Saturday, May 12, 2012

Three BIG Obama lies
By: Diane Sori

We all know that Barack Hussein Obama lies and wouldn't know the truth if it came up and hit him upside the head.  Here are just three of his countless lies to 'We the People.'

Lie number one.
Last Tuesday Barack Hussein Obama tried fooling ‘We the People’ into believing that he’s a small-government leader and that Ronald Reagan was not.

“After there was a recession under Ronald Reagan, government employment went way up,” Obama said at a college in Albany, N.Y.  “The only time government employment has gone down during a recession has been under me.”

Absolutely NOT true as more government jobs have been created by Obama’s so-called stimulus than any other kind of jobs.  Where are all the private sector jobs he promised under his Stimulus Package...they are nowhere to be seen.  The stimulus did NOT have a statistically significant effect on employment as all the stimulus did was create and/or save an estimated 450,000 government jobs while destroying or preventing an estimated 1 million private sector jobs.

So, Mr. Obama, a small government leader you are not.

Lie number two.
Obama claims the world is a safer place now that al- Qaida has been rendered basically impotent.  

Again, NOT true because if we look at the world pre-9/11 and at the world today, we see that al-Qaida continues to operate worldwide.   Al-Qaida continue to train fighters in Afghanistan including the Taliban, they continue to operate in Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, the east coast of Africa, Somalia, Kenya, and across the northern rim of Africa.  Al-Qaida has reorganized in Iraq, was part of the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya, and fights against Assad in Syria with Iranian backing and encouragement.  And while they love to kill Christians they still love to kill Jews for let’s not forget al-Qaida encourages and supports the Palestinian uprisings.
So, Mr. Obama, the world is NOT safer today than pre-9/11.

Lie number three.
Obama claims that the only way to renew economic strength at home is to cut defense spending.  

I hate to tell you, Mr. Obama, but the one area you NEVER cut is spending in defense of OUR country and OUR citizens.

Obama is trying to cut billions of dollars more to the defense budget in addition to what has already been cut; additional cuts that would ravage our national security and jeopardize our ability to maintain the peace and preserve our interests both at home and overseas.   He forgets that we are still at war with islam (yes Mr. Obama, we ARE at war with islam) and will be for quite some time, and that we are at war on our own southern borders whether he cares to admit it or not.  And monies, large amount of monies, are needed to win those wars in defense of OUR country and OUR citizens.

Yet Obama does NOT want to cut funding to his precious freebies, handouts, and entitlement programs like welfare, because then he would then lose the votes of those who rely on those freebies, handouts, and entitlement programs like welfare instead of having to rely on themselves.

So, Mr. Obama, cut your freebie programs and leave the monies needed to defend OUR country and OUR citizens alone.

The bottom line with these three Obama lies is that he denies assertions that he is presiding over America's decline and ultimate destruction.   Creating more government jobs, refusing to acknowledge the dangers we still face from terrorist organizations, and cutting the defense budget tells another story.  Barack Hussein Obama is presiding over and leading the rush to America’s destruction while lying to ‘We the People’ every step of the way.


  1. Basically, every time Obama opens his mouth, he is lying his ass off. So, why narrow it down to three items? Actually, his list of lies is much longer, and I know this is just the "short list"... but seriously folks: this guy wouldn't know the truth if it was a Boeing 747 and it flew up his ass.

  2. These are just 3 of his many lies. I have been posting about his lies for days, like his gay marriage stance among others. These are just 3 more.

  3. Notice how I said, 'just three of his countless lies to 'We the People.'