Wednesday, June 20, 2012

As the economy flounders the Holder circus continues
By: Diane Sori

Today a decision will be made as to whether to charge Eric Holder with contempt of Congress for withholding critical documents in the ‘Fast and Furious’ debacle.  Want to bet which way that will go since Darrell Issa seems to be buying into Holders stalling tactics.  Needless to say today will be an interesting day.

So while we’re all focused on this circus performance, yesterday’s newly released jobs figures further accentuate bad news for the job’s market.  In April, job openings dropped to a five-month low with an across the board decline in all sectors of the economy.

According to the Labor Department, job openings fell by 325,000 to 3.42 million, the lowest level since November 2011.  Private sector openings dropped by 282,000 to 3.08 million, while government job openings dropped 42,000 to 336,000 openings.  And with unemployed workers outnumber job openings in both the private and public sector, there was also a 68,000 increase in job layoffs.

Hey Obama...these discouraging numbers include the private sector you say is doing ‘just fine.’

With an overall weakness in the economy and with 12.5 million hard working LEGAL Americans out of work in April alone, and if you filter in the drop in the number of actual jobs openings, this means there are basically four people competing for every one job opening.  And yet Barack Hussein Obama wants to give what amounts to amnesty to 800,000 ILLEGALS so there is further competition for the few jobs that are open.

There is something so inherently wrong with this.

And with this we have Mexican President Calderon thanking Obama for issuing this change in policy through Executive Order, while he snickers at how easily our Congress is being made into a laughing stock.  Of course he would, as now Calderon doesn’t have to worry about all these people being deported back to Mexico and putting a drain on his economy.

Calderon gets what he wants and Obama gets what he wants, it’s ‘We the People’ who get screwed yet again.

And add into this happy mix (insert sarcasm here) that US oil prices rose on Tuesday, climbing 83 cents to $84.10 a barrel, based on rumor that the Federal Reserve may release more stimulus monies to prevent the economy from stalling yet again.

Also remember that major tax hikes are scheduled to kick in at the end of this year if Obama is re-elected...and with all this you have one very unhappy group of Americans, one very unhappy economy, but 800,000 very happy ILLEGALS who will benefit from our unhappiness.

While we should be focusing all our attention on the economy and on how Obama just screwed us LEGAL Americans once again, we all are being led by the media to focus on a circus trial of a man who is guilty of obstructing justice being tried by a man who it seems just doesn’t have the courage to do what he knows needs to be done.

If America ever needed a hero it’s now, and I just hope and pray that Darrell Issa gathers the courage to be just that hero.


  1. This country has been in deep trouble ever since FDR introduced his "New Deal".

    Obama is only the latest feature in this never ending melodrama we call American politics.

    As for Holder he should be put on trial for conspiracy to commit murder for all of the people in both Mexico and the United States he killed with Operation Fast and Furious. He is the boss and he is directly responsible for the actions of those below him.

    Our government is broken and is no longer working for the American people. The Professional politicians have given us no other choice. We must UNITE and DEFEAT Romney and Obama in November.

    Jim Hayden for President in 2012

    1. Jim, you are a third party fringe candidate who has NO, zero, nada chance of winning and a vote for you is a vote for Obama...or is that your plan.

      BTW, my blog is NOT a site for fringe candidates to peddle their wares, so to speak, so please do NOT do this again. From here on out all posts to that extent will be removed.