Friday, April 13, 2012

Stop the nonsense and UNITE!
By: Diane Sori

November 2012: best case scenario...the Republicans keep the House, retake the Senate, and send the usurper packing, hopefully not just out of office but straight to jail with NO get out of jail free card.  Mid-range scenario: the Republicans keep the House, retake the Senate but the usurper wins again.  Worst case scenario...the Republicans lose all three, which has, I believe, NO chance of happening.

While I am counting on the first scenario, the second is not as bad as it might seem at face value.  By Republicans keeping the House and retaking the Senate, even if Obama manages to ‘steal’ the election for himself he would by all accounts be an impotent president, a figurehead and nothing more.  Why, because with a Republican controlled House and Senate he would get NO liberal bills passed, NO liberal policies put in place, NO liberal Supreme Court justices appointed, his freebie programs could be slashed, ObamaCare could still be overturned, a budget could be passed, jobs could be created under Republican guidelines, the pledge of allegiance could be put back into our public schools, and all his presidential vetoes could be overturned...basically he would be sitting in the White House twitting his thumbs or in his case playing round after round of golf.  

With Obama feeling heat from both the Supreme Court and the Republican hierarchy, first for his remarks about the Constitution, and then for overstepping his bounds and basically threatening the justices, it seems by all indications that the justices are indeed preparing to strike down the main provision, the personal mandate, of Obama’s very unpopular signature healthcare law that has the been the cornerstone of his administration. 

If this does indeed happen, this will be a major blow to his re-election campaign.  Add to that his ridiculous ‘war on women’ that he is still trying to pass off on the Republicans, his butting into religious issues, his and his minions attack on stay-at-home moms, his failing to create promised jobs, plus his abysmal foreign  policy in relation to Israel, Iran, and our military, and you have the makings of defeat.

But even with all this, we do have an obstacle in the path of removing Obama from office now that it is most evident that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee, and that obstacle is certain views and beliefs pertaining to Mormonism that are held by the ultra-religious Evangelical and Fundamentalist movements.  Their belief, expounded upon recently by Pastor Rick Warren, that Mormons are second only to islam in condemnation could very well stand in the way of victory or at least make victory somewhat harder to obtain
Just today a friend of mine, or should I say now ex-friend, told me that while she personally likes what Romney has to say and really likes his wife, as an Evangelical Christian though she CANNOT vote for him because he is a Mormon.   I couldn’t believe what I was hearing...’because he is a Mormon.’  I said to her would she rather have a muslim in the White House than a Mormon, and she said that because the muslim stance on Christianity is well known, and because of her church's teachings, she would have to say yes, she'd rather have Obama than a professed pseudo-Christian religion that does not believe in the Trinity, unless her church says it's OK to vote for ROMNEY!

‘Unless her church says it's OK’... If this is how the religious far right is going to think I can see us having some problems, not insurmountable problems but problems nevertheless.

These folks need to realize that the ‘enemy within’ is more dangerous to their belief system than any Mormon ever could be.  They need to realize that we ALL must unite together to defeat Obama’s socialist agenda. 

They need to realize that if we are to save our beloved America that their over-the-top religious ideologies must be put aside, even just for now, so that political ignorance, misinformation and apathy can be dealt with without their adding problems into the mix; problems, which by the way, should not be problems at all.

I just hope and pray that the Evangelical and Fundamentalist leaders realize what dangerous ground they are treading upon, because if Obama wins again because they could not or would not get over the old hatreds, then they have become as dangerous to America as those they profess to condemn.


  1. I feel so bad that y'all had to go through that with your friend and I am sad that folks are such haters about the Mormon's..... I don't know a heck alot about that religion, but I do know that they take care of their own and they also stand behind the Commandments of G-d.. They don't murder one another like Moslem's do and they certainly haven't been a threat to my personal religious freedoms.... The biggest bonus is that they don't declare death to those who don't believe the same as they do......
    The fact that Romney also LOVES our Country should speak to those folks..... the one's who will judge on his religion, then I'm gonna have to take a stand and shake the dust offa my feet from them.... I also love Glenn Beck who is also Mormon, and one of the most intelligent men I have listened to.....

  2. I so agree with you. What I can't stand is those who criticize Mormons just because they don't believe exactly as they do. I have met some so-called Christians who do this are anything but Christians, and on Judgement Day God could very well say to them, 'I do not know you.'

  3. Daddy always says that folks only know what they are taught... and what they believe is a healthy way of life... I don't see anything wrong with it..... I may not live my life the same, but I respect their choice to believe their own way..... I only have a problem with a religion that demands death to infidel's.... It just shows how ignorant some folks are..... they want freedom of religion, but only for themselves..... Sad, and you're right, G-d could very well say, depart from me....

  4. Religion is supposed to bring peace. love, and comfort NOT death, destruction, and heartache. And those who practice any given religion must NOT be the bearers of death, destruction and heartache. Sadly, I just know that many will hear God say, 'I do not know you' on their
    Judgement Day.

  5. From Jennifer C. Call who is having trouble with google and can't post right now....'Here goes again. To all you evangelical bigots..If you think that Mormons are as bad as Muslims then you are just crazy. You may not agree with the Mormon faith but they worship the same God as you do,,,and who says the you are right, as a segment of the population I have found Mormons to be more well behaved that most segments of the population, very modest, family oriented. Don't forget "Judge not lest ye be judged" So get rid of your bigoted attitudes and support Romney...he is a good man. On the other hand, Obama is a Muslim and Islam is an EVIL political theocracy, invented by a blood thirsty pedophile, so to think that Mormonism is as bad as Islam is just wrong. By the way, unless you are clairvoyant you do not know whether Mormonism is a true religion or only know what your own bigoted ministers tell you. And the Catholic Church recognizes Mormons as Christians, and so do I. They worship the same God and they believe in Jesus..just because their interpretation is different doesn't make them wrong...Try being a little may not know everything. A lot of Protestants have a negative opinion of Roman Catholics...well guess what, St Peter was the first Pope. There were Catholics before there were ever Protestants, so do not be such bigots and there is nothing wrong with Mormons just because they think differently than you..who says you are don't know, do not forget that, because I for one am totally sick of your bigotry..WE HAVE TO SUPPORT ROMNEY AND GET THAT EVIL HEATHEN BASTARD OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE.'