Monday, July 9, 2012

Class warfare and racial divide Obama style
By: Diane Sori

Let’s start with the bottom line...Barack Hussein Obama is running his re-election campaign based solely on class warfare, racism, and ill-conceived inequality because he knows he can't run on his dismal record.  This miserable excuse of a man will use diversions, distractions, distortions, and out and out lies and innuendos to try and keep the truth hidden of just how bad it is in America today under his stewardship.

With Barack Hussein Obama’s answer to our all economic woes being more spending, more debt, and larger government, it’s easy to see how he’s trying to draw a bigger wedge between the haves and the have nots, and between the blacks, whites, and Hispanics.  

Barack Hussein Obama just loves to repeat his mantra of, "I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth...Michelle and I didn’t come from wealthy families."  You might not have come from a wealthy family, Mr. Obama, but you sure as hell are what is considered wealthy now, but shhhhh...people mustn’t know that or the sheeple and uninformed would see you for the phony, lying hypocrite that you are.

And with a central campaign theme of inequality, focusing on the paying of taxes, Obama gets to bloviate over and over that everybody needs a fair shot and everyone needs to pay their fair share, as he continues to claim that he’s defending the 99% while his opponent only defends the 1%.  But what Obama fails to mention is the reason why the 1% pay lower taxes, and that’s because much of their income comes from investments, which are currently taxed at a lower rate than regular income.  But more importantly, what Obama fails to tell you is that with the majority of said income coming from investments, the wealthy are actually investing in the American economy because it’s their money that’s being used to create jobs for the middle and working class.  But Obama doesn’t want you to know that because then his class warfare ploy goes right out the window for without the rich there would be no jobs, period.  And if there are jobs, then Obama wouldn’t have his welfare roll, handouts, and freebie votes to count on.

And it only gets worse as NOT only is Barack Hussein Obama trying to encourage class warfare, he’s also trying to promote and start an out and out race war capitalizing on the fact that most Americans believe racial tensions are worse, much worse, since he took office.

With the Obama presidency, racial tensions and distrust between blacks, whites, Hispanics, and other minority groups have indeed grown decidedly worse.  And when he and his buddies Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson get together they just love to instigate and play into those tensions even more.  Case in point is the Trayvon Martin media circus fiasco, where the three of them butt into a situation they had NO business butting into, and made, and continue to make it racially driven even though the facts show otherwise.  And when you continuously cry racism like these three love to do, especially when none really existed, it makes it almost impossible to take real racism seriously.

But what does Obama care about the racial problems he’s causing, for by promoting racism he figures he’ll just shore up the black and minority vote as he smiles mockingly while continuing to give handouts and freebees instead of offering definitive solutions to their serious economic problems.  And with about one in three black American males having spent time in jail and with two out of three of those being without a high school diploma; with the foreclosure crisis hitting the black community extremely hard; and with black unemployment figures back to double digits, rising from 13.6% to 14.4% (almost double the rate of that of whites); blacks still overwhelmingly support Obama simply because he’s black...which he’s NOT by the way, as he’s mixed race/bi-racial, even though he and the majority of the black community likes to forget that his mother was 100% white.

And this is racism of the worst kind as Barack Hussein Obama plays this race card to convince blacks to vote blindly for him just because he says he’s black.  What those buying into his racial rhetoric fail to realize, or just refuse to realize, is that Barack Hussein Obama should be totally held accountable for being a failed leader, and not have anyone say it’s because he wasn’t given a chance because of the color of his skin, which is total bull by the way.

This man has been given chance after chance to get our economy back on track, to help ease racial tensions, and to unite us together as Americans but time after time he has failed on all accounts, deliberately and otherwise, so now it’s high time for him to go.  Class warfare and racial hatreds are NOT what we Americans are about; class warfare and racial tensions are NOT what we Americans want; and instigated class warfare and racial tensions on top of the disastrous economic situation we’re currently in will surely spell Obama’s political demise.

And please Mr. Obama get your feet off the Resolute desk already as ‘We the People’ are coming to take our country back and feet on a desk shows just how little you respect the office you usurped to.


  1. We're not supposed to notice black on white racism. We're supposed to march lockstep like the white liberals do behind "His Worship." But it isn't happening as they planned. They can feel it, and they're only going to grow more hysterical the closer we get to election day.

    1. Reverse racism is their game as they grow more hysterical, as you say, the closer to November 6th we get. This is all they have and this will screw them by the time it's all over.

  2. almccausland@gmail.comJuly 9, 2012 at 9:28 AM

    This is crazy right on!! Great job again, Diane!!

  3. obama is doing exactly what he intended to do - divide - that makes it easier for him to conquer. He is a lying no good fraud commie. If he is reelected, we can kiss our freedoms goodbye. Honestly, I don't want to live if we have him for another 4 years...