Saturday, April 21, 2012

More from The Western Center for Journalism
And Barack Obama's Selective Service RegistrationForm Appears 
To Be A Forgery As Well.

The Cold Case Posse also found disturbing inconsistencies in Barack Obama's Selective Service Registration Form, as can be illustrated in the picture below.

Zullo presented an illustration of a typical postal stamp (on the right) and the postal stamp
that appears on Barack Obama's Selective Service Registration Form (on the left).

Notice anything strange? Look closely. As Zullo points out, the year in the Date Stamps that are used by the United States Postal Service ALWAYS render the year in FOUR DIGITS (as is shown by the stamp on the right), and yet the Date Stamp on Obama's Selective Service Registration Form is rendered in two digits. How is that possible?

But Zullo wasn't done. Look again at the photo below and pay particular attention to the spacing between the digits and the justification in both Date Stamps.

It's clear that the spacing and right-leaning justification is not consistent and that the Date Stamp in Mr. Obama's Selective Service Registration Form appears to have been produced by someone taking an Exacto-Knife to an actual USPS rubber stamp, cutting-out the digits and re-inserting those cut-out digits back into the rubber stamp.

For now, we can only ask why, but we need to do more than ask why. We must demand a full investigation. These clumsy forgeries must be explained and the man who has the answers, 

Barack Hussein Obama, must be compelled to answer these questions. The American people deserve answers.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent and personalized Blast Faxes to the Republican 
Leadership of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives.

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