Thursday, August 23, 2012

Obama's newest ploy for votes
By: Diane Sori

As Barack Hussein Obama’s poll numbers start to fall some of the msm rags, like Newsweek, are starting to turn their backs on him.  And with panic mode starting to set in what does Obama do...he’s now trying to make nice-nice with Binyamin Netanyahu after finally realizing how serious BiBi is about a pre-emptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.  

A reality check has set in for Obama as he’s finally been forced to accept the fact that Israel could care less what he thinks or has to say.  With Obama really hoping that Israel holds off a strike until after the election knowing BiBi would go without so much as giving him a heads up, Obama would then have no chance to use this for his re-election fodder or to warn his muslim pals.  And with rumors circulating of late that only a binding US promise to strike Iran next spring might somewhat sway Netanyahu’s plans, I seriously doubt Obama would give him either for fear of a scolding from his muslim brethren.

Word is also leaking out from Israel that Netanyahu plans to call for Iran’s expulsion at the next meeting of the UN General Assembly.  Poor Obama...what a dilemma...does he back Netanyahu’s motion for expulsion or does he stand fast against Israel.  I think we know what he really wants to do but in this heated campaign season he just might side with Israel to garner and shore up the Jewish vote, which he sees slipping way as more and more Jews are starting to support Mitt Romney. To that effect, the White House is trying to set up a meeting between Obama and Netanyahu for some time in September, because with both men at a stalemate over Iran, this is hurting Obama’s re-election bid not only with the Jewish vote but with the Evangelical vote as well. 

And while Iran still considers this threat by Israel as more of a saber rattling than as a sign of an impending attack, Iran continues to boast that they could hit both Israeli and US bases if they are indeed attacked.  And with Iran and Hezbollah intrinsically tied together and feeding off each other, Israel can be most certain that its civilian population would be bombarded with thousands of rockets launched from Lebanon, Hezbollah’s home base, in retaliation for any strike against Iran. 

And that is a given, as Hezbollah's rockets are Iran’s first line of defense for their nuclear program.  Point blank, these rockets must be taken out.  Remember, most Lebanese, especially the Lebanese Christians, don’t want Hezbollah or their rockets in their country...they’re tired of war.  It would probably make sense for Israel to take these rockets out before moving on to Iran.

But yet another option has also recently been thrown into the mix, that being that Israel may decide to disable Iran’s nuclear program by going for its leaders.  Some top military experts are saying that if Israel can no longer shut down Iran’s nuclear weapon’s capacity but only delay it, then Netanyahu may not only try to stop them, but to kill Iran’s leaders also.  Remember, the Israeli Mossad has a successful score of targeted covert operations for dealing with any who want to annihilate Israel, and with Ahmadinejad recently bloviating his usual musing that, “the Zionist regime’s existence an insult to all humanity” I think that statement meets the Mossad’s criteria for a takedown of Iran’s leaders.

So here we are just a few short months away from what’s probably the most important election in our country’s history, and our only ally and friend in the Middle East is facing its most important decision in its short lifetime as the Jewish state.  And with that we have two men so diametrically opposite in their opinions of what to do with Iran that only time will allow us to see how this plays out and time is NOT a friend in both cases.

The outcome of November 6th might be the very piece that puts this game in motion.


  1. God Bless Israel and we must remove the muslim occupying the white house!

    1. Yep GOD IS ISRAEL!

    2. We will remove the muzzie usurping lying POS traitor from the White House on November 6th.

  2. Do you believe that an Israeli strike on Iran will come before the election?

    1. NO, I do NOT because BiBi knows Obama will use that for his re-election fodder. I believe they will wait until AFTER the election so that Romney is the POTUS because Israel knows they have his 100% support. I explain it all in this op-ed from yesterday:

      For Israel the game is set...the dice just have to be rolled