Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Israel might determine our next president 
By: Diane Sori

Israel and America face two serious threats as we move closer to the November election.  The first is that Iran will most likely act on its threat to attack Israel, and the second is that Barack Hussein Obama’s October surprise could have him instigating that action so that he can ride in like a knight in shining armor to save Israel from destruction and thus win the election.  And he would do it NOT because he gives a damn about Israel but because he will more than willingly use and even sacrifice Israel if need be for his own personal political fodder.

Even with some claiming that the Mossad (Israel’s Intelligence Agency) routinely sends operatives in and out of Iran on covert missions and that Israel can handle the situation if war with Iran did become a reality, the danger Obama poses to them is more telling than Israel might be able to control for Obama sides with Israel’s enemies against her. 

With Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps continuously baiting and then warning Israel against initiating any military action against them, and with Israel knowing they might indeed have to attack Iran pre-emptively, many on the left are advising Israel to seek the support of Washington even knowing that the Obama administration will NOT willingly cooperate with them, especially since the timing is not advantageous for Obama.

So Obama wants Israel to do nothing...to take the threats, to turn a blind eye to Iran, and to just sit on the ticking time bomb as if it did not exist.

To put it bluntly, Obama simply cannot allow or afford for Israel to attack Iran without him, before him, or for them to go it alone, as then all the political gain for him would be lost.

But with Iran now having a ballistic missile with a range of 300 km, and with Iran having the ability to target defense shields and radar systems while still hitting Israel's anti-missile system, Israel might very well have to take them out in the very near future whether Obama likes it or not.

And Obama be damned because Israel’s survival does not depend on nor need his permission to do what they need to do to.

"If we are attacked, we will retaliate with (a counter) attack... and we have even planned for multi-dimensional and massive attacks if necessary," Iranian Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri has said.

This kind of statement might scare and render impotent another nation but Israel backs down to no one and especially someone who is threatening their very existence.  And this is even more important as Iran is now reaching a point when their nuclear sites will be immune to an Israeli strike.  And with the latest Israeli intelligence reports showing Iran to be about nine months away from just that, remember though that Israel NEVER gives away their timetables or their missions.

But I believe Israel WILL attack Iran months before our November election if they even for a minute think that Barack Hussein Obama has a serious chance of winning again, and they will do so without telling Obama their plans in advance.  Israel knows very well that if Obama was given a heads up that he would immediately tell his muslim brethren so they could prepare for or counter such an attack.  Israel knows that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT their friend as witnessed by his instance that they return to their pre-‘67 borders so that the so-called Palestinians could be victorious in their quest to split Israel in two.  And Israel also knows that if push came to shove Obama would throw them under the bus in a heartbeat if he feared Israel was a threat to his re-election bid.  

So, Israel will remain quiet until the last possible moment before they attack or they will remain quiet until their attack is well under way.

And thankfully, Israel also knows that Obama is not happy about the close personal friendship between Mitt Romney and their Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.  And Netanyahu is NOT happy with either Israel’s or his treatment by the man with the phony smile who hides a dagger behind his back.  Benjamin Netanyahu will do what needs to be done to assure Israel’s survival, and it will be he who throws Barack Hussein Obama under the bus because as the saying goes, ‘payback is a bitch.’

So we must watch very carefully what Israel does over the next few months, because it will be Israel NOT the polls and supposition that will be the best indication of whether Barack Hussein Obama is re-elected or not.


  1. I don't understand how Israel wating until after the election (even if Romney's a shoe-in) will help Israel if Iran's that close to having a nuclear weapon system that's inpenetrable. In the wake of the 1980 election, Reagan/Bush were accused of coordinating the Iranian hostage release to sway the election results. I wish Mitt and Bibi were coordinating behind the scenes. I really with Republicans could be as cunning and devious in certain situations as the left always accuses them of being.

    1. Romney is going to Israel in a few weeks to meet with Netanyahu and you can be sure this will be brought up. I don't think for as minute that Netanyahu would ever allow Obama to have a second term because he knows that would be the end of Israel if Obama got re-elected. It's all about timing and cutting off Obama using this for political gain.

    2. Jews are God's Chosen People the Apple of God's eye ... HE WHO WATCHES OVER JERUSALEM WILL NEITHER SLUMBER NOR SLEEP!!! Bibi has the Wisdom of GOD.. a True Statesman who makes BHO looks like a 6 yr old school-kid. He didn't even have the guts to stay in the country last yr when BiBi spoke to Congress... the moron left the country!!! Bibi got 65 applauses. Know & take this to the Bank- Israel has their secret plans which will remain secret until the day it happens...BHO is a foreshadow of the anti-christ...power hungry, a narcissist & a dumb one at that...he's toast in Nov. unless the American people are too lazy to get off their azz's & vote him out...Know that the Jews will outsmart him & all his criminal czars that surround him ...they don't have the brains to cross the street by themselves.....GET RID OF OBAMA AMERICA .... WAKE UP!!! He is dismantling your country piece by piece. ... remarks from a Canadian whose PM stands behind ISRAEL ALL THE WAY....

    3. BiBi is what a leader should be...Obama is the antithesis of one.

  2. Netanyahu is a smart man, He knows Obama hates Isreal.

    1. Absolutely and he knows if Obama is re-elected that he'll through Israel under the bus...for good!

  3. I have been saying for 25-30 yrs that the DAY we turn our back on Israel, this nation will learn very quickly that He means what He says:
    "I will bless those who bless you,
    and whoever curses you I will curse;
    and all peoples on earth
    will be blessed through you. ”
    Genesis 12:3

    1. Whether one chooses to look at us turning our backs through Biblical or secular eyes the bottom line is the same...we must NOT allow Israel to fall...EVER!

    2. Spot on!!!

  4. Whether one chooses to look at us turning our backs through Biblical or secular eyes the bottom line is the same...we must NOT allow Israel to fall...EVER!

    Absolutely right Diane.
    Victoria Jenkins