Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time to be direct and to the point...
By: Diane Sori                                                                                 
Sometimes people need to be shocked into reality so here it is...It's time for all Americans of conscience to unite together behind MITT ROMNEY or this could be our fate with another 4 years of Barack Hussein Obama at the is that simple!

I know this might be a bit overboard but sometimes 'shock and awe' is needed to get people's attention. 
I believe America could very well be on 'the eve of destruction' if Barack Hussein Obama is re-elected.  This man sides with our enemies, defames and dishonors our brave men and women in uniform, puts the interests of ILLEGALS ahead of American citizens, has done NOTHING to improve our economy or to create jobs, shoves mandates down our throats like ObamaCare that 'We the People' do NOT want or need, doesn't understand or even want to understand the basic concept of you cannot have the government spend more than it takes in, the list is endless.
Barack Hussien Obama is 'the enemy within' as he goes against EVERYTHING our great country stands for.  Our Constitution, our laws, our code of morals and conduct, and our Judeo-Christian living God all mean NOTHING to him...NOTHING at all.  
Barack Hussein Obama holds Congress hostage with his flashing around of the infamous race card every chance he gets, and he just loves dividing this country using class warfare and racial tensions as his weapons.
Barack Hussein Obama is about Barack Hussein Obama, period!  His 'I Killed bin Laden' publicity tour speaks volumes about this.  It's so sad that our brave Navy SEALS now have to take a backseat to his bloviatings but we all know that with Obama, 'it's all about me, me, me...I, I, I!'
With Iran on the verge of getting a nuclear bomb and with Israel amassing much needed troops along its borders, now is NOT the time to allow this dangerous man a second term in office for he will sell out Israel AND America in a heartbeat to appease his muslim know it, I know it, and he knows we know it! 
For the life of me, I cannot think of one good thing this man has done for our country, NOT a one.  So now all I can think about is that we all must unite together to send this dangerous, traitorous man packing so we can start our country's return to the exceptionalism and greatness that he has taken away from her.
MITT ROMNEY is our nominee so it's time for all the Romney bashing to stop.  We ALL must unite together behind him.  Is his candidacy perfect...of course not.  No candidacy nor any candidate is perfect.  But Romney is a good man, a moral moral, a man who WILL jump start our economy and help put Americans back to work, a man who will NEVER bow down to or side with our enemies, a man who will honor and respect our brave men and women in uniform, a man who lives by our Constitution and will restore Constitutional law to our country, and a man who will stand by our country's dream of 'one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.'


  1. Good OP-Ed girl!
    For some time I have sat back asked, "how can Americans be so fooled" then I had to remember our history and look at the wheels of the machine.
    In the 1950s, we had the Red Scare and it wasn't just about the communists lobbing nukes at us, it was about their infiltration into our country. When they couldn't be overt about it, Sen. McCarthy saw to that, they went covert. They quietly infiltrated our school systems, our newspapers and then our government. They quietly indoctrinated our children and now those children are voters.
    Barry is not just a muslim but he is also a socialist(being the polite form of communism). This has been his plan all along, he taught Alinsky's Rule for Radicals at Columbia and more people were indoctrinated...and this was in a US Constitution class.
    Is he stupid, no means is he stupid but he and his puppet masters are banking on American's being stupid .....and LAZY. If American's had not evolved into the "entitlement" generation, Barry would have never been elected. Students in universities across the nation are being indoctrinated and will go to the polls to vote for him again (despite that fact that since he became POTUS, tuition is up 8% and there is little hope of jobs upon graduation).
    I will be really surprised if he DOESN'T get re-elected. But I have lost too much faith in the American populace to expect a better outcome on election day.
    Good luck America, you have gotten what you asked for...are you still brave enough to change it?

    1. Anonymous, if it ain't close he can't cheat. Admittedly we've got a problem when so many people are receiving government checks, but I still believe the electoral results are going to put Romney in the White House. It may be by fewer votes than 1980 or 1988. But I'm pretty sure it'll be a far better margin than 2004. Chin up!

  2. Awesome and direct achoti!!! Luv it!!!

  3. Thanks guys and on the compliment and Anonymous, you can only push the people around so much before they say we've had enough and think Obama has now crossed that line! We WILL vote him out in November, of that I am sure.

  4. How can Americans be so fooled: Bush = Obama = Romney. All controlled by the foreign bankers who have a death grip on our republic. The only Constitution supporting candidate is Ron Paul. Google Ron Paul please. The media is a propaganda tool of the bankers. Fox News is co-owned by Saudia Arabian princes. Ron Paul just won Maine and Nevada. Last weekend was Iowa and Colorado. Upcoming is Washington and Texas. The media lies.

  5. Wall Street Journal: The President Has a List...Bullying Tactics Continue!

    Barack Obama attempts to intimidate contributors to Mitt Romney's campaign.

    Try this thought experiment: You decide to donate money to Mitt Romney. You want change in the Oval Office, so you engage in your democratic right to send a check.

    Several days later, President Barack Obama, the most powerful man on the planet, singles you out by name. His campaign brands you a Romney donor, shames you for "betting against America," and accuses you of having a "less-than-reputable" record. The message from the man who controls the Justice Department (which can indict you), the SEC (which can fine you), and the IRS (which can audit you), is clear: You made a mistake donating that money.

    Are you worried?

    Richard Nixon's "enemies list" appalled the country for the simple reason that presidents hold a unique trust. Unlike senators or congressmen, presidents alone represent all Americans. Their powers—to jail, to fine, to bankrupt—are also so vast as to require restraint. Any president who targets a private citizen for his politics is de facto engaged in government intimidation and threats. This is why presidents since Nixon have carefully avoided the practice.

    Read the rest at

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  6. Ron Paul...gag, gag, puke!!!!!!!!!! Ron Paul is a traitorous loon who needs a padded room with round the clock meds.....either that or send him to Iran since he finds NO problem with them having a nuke!