Tuesday, May 8, 2012

 Congressman Allen West Is Right. There Are Presently 76 Open Communists, Socialists And Socialist Sympathizers In The United States Congress. And Congressman West Needs To Know That You Stand With Him Right Now.

    When Congressman Allen West bravely exposed this open secret, we waited patiently. We waited for our Republican leaders in Congress to stand behind this war hero and join him in exposing this open secret.

     But they didn't. Other than the noises they made, as they jumped behind their desks, all you could hear was the chirping of crickets.  And now, we've waited long enough!

     Their silence is deafening. That's unacceptable and that's going to change, here and now. We gave them ample time to act... and now we're going to force them to stand with Congressman West.

     The American people deserve better. The American people deserve elected officials, like West, who will bravely stand for the truth; and if our so-called leaders in Congress are unwilling and unable to stand with Congressman West and the truth, then they're useless!

     We're standing with Congressman West, and with your help, we're going to let him know the American people are behind him. We're going to encourage him to keep up the fight and we're going to deluge our Republican leaders with an avalanche of your faxes and demand that they get with the program or get out of the way.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent and personalized Blast Faxes to Congressman Allen West and the Republican Leadership of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives.

If button above does not work, please use this hyperlink.
ADDED BONUS: When you send your Blast Faxes, we'll send you, via immediate download, our updated 14-page report: Who Are The 76 Socialists And Socialist Sympathizers In Congress. We name names and we give you the history behind the undeniable connection between the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Socialist and Communist Movement in the United States.

Is CNN's Wolf Blitzer Taking Marching Orders From The Communist Party USA?

     Make no mistake, Congressman West is in the crosshairs for daring to speak the truth.  The Left has declared him target number one.

     As a matter of fact, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) just held its annual convention in New York a few days ago and while delivering the opening remarks, CPUSA National Chairman, Sam Webb, openly called on CPUSA members to defeat Allen West because of his remarks exposing the socialists, communists and socialist sympathizers in United States Congress.

     Of course, you heard nothing about Mr. Webb's remarks from the Mainstream Media. Instead the MSM provided cover and, marching to the beat of Webb's drum, immediately subjected West to a preemptive attack of ridicule.

     CNN's Wolf Blitzer, in a blatant attempt to ridicule West, told viewers that he "sounds like McCarthy" and Blitzer actually demanded that West apologize.

     But, as Cliff Kincaid, writing for Family Security Matters, points out, it's Blitzer who owes West and the American people an apology.

"But Blitzer is the one who should apologize, for he did not offer West’s comments in context. Blitzer also ignored clear and convincing evidence that the Communist Party USA, once funded by Moscow, regards the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Democratic Party as allies in the 'struggle' for socialism in the U.S."

     Congressman West is under fire and he needs to hear from you today. He needs to know that you support him and are so-called Republicans leaders need to be castigated for not standing up for him. The time to send that message is now.

The MSM Is Playing The McCarthy Analogy For All It's Worth.

     CNN's Soledad O'Brien got into the act as well and jumped on West during an interview. 

     When O'Brien challenged West to name the socialists and communists in Congress, West clearly and boldly stated that he didn't need to since the names are already published on the Congressional Progressive Congress website.

     But West's response wasn't good enough for the liberal media. Within hours, left-wing media outlets falsely claimed that West REFUSED to give names and used that
"refusal" to impugn West.

     The New Jersey Star Ledger called West the
"knucklehead of the week" and wrote: "When O’Brien pressed West for names, he refused to name any — shadows of Sen. Joe McCarthy waving his infamous list."

     But things have changed since Senator McCarthy waved his infamous list. Back then, communists and socialists in government operated in secret.

     Today, they openly caucus. Wolf Blitzer knows it... Soledad O'Brien knows it... the staff of the Star Ledger knows it; and now that Congressman West is bravely stepping forward to expose this open secret to the American people, he needs our support.

     Joelle Fishman, who heads the political action arm of the Communist Party USA knows it as well. She enthusiastically stated:
"They were inspired because they knew that Obama was mentored in Hawaii by CPUSA member Frank Marshall Davis. This was the open secret our media concealed during the 2008 campaign."

     And Kincaid reminds us:
"The CPUSA is working through the Democratic Party as a whole, as well as the Obama Administration. And we have their admission of all of this. ... the [CPUSA] has referred to 'our allies in Congress, the Progressive Caucus, and John Conyers,' the Congressman from Michigan who participated in events sponsored by the U.S. Peace Council, the CPUSA front."

     Congressman West is standing up for patriotic Americans like us. He needs to know, right here and right now, that we stand with him.

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