Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bowe Tuesday
by Andrea Plescia

Can you imagine serving this wonderful country and being held against your will for 4 years, 5 months and 3 days. Today is Bowe Tuesday. Just another day to many Americans, but not to those who care about Bowe, those who serve this country and Bowe's family and friends. 

If you can pick up a phone to make a personal call today, you can certainly pick up the phone and call an Elected Official about bringing Bowe home. Our efforts cannot be an exercise in futility and we must continue to fight until this young man is safe on American soil. Educate someone today about Bowe, raise awareness. It is amazing to me that so many Elected Officials, their staff and the American public are unaware that we have a POW who was captured by the Taliban in 2009. 

PLEASE make a phone call, raise awareness, say a prayer. Thank you.

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