Saturday, June 23, 2012

Somebody please shut Pelosi up!
By: Diane Sori
As the ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal reverberates across the country a new voice has come forward to add total absurdity to the already laughable Eric Holder ‘dog and pony’ show.  Self-appointed House queen, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said during her weekly televised press conference, “They’re going after Eric Holder because he is supporting measures to overturn these voter suppression initiatives in the states…This is no accident, it is no coincidence.  It is a plan on the part of Republicans.”

Can you believe the total lunacy of this statement!  Nancy Pelosi actually believes that Republicans are going after Eric Holder NOT because he’s withholding subpoenaed documents and trying to cover-up his involvement in 'Fast and Furious' or because of his false claim that law enforcement never allowed guns to be smuggled into Mexico to be given to drug cartels, but because he opposes states cracking down on voter fraud.  

Oh please, a statement as ludicrous as this makes me wonder if she was in her right mind or under the influence of something when she made it.  In NO way can a sane person connect in any way the hearings to voter suppression.

While voter fraud is real and does indeed happen, case in point is Acorn’s fix of the 2008 election, it’s been proven that cases of voter fraud disproportionately benefit Democrats NOT Republicans.  No wonder Pelosi and Holder don’t want voter fraud to be investigated!  Thankfully, more than a dozen states have passed laws restricting voting, and some, like Florida, are actually suing the DOJ for trying to stop them from purging their voter rolls of those not legally eligible to vote (the dead will just have to stay dead this time around), as Pelosi and other far-left liberals continue to argue the newly enacted laws aim to suppress and discourage minorities from voting.
But what does investigating voter fraud have to do with over 200 Mexicans dying and US Border Agent Brian Terry being murdered due to the lies and deceits perpetrated by Eric Holder, the Department of Justice, and Barack Hussein Obama, who inserted himself right into the middle of this mess by asserting Executive Privilege to protect his buddy Holder. 

The two instances have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other...NOTHING!

“This is no accident. It is no coincidence. It is a plan on the part of the Republicans,” Pelosi still continues to whine.

Yeah, sure it is Nancy, and if you really believe that I’ve got some swamp land to sell you.  And yet with Pelosi and the liberal media continuing to spew their distracting vile, they’re hoping the American people will lose focus that these proceedings are really about justice for Brian Terry.  But as more and more people are seeing that Holder’s withholding of the subpoenaed documents amounts to nothing but a cover-up, answers are being demanded as to just why Brian Terry was murdered by illegal alien thugs who were armed by Eric Holder and the DOJ, and to why no one has been held accountable.

Brian Terry's family deserves answers, the American people deserve answers, and justice must be adjudicated for this horrible miscarriage of justice and cover-up.  And Nancy Pelosi needs to just keep her big trap shut because she is making more of a fool of herself than she already is.

And here’s another happy thought...once the furor over Pelosi’s statements die down can the blaming of these hearings on the fact that Eric Holder is black be far behind, after all when all else fails the race card will assuredly be played.  Can’t wait for that one.


  1. Of course this dingbat Nancy Pelosi knows she is spewing lies and idiocy, but of course, she knows that the average Obama Voter and Supporter will lap this garbage up like pigs lapping up slop. The Democrats depend on an ignorant, illiterate and mis-informed citizenry in order to win elections, and of course the Democrats also know they can buy elections by offering more and more people Welfare Checks, Bogus Pension Checks, and other Tax Payer Funded support while at the same time making deals with Big Banks to get their campaign funds while the same government destroys the middle class and small business men and women of the USA. The Dems Play Both Sides: Trash the Very Rich while taking their money and then giving them special deals. It is a Dog and Pony Show, and the people being squeezed out of existence in this corrupt situational government is the Middle Class and Small Businesses. If we continue down this road, we are finished as a nation, that is, if we are already and just don't know it, sort of like the Dinasours who roamed the earth for thousands of years totally brain dead dovouring and killing everything in their path???

    1. I so agree with what you said. People tend NOT to bite the hand that feeds (and clothes, and educates, and gives medical care, etc.) them but what they don't realize is that all this comes with a very steep price...freedom to chose your own way.

  2. Diane, you wrote:
    --"But what does investigating voter fraud have to do with over 200 Mexicans dying and US Border Agent Brian Terry being murdered due to the lies and deceits perpetrated by Eric Holder, the Department of Justice, and Barack Hussein Obama, who inserted himself right into the middle of this mess by asserting Executive Privilege to protect his buddy Holder.

    The two instances have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other...NOTHING!"--

    With all due respect Diane, your mistake is that you're thinking like a rational, logical, and moral person.
    Whenever a leftist (in this case Nancy Piglosi) accuses you of something, they are almost always engaging in psychological projection.

    For leftists like Oblamer, Piglosi, and Eric withHolder, the issues of rampant nationwide voter fraud and the CRIMES committed during "Fast and Furious" are INEXTRICABLY linked! Allow me to explain...

    For the next 5 months, Eric Holder's 'Justice Department' will be engaged in an all-out effort to protect Obama's voters from scrutiny. In this case I'm referring to voting blocks that are even more loyal than black American voters--
    1. Dead Democrats,
    2. Illegal aliens,
    3. Convicted felons,
    4. Multiple voting (ACORN) busloads,
    5. and Untraceable "provisional" voters, who tend to be rather prolific in their voting patterns.

    As you're well aware, my Florida governor--Rick Scott--has been sued by the Holder 'Justice' Dept. for attempting to clear some of the THOUSANDS of illegal voters from the rolls. He's subsequently countersued in order to get the proper information from the feds that he needs to clean up the voter rolls.

    Operation "Fast and Furious" threatens to totally derail Eric Holder, and the drumbeat for his resignation are FINALLY growing louder.

    ***Holder CANNOT protect Oblamer's illegal voters if he's forced from office by the outcry over Operation Fast and Furious, can he?

    When attemting to analyze the seemingly idiotic blurtings of the bug-eyed freak, Nancy Piglosi, it always helps to crawl into that dark, dank, and fetid place that we call, "the leftist mind."

    Just remember to come back out. LOL!

    1. I heard a funny one regarding that dark, dank, and fetid place and it goes like this...Pelosi, Holder, DWS, and others are so far up Obama's butt that you need a rope to pull them out! I know, me baaadddd but nothing I could say possibly could be as bad as what these libertards are doing to our country. BTW, Scott is my governor too and I hope he's successful going against the DOJ, afterall, the dead need to stay in their graves this time out!

  3. I am so surprised that anyone even listens to Ms. Pelosi. Every village has it's idiot, and clearly Nancy has, by self-proclamation, quite comfortably adopted that role. That said, we should treat her like any other village idiot. Simply ignore her. She is culturally, constitutionally, and intellectually irrelevant. You must remember this - It is always dangerous to argue with this idiot - She'll drop you to her level, then beat you with experience.

  4. Thankfully so few on our side operate on her level. That seems to be the forte of 'the other side.'