Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ObamaCare can still be stopped
By: Diane Sori

ObamaCare...the mere word should send shivers down everybody's spines.

ObamaCare...rationed medicine, death panels, and the federal government telling you what treatment you will receive or if you even meet their criteria for treatment at all for it regulates and restricts doctors to the point of impotence when treating the sick.

The Supreme Court had a chance to get rid of this abomination in full but sadly they didn't, so now it's up to the individual states to opt out of certain sections or buy into the whole rotten ball of wax.

So while the Supreme Court's ruling allows states to opt out of the law's controversial Medicaid expansion part, with each state's decision to participate or not now up to the state governors and state leaders to decide, many governors have said they would not set up state health care exchanges which residents would select a health care plan from, a requirement of ObamaCare.

This means that the federal government would have to step in and set-up an exchange for them.

And if the federal government is forced to set up the exchanges, these exchanges will report non-compliant residents to the IRS, and leave employers open to fines for each employee not covered to the extent ObamaCare demands. Plus, that allows for more corporate welfare for health-insurance companies.

And the deadline for states to make their decision on which way to go is drawing near. 

Remember, ObamaCare was passed in 2010, and since then many states have refused to start laying the groundwork needed to create the exchanges, including rejecting the millions of dollars of federal planning money to help get them up and running. Thankfully some states are still holding firm and will NOT cave in to ObamaCare's demands to set up these exchanges, because they know that ObamaCare overlooks the very important fact that the federal government cannot legally distribute health care premium subsidies or enforce the insurance mandates, which are the heart of ObamaCare. In fact, many states have statutes or constitutional amendments disallowing state employees from participating in exchanges. This basically means if enough states opt out of the exchanges, ObamaCare is in serious trouble.

And that says it all...ObamaCare can still be stopped.

By putting the burden for health insurance exchanges on the federal government this can have ObamaCare implode from within. Remember, there would be massive paperwork and the usual government gridlock if the government was forced to set up health insurance exchanges for each state.

In other words one size does NOT fit all because varying local laws, markets and conditions are different in each state.

And if the Republican controlled House would only stand up to Obama for once, ObamaCare could still be stopped by simply defunding it. If ObamaCare is defunding, along with states across the nation refusing to participate, this leaves Obama and his pals the feds in deep doo-doo, because Obamacare would have been for all intents and purposes stopped before it even had a chance to get started.

So lets see if the House has the courage to finish what some states have started but I'm NOT going to hold my breath for that to happen...I'd be blue before you know it.

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