Thursday, August 29, 2013

To all my blog followers...

Just finished packing for my trip to the Americans for Prosperity sponsored

Like most girlie-patriots I am grossly over-packed for the 3-1/2 days I'll be gone but I had to pack enough spikes and platform wedges to go with every outfit I'm bringing...and I'll probably end up in jeans most of the time...LOL 

Will be doing a lot of interviews up there and meeting up and having a blast with Wild Bill and others from fb-land...and meeting Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindhl, Rick Perry, Michelle Malkin, and others. 

Will post pics when I can. Will also be checking my blog daily when time allows and will post articles, but I will NOT have time to write an original op-ed until Monday.  Please bear with me as this is one very important convention and summit.

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