Monday, August 27, 2012

Single women I challenge you to READ this

Fact 1: Since Obama took office in January 2009, an amazing 92 percent of all job losses have been among women.

In the last 26 months, U.S. payrolls have shrunk by 740,000 jobs and of those, 683,000 belonged to women, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The Dems will try and give 100′s of reasons why this FACT is not relevant.  It doesn’t make the fact any less or more true.  As the economy gets worse younger single women lose their jobs first. That fact has played out the past 4 years and is no campaign rhetoric but reality for over 800,000 women

Fact 2: Married women support Romney by a 6 percentage gain.

However Obama has a huge advantage of single women 72-26 percent.  The good news is there are MORE married women than single women.  WE will see what group is MORE motivated to show up.

Fact 3: Romney has NO desire to END planned parenthood as the Obama liars like to parrot.

In fact Ann Romney the private citizen gave to planned parenthood.  Mr. Romney just doesn’t think the taxpayer should fund ABORTIONS and the majority of Americans agree with him.  Private donations should be used to fund it as each person sees fit.

Fact 4: Contraception another weapon of the LEFT costs 9-20 dollars a month. 

If you can’t afford to put that towards your budget every month then with all due respect you should not be having sexual intercourse.  Again the majority of Americans don’t want to pay for someone else’s birth control.  I have NO problem helping folks pay for their food and hospitalization for them or their children and have no problem with programs that help you with utilities and section 8.  However I am NOT paying for your birth control I feel that cost should be paid by you.  Not being callous just keeping it real.

Fact 5 Over 80% of single minority women support Obama.

Why is this. For the most part its IGNORANCE.  Sorry I bet you weren’t expecting that.  It’s TRUE!

Ignorance is NOT calling someone stupid or dumb.  It is simply telling you that you are obviously unaware of Mr. Romney’s past experiences and what he actually represents. 

With a anemic economy which group of people are hurt worst rich white women?  No single minority women have it the hardest because let’s face it most 2 earner families are struggling.  If you are a single minority female your odds of reaching financial independence is substantially lower ,especially in a poor economy.

Of course Oprah Winfrey and many actors and actresses can do fine.

But for you hard working women the best thing that can help you is a great economy which we had from 1995-2007,which coincides with the Republican control of the House and Congress.

The war on poverty has cost American taxpayers over a trillion dollars and has unfortunately not dramatically improved things for many PRESENT single women struggling to make ends meet.

Please share this article with ALL single women especially minorities.  I think that most are hard working well intentioned folks who are politically naive and unable and unwilling to listen to articles like this one.

  • Mitt Romney found out his wife had breast cancer and M.S and stayed by her side and took over her responsibilities for running their household when she got sick both times.
  • Mr Romney spent 2 1/2 years on a mission to help those less fortunate
  • Mitt also spent time as a LEADER in his church helping hard working struggling folks who needed his help and expertise
  • Mr. Romney has a proven track record helping those who are struggling to make ends meet
  • Mr. Romney worked well to get elected in a liberal leaning state like Mass and worked well there with a legislature that was over 80% Dems
Did you all know President Obama’s last 2 budgets got ZERO Democratic votes?

Mr Obama was unwilling to work with his OWN party but had plenty of time for golf.

Mr Obama talked about shared sacrifice but his wife took 17 vacations on the taxpayers dime while single minority women continue to struggle to support their families ,many still forced to live with extended family.

President Obama refused to talk to ,let alone help his own flesh and blood in Kenya.

Mr Obama went to Reverend Wrights church and by his own admission played a very small role in it.

He was not actually involved in helping the poor like Mr Romney and gave less than 1% of his income to charity unlike Mr Romney who gave 19% or over 4 million dollars per year.

Please do your research on Mr. Romney it is clear Mr. Obama was unable or unwilling to help you or this anemic economy.  Share this with your friends and co-workers and family and think about GIVING Mitt Romney a chance in November.

Thank you and God Bless.


  1. The reason that it was mainly women who lost jobs under Obama has nothing to do with his policies. When the economy crashed, the first jobs to go were in areas dominated by men, so that jobs in areas dominated by women followed. This is, in fact, the standard order when deep economic recession hits - check your history. One aspect of this order is that private sector jobs go before public ones, and many women have government jobs, namely, in education. In Romneyworld, women would not come back. They would get married and have lots of children, stay home, and be housewives. If that's what you want for yourself, fine, but lots of women don't want that. Some want that only at around age 34-35, when they have had a chance to have a serious career and independence and good health, which will all have to be given up if you want kids in a world where, in the end, you will even lose hormonal birth control.

    1. In a word...bullshit! You are so wrong on ALL accounts but it's obvious you've partook of the kool-ade so I won't waste time refuting you as you won't believe anything anyway.