Sunday, February 3, 2013

Obama Goes After Whistleblowers With A Vengeance

barack obama angry picture3774 Obama Goes After Whistleblowers With a Vengeance
“You should be afraid,” says a twenty-four-year veteran officer of the U.S. State Department who is facing job termination for writing a book about what really went on in the Iraq war years. He has been stripped of his security clearance and diplomatic credentials. Blogging on , Peter Van Buren is warning that President Barack Obama is “declaring himself above the law; he decides himself who lives or dies by death by drones.”  This state department veteran writing in the liberal leaning Mother Jones Journals, is revealing yet another non-reported story about the Obama Administration.

An award-winning documentary producer James Spione goes on to point to Americans that “whistleblowing in the age of Obama is very troubling because the law is being selectively applied!” Continuing in the Mother Jones article are troubling incidents of being harassed on the job, serious charges of retaliation, even threats to one’s life.

Thomas Drake, a whistleblower who felt Obama’s sting, said, “This makes a mockery of the entire classification system where political gain is now incentive for leading and whistleblowing is incentive for prosecution.”  Reporter Van Buren calls out selective leaking such as the Stuxnet Worm being dispatched to throw a monkey wrench into Iran’s nuclear fuel centrifuges allegedly being done at the President’s own directive! “Also drone attacks and kill list leaks were attributed directly to WH sources.” And who can forget the bold manipulation of facts surrounding the bin Laden raid appearing at very opportune political timing for Obama? Never mind that telling of classified and sensitive details very well could have been a major factor in the murders of nearly twenty SEALS and other American soldiers a short time later.

Now another glaring example of whistleblowers being attacked comes from the environmental green propaganda machine being unleashed to do Obama’s far Left attack on America, her citizens, and her once free land. “Eight government scientists were recently fired or reassigned after voicing concerns to their superiors about faulty environmental science used for policy decisions.” 

The Townhall article questions whether or not some U.S. bureaucracies are “manipulating science to advance political agenda?” Here think global warming and carbon tax schemes which the new Obama regime tried along with Al Gore to foist on Americans soon after taking office the first time. Germany’s highly skilled propaganda czar Joseph Goebbels is quoted as stating: “Suppress the truth if it contradicts objectives of propaganda. If truth is important for the State to stop dissent, the truth is the state’s greatest enemy.”

Observing what our newly re-elected President does to whistleblowers and truth tellers who rub him the wrong way will give us clues about how he will be treating each American citizen in the months and years to come.

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