Monday, December 24, 2012


Obama and Hillary...useless when Americans are in trouble
By: Diane Sori

Thankfully he's on his way home to Florida...NO thanks to Obama or Hillary...both who did NOTHING to secure his release after trumped up groundless charges were level against him by Mexican authorities.

Ex-Marine Jon Hammer's crime, a crime supposedly so horrible he was was chained like an animal to his jail bed...and what was that horrible crime...are you ready for this...his crime was he carried an antique shotgun across the border from Texas, a shotgun that he was planning to use on a hunting trip in Costa Rica.

Even though Hammer declared the shotgun with both American and Mexican authorities (as instructed he filled out registration papers for the shotgun but Mexican authorities dismissed the paperwork and charged him with possession of a weapon restricted for use by Mexico’s armed forces), he obviously was given erroneous information by US officials about the gun laws in Mexico, where such guns are, at least on the books, prohibited.

On the books they're reality guns are everywhere in Mexico...thanks to Fast and Furious.

Jon Hammer was arrested back in August and until yesterday had languished chained in that cesspool for 4 months. And sadly, only recently did his plight come to light when Republican lawmakers started circulating photos of him chained to his bed, and FOX News started broadcasting those photos. Hammer's parents, appearing on The O'Reilly Factor, became a central point from which a grassroots surge of patriots came forward to help when our government wouldn't.

This poor man...a man who served his country honorably...a man who saw the horrors of war and came home a hero like all who those who served with him...this man...this Marine...was ignored by his own government...ignored by our Commander-in-Chief...ignored by our Secretary of State and all because they did NOT deem him or his plight worthy of their time.  Kind of sounds like a repeat of Benghazi doesn't it.

One man was small potatoes in the scope of Obama's and Hillary's world...just another 'bump in the road' to trod over as they ignored the man behind what could have turned into a volatile situation between the US and Mexico.

And as to be expected, the ever selfish narcissistic Obama wouldn't spare a minute of his precious time from either dirty campaigning or from his personal agenda to come to the aid of a brave Marine who had been under his auspices as Commander-in-Chief. He looked away uncaring, unsympathetic, and unmoved by the cries of a mother pleading on TV for help from our government to secure her son's release. Now if this had been a muslim mother pleading for her muslim son in an American jail we all know just how fast he would have been on it.

And what of Hillary in her capacity of Secretary of State...a mother in her own right who should have been sympathetic to another mother's pain...a woman who travels the world butting into every body's business as she promotes her and Obama's liberal agenda ...a woman who hides behind the facade of being all about America, Americans, and American values...where was she all this time Jon Hammer was suffering in that prison? Oh yeah...she was brainstorming her alibi, her lies, and how to further cover-up the total mess known as Benghazi, and she was nursing her conveniently contrived 'con'cusision so she wouldn't have to testify before Congress.

And even when Florida Congresswoman Eleana Ros-Lehtinen and Florida Senator Bill Nelson spoke about Hammar on the floor of the U.S. Capitol, and even with more than two-dozen members of Congress signing a letter drafted by Ros-Lehtinen’s office to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ...still NO help from Hillary.

NO help from Obama...NO help from Hillary.

Obama and Hillary did NOTHING...ABSOLUTELY help get this brave Marine released. It was FOX News that was instrumental in securing Hammer's release after they picked up on the story about his parents receiving phone calls from other inmates involved with a drug cartel demanding extortion money, telling them to send money "or else..." It was only after Bill O'Reilly kept pounding on the story in an effort to help his parents that the American people started calling Congress and demanding some action.

So instead of thanking Obama and Hillary as it should have been, remember it was FOX News and the thousands of concerned Americans whose actions through phone calls, e-mails, and petitions, that got Jon Hammer released.

And remember the fact that Hillary did NOTHING to help one of our own come 2016 when she runs for president (even though she's says she's NOT she's a Clinton snd Clintons crave power and control) and that we've already had eight years of a traitor as president...eight years of a president who sides with America's enemies...eight years of a man who turns his back on Americans in trouble. 

'We the People' sure as hell don't need another eight more of the same with Hillary at the helm.