Saturday, November 2, 2013

Israel hits Hizballah-bound weapons shipment in Syria

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

The jihadis are gearing up for the Third Intifada, but Israel (unlike Obama's U.S.) is staying on top of matters. "Israel Hits Russia Weapons Shipment in Syria; Chemical Arms Sealed," from AFP, November 1:
Israel carried out an airstrike on a Syrian military installation to stop a shipment to Hezbollah, as inspectors said Syria's entire declared stock of chemical weapons has been placed under seal. 
Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya television said Thursday that Israel had hit a Syrian air base in Latakia province, targeting a shipment of surface-to-surface missiles destined for the Lebanese Shiite movement.
A U.S. official confirmed to AFP that "there was an Israeli strike" but gave no details on the location or the target, while Israeli officials refused to comment.
"Historically, targets have been missiles transferred to Hezbollah," allied with Syrian President Bashar Assad, the official said.
Al-Arabiya quoted the head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights as saying explosions took place Wednesday near Latakia at an air defense base.
In May, Israel carried out two airstrikes inside Syria, and a senior Israeli official told AFP both targets were Iranian weapons destined for Hezbollah....

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