsed a 'Pathway to Citizenship'...HUGE difference.

  2. I said it before and will never stop saying it, Lying Ted is NOT a "natural born Citizen." That is a cold hard fact and Cruz is always telling Americans how much he loves the Constitution. What a bunch of crap. He knows he was never eligible yet he announce his candidacy in front of his Christian brothers and sisters knowing damn well he was not eligible . His case was tailor made for the Supreme Court to finally make a judgment but Donald Trump let him off the hook. I personally hope Cruz stays in the Senate, he is useful in that he does vote with the Republican caucus.

    As my friends at Conservative Treehouse stated, "Cruz poured gasoline on himself before giving his speech and at the end of the speech the audience threw the matches."

    1. Technically Cruz is an NBC through his mother but NO matter as he sunk himself with that awful spiteful sore loser of a speech...and I am NO Trump fan but will vote for him as the alternative...the Butcher of far and away worse.