Friday, December 14, 2012


Susan Rice...sacrificial lamb and too blind to see it
By: Diane Sori

Susan Rice has withdrawn her name from consideration as the next Secretary of State to replace the retiring Hilary Clinton (good riddance by the way). 

Like this wasn't expected.

After her 'performance' of lies on the Sunday talk show circuit soon following the Benghazi fiasco, the oh so NOT professional Susan Rice tried to squirm her way out of responsibility for her own actions (typical liberal) when she testified at the Benghazi hearings. After all, she knew damn well that the attack was NOT because of a YouTube video and she knows the true reason...gun and weapons running gone horribly wrong...yet she either willingly chose of her own free will to play along and cover for her boss or she really is just too stupid and gullible to ever hold the position of Secretary of State.

As much as I dislike Hillary one thing you can never call her is stupid...yet the name fits Rice well.

Susan Rice, US ambassador to the U(seless) N(ations), Rhodes scholar, and with a long history of government service, was too 'stupid' to see that her 'anointed one' used her as his sacrificial lamb so he could get his first choice, 'Swiftboat' John Kerry, as his next Secretary of State.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama is an expert at manipulation and manipulate Rice he did. Knowing that Kerry would NOT fly, at first that is, he had to set someone up that he could use to deflect blame off himself and keep Kerry off the radar for the time being...someone he knew would never be able to take the heat he knew was coming, and Rice fit the bill well because he knew Rice was loyal to him, would do anything for him, would take the heat for him.

Obama knew Rice would draw heavy criticism from Republican lawmakers after saying she was given the information she used on the talk shows by the CIA, and he knew that even after she would later admit that her statements given were indeed incorrect, he knew that those on the Benghazi committee would actively work against her candidacy, and he didn't care.

And on that he was right as Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham never let up on her and rightly so. And while her defenders try to paint this as partisan politics done just to set a damaging precedent to stop Obama from surrounding himself with the (anti-America) people he believes he pay him back for the Republican presidential loss...nothing could be further from the truth because we know Susan Rice was used...was that John Kerry could be snuck in in the aftermath of Rice's fall from grace.

Obama knows he can manipulate the gullible RINOS into thinking, 'OK, he withdrew on Rice now we need to play nice-nice and work in the spirit of bipartisanship so we'll let him have Kerry.' This, in my opinion, was Obama's plan all along for he needs to surround himself with those who hate America and all she stands for as much as he does, someone whose very words and actions show they are loyal to his plan of reforming our beloved America into his socialist dream, and Mr. Swiftboat, ubber liberal John Kerry, fits that bill well.

And manipulate the game board Obama did and the RINOS will fall for it and play along. And now we will have a traitor as president and a traitor as Secretary of State, and the descend towards socialism just drew even closer than it was before.

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