Saturday, October 27, 2012

PETITION: Barack HUSSEIN Obama must be held responsible for the MURDERS and cover-up at Benghazi
The assault at Benghazi is deliberately and with malice being covered up as this administration tries to wash away the blood on their hands by lying and changing their story over and over. deflect away from their actions of gross negligence and incompetence or worse...complicity...and NOT have this Obama called 'bump in the road' (gagging) tarnish the usurpers re-election campaign. Well you know's up to us to get the word out that 'We the People' have drawn a line in the sand and we DEMAND answers and arrests where warranted.

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  1. Can you describe this future America you see for your children? So far the America you blog over is a fiction of the crowd. If America does not continue to change for the demands of a technically advancing world it will vanish. You tea party educational restrictive people seek to freeze this country in a state of Mayberry RFD, cake parties, and tea drinking smiling faces. Sorry, that's an America I hope my children never sees. It is close minded, stale, and fails to prepare OUR children for the future. America is not a country for White people only. Yes America is changing. It is changing into a country for Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Indians, etc., and also Whites.

  2. I have NO problem with anyone who comes to our country LEGALLY and does NOT make themselves one of the 47%.