Sunday, January 12, 2014

Letter from Egypt about how ‘great’ life could be under the Obama-supported Muslim Brotherhood

From Bare Naked Islam


For obvious reasons, I cannot reveal the author’s identity. It’s a shame no Western media outlet would ever publish this.

Dear friends, 


Please look at the video below. It reveals the truth about the Moslem Brotherhood (MB’s).


[SARC ON] These are the peace loving Moslem Brothers that the West, led by the United States, are defending. See how docile and sweet they behave. Listen to the kind words they utter and the friendly songs they sing. See their gestures full of love and friendship. Watch how they mold in the society and integrate with the various nationalities.


See how they respect the laws of the countries they invade. They do not want to impose their Sharia Laws, nor dictate their customs and traditions. They follow the fashion with clothes. Many of them hide their faces because they are simply ‘shy.’ They always keep their words and never double cross. [SARC OFF]


Because of all these fine qualities the United States and Western countries are backing them with all their might and money to defeat the democracy in Egypt. The Western Media is giving all their might to assist in this challenge. Taxpayers are sharing with billions to achieve this objective. How short sighted can the human being be? Don’t those leaders and heads of states recognize decent human beings from terrorists? Is it logic that all the actions committed by those barbarians are accepted as ‘friendly?’ What do you term as terrorist?


Does the West not realize that these people have no limits, and that their aim is to invade the World and to impose the Sharia Law all over the globe. Was the sample of 9/11 not an eye opener? Are the criminal acts they perform in Egypt daily not examples of their real behavior? 

Yet they call it friendly and peace loving.

They burn churches (80 to date),. They kill Christians and steal their businesses.
They kill policemen and army officers and mutilate the officers and soldiers and then cut their bodies and drag them in the streets.
They lynch cadets on vacation. They lie them on the ground, tie their hands behind their backs and then shoot them in the back of their heads at 20 centimeters distance.
They throw children from the top of buildings.
They use orphan children, five and six year old, as human shields.
They rob banks and commercial centers, killing the employees. They bomb government buildings all over Egypt.
They stop fire trucks from reaching fires that are started by them.
They invade universities trying to disrupt studies and exams. They beat up professors and teachers. They try to forbid regular students from getting to their classrooms and attend sessions.
They burn cars of innocent civilians, and attack foreigners to give the impression that Egypt is unstable, which they are achieving as an objective, but only because they are very strongly backed by the president of the United States both physically and economically, and by drawing them the plans for them to follow, since they are incapable of doing that on their own.


Why are the International Organizations not doing their jobs? Where is their conscience? I mean the UN, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP, and FAO, etc. etc? Why are they all hiding from reality? Is this honest and fair? I leave it to you to answer. 


We are fighting them and defending the World from their terrorist actions, because if they get past us here, they will reach you as their next target, before you realize it. In fact the West should bless their lucky stars that we are taking this attitude and action. You are placing your bets on the wrong horse. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up!


See video here:


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