Wednesday, January 23, 2013

America...reality check time and reality 'aint pretty
By: Diane Sori

And so the $300+ MILLION party and love-fest is over. The streets have been cleaned, the flags taken down, and the much needed port-o-pottys for all the verbal crap spewed out are gone. Our 'lord and savior' has now been officially anointed to watch over us all for yet another four years...and if you think the first four were bad the next four will be a preview of hell.

Lets start with Barack HUSSEIN Obama's new top 5 items on it agenda straight out of a combination of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, the Communist Manifesto, and the the most vile of the vile...the qur'an.

But before I go on what's with Obama being introduced in the public ceremonies as Barack H. Obama...too late as we all know his middle name is HUSSEIN and that he IS a muzzie through and through. And oh yeah, that's the name he used when he took the official oath of office on Sunday. Too late to try and hide it as the HUSSEIN part is the part that helps drive a good deal of his anti-American, anti-Constitutional agenda.

An agenda straight from the bowels of hell...invasive, intrusive government hell...

Number one on the Obama agenda is the dismantling of the Second know that pesky little thing that stands between 'We the People' and 'them'. Obama is shooting (pun intended) our constitutionally given right to keep and bear arms full of holes with his executive orders and executive actions. Never mind that the vast majority of the House, including some Democrats, think Obama has gone too far with this one, for they see his true disarm 'We the People' and the Constitution be damned. Remember, like all successful dictators and thugs throughout history, to quell dissent you disarm the people first, thus gaining complete control over them. And Obama's also using a tactic so loved by his muzzie brethren...the use of children as political shields in order to demonize the other side...meaning us gun-loving, God believing, Constitution abiding patriots. Children pleading for gun control, children begging him to stop the violence, children sending in letters written in language way beyond their years (thanks to liberal parents putting their two cents in if NOT outright writing the letters for them)...yeah, when all else fails use children for sympathy...for empathy......use them to mask the soul of a coward and traitor.

Number two on the Obama agenda is immigration reform...but lets take the word 'reform' out of the mix and tell it like it is...fair and just reform NO's securing blanket 'free-for-all' amnesty for ALL illegals. ALL illegals so that they can then be registered as given all sorts of freebies and handouts...continue to rape our health care system but now legally sanctioned to do so...and most importantly vote Democratic straight down the party line in ALL future elections. ALL illegals bought and paid for to continue the Obama legacy of turning our beloved America into a nation living off government handouts as the feds give away everything we have...everything we've worked hard they give it to the now 'LEGAL ILLEGALS' without them having to work for it. After all, class warfare will be the driving force in Obama's second term as he 'redistributes' 'We the People's' wealth to the 'sponges' of society as payback for their undying loyalty, support, and adoration.

And now those Obama adoring, registered Democrat LEGAL ILLEGALS will be one of the driving forces in almost all he does from here on out.

Number three on Obama's agenda is the quadruple economic whammy of sequestration, the debt ceiling, a possible government shutdown, and jobs creation. Economic confiscation and seizure is on Obama's mind under the banner of sequestration as he will try to force small business owners to sell out to government controlled companies or put them out of business entirely...destroying the entrepreneurial spirit...the driving force of capitalism to be replaced by his version of socialism. The debt ceiling will become a non-issue as Obama gives himself the power to raise it as many times and as high as he wants while continuing to spend 'We the People' into deeper and deeper debt...racking up IOUs to foreign countries that are NOT our friends. Shutting down the government will be the thing he holds over Republican heads as he threatens with the race card the very weak persons in Congress into doing his evil bidding or else. And as for jobs creation...putting 'real Americans' back to work...what a joke that is as any new jobs created (if there are any created that is) will go to the now LEGAL ILLEGALS (have to reward them for registering as Democrats you know)...and now the LEGAL ILLEGALS will be a dominant election-deciding force in our country all while they take the jobs right out from under us.

Oh how happy that will be (insert sarcasm here)...even more uniformed, blind followers of the 'anointed one' deciding what's best for us 'real Americans'.

Number four on Obama's agenda is the final implementation of the infamous ObamaCare...better known as ObamaTax, the mother lode of all taxes (27 in fact) that will cause the price of health insurance premiums to skyrocket. ObamaTax complete with rationed medicine, death panels, and mandated regulations forcing private Church owned medical institutions to pay for abortions and contraceptives which goes against their religious tenets. ObamaTax...bad for hard working law abiding Americans...good for the now LEGAL ILLEGALS as they will get even more benefits and medical free stuff at the expense of 'We the People'...and I do mean 'at the expense of' because they will get breaks on their premiums (if they even pay any) while 'We the People' will be taxed to the hilt to pay for what they don't.

And number five on my Obama agenda list will be his total sell-out of our ally and friend Israel. Israel, the Biblical and UN mandated 'legal' home of the Jewish people will be divided, giving the so-called but actually non-existent Palestinian people a homeland at Israel's expense if Obama has his way. Obama will try and force Netanyahu (who yesterday was re-elected Prime Minister) to divide Jerusalem, giving parts to the muzzies, saying it will bring peace, while behind the scenes he will look away as Iran gains nuclear capabilities with Israel its first target. And turn a blind-eye Obama will as his muzzie god allah commands that the infidels be killed, and with Obama's first allegiance being to allah NOT to our one true living God and sure as hell NOT to Israel or the sworn enemies of his brethren...the out Bibi...don't turn your back even for a minute.

And so the $300+ MILLION inauguration festivities for the adoring sheeple are over...reality will now set in. Obama's goals are clear...the 2nd Amendment must go...ILLEGALS will become LEGAL...screw 'We the People' as its spend spend spend...ObamaTax will be medicines worst nightmare...and Israel might have to stand alone.

Welcome to Obamanation...hurry up 2016.


  1. I've already decided, without fuss or fanfare, that the government in whatever shape or form the come in, are not taking my weapons.
    I'm sick and tired of seeing my adopted country disgraced and ruined by the Fifth Column currently occupying DC.
    I pray that God decides to end this mess sooner, rather than later, and sends His son back to sort it all out.
    Molon Labe.

    1. This is NOT God's's OUR battle alone as God cannot and will NOT fight all out battles for us, period.

  2. Dianne - I know that and agree with your sentiments regarding our battle.
    However, as the Bible states, Jesus will return one day and that'll be all she wrote regarding the world we know today. If He comes tomorrow and saves us from civil disturbances and, undoubtedly, some sort of civil war it'll be ok with me.
    Until then though - I'm locked and loaded

    1. While we are indeed on the same side I do NOT view this battle from a Biblical perspective but as a here and now tangible battle for our country. If God steps in great but I am NOT holding my breath for that as God cannot and will NOT fight all our battles for us.