Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Anti-Semitism NO matter the package is still anti-Semitism...period
By: Diane Sori
"It's time to delegitimise the delegitimisers."
-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

And so it is beginning again as some in the EU...the very same nations that looked away and condoned the murder of six million siding with the enemy...this time that enemy being the Palestinians who are calling for an economic boycott of Israel and Israel alone.

Practicing "anti-Semitism in a new garb" says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and how right he is except for one small but important detail...anti-Semitism has NEVER gone away as eight EU member nations...Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Sweden and the UK...home to 90% of the EU's Jewish population....all have reported a rise into anti-Semitic actions against their Jewish population...especially as the muslim population in those countries continues to increase due to their now regretted lax immigration policies.

So when Netanyahu recently addressed a conference of U.S. Jewish organizations in Jerusalem concerning the actions of the international 'Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions' movement (BDS)...formed in 2005 by Palestinian civil society in response to 'supposed' (but non-existent) Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights...his words about the BDS's goal of bringing about "the end of the Jewish state" are NOT mere words of fear but are words of a possible reality.

"Some supporters of the movement see it as a way to put pressure on Israel to end illegal settlements in the territories occupied in the 1967 war; others favor the creation of a single state that would dismantle Israel."
And how right Netanyahu is as the BDS movement makes their goals perfectly clear...they want to see the end of the Jewish state by any means possible.

Claiming the movement was founded to counter both the Israeli occupation of what they consider 'Palestinian lands' and the subjugation of the supposed 'Palestinian people' over the years, what this group overlooks is the simple fact that there are and NEVER were any 'Palestinian lands' because there are and NEVER were any 'Palestinian people'...period. The supposed Palestinians are just everyday garden variety, run of the mill Arabs that their own brethren didn't want who were grouped together into a made-up people by Yassir Arafat in the late 1960's to push forward the agenda of the PLO and for NO other reason.

And now thanks to Obama's stabbing Israel in the back every chance he gets, pressure is coming from Europe, where NGOs (non-profit, voluntary citizens' groups that organize on local, national or international levels), trade unions, churches, and others are forcing their governments to take action against Israel in defense of the non-existent Palestinians. In fact, last year the EU blocked grants and funding for any Israeli company operating beyond the pre-1967 borders, in addition to requiring labeling of goods produced in the settlements. And two weeks ago our very own personal traitor John 'Swiftboat' Kerry, had the unmitigated gall to threaten Israel that they would face even more calls for boycotts if the current peace talks with the Palestinians collapsed...and he was surely speaking on behalf of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

"More international corporations are ending their business and shying away from bids in Israel," said Rafeef Ziadah, speaking on behalf of the BDS national committee. Claiming Israel exists solely through colonialism, apartheid, and occupation, the BDS movement is trying to make 'Made in Israel' poison to the touch. And last Tuesday, the BDS announced with much fanfare that Germany's largest bank, Deutsche Bank, had listed Israel's Bank Hapoalim as an 'unethical investment.'

However, yesterday Deutsche Bank said that it is NOT boycotting Bank Hapoalim or any other Israeli company contrary to what the BDS says, saying that the BDF was referring to a single client of the bank,...a fund named Ethical MSCI World Index UCITS ETF. However, now there are musings that Deutsche Bank has decided that they will evaluate said boycott on a case by case basis...but being this is Germany with its always shadowy past, this does NOT bode well as too many ghosts occupy Germany's very soul and now they are starting to haunt Germany's present on a 'case by case' basis.

Also, the BDS claimed that two European port operators had dropped plans to build new ports in Israel over fears about the boycott, and that seems to be fact as Royal Boskalis Westminster, a Dutch operator of ports that had submitted a proposal under the name Holland Terminal in the pre-qualification stage last December, has now dropped out of the bidding process. And just recently, Italy’s Condote de Agua withdrew their proposal even after passing the pre-qualification process as international boycott pressure on the Jewish State of Israel continues to grow. And sadly, with NO counter measures initiated by Barack HUSSEIN Obama in support of our ally Israel why should they NOT go along.

And so as boycott and divestment initiatives are spreading like a cancer throughout European capitals, Netanyahu is discussing ways to counter these BDS moves through lawsuits, legal actions against financial institutions that boycott settlements and Israeli companies, and by possibility asking Israel-friendly countries to initiate anti-boycott legislation and activating the powerful pro-Israel lobby in the U.S. But as Obama has outwardly sided with the Palestinians, and as Kerry continues to spew Obama's threats against them, Israel remains adrift in a sea of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionist rhetoric reborn that even our pro-Israel lobby might NOT be able to override.

Israel...2-1/2 times the size of Rhode Island, is surrounded by 22 hostile Arab countries 640 times her size with 60 times her population. Israel...260 miles at its longest, 60 miles at its widest with between 3 and 9 miles at its narrowest. And yet these Arab/muslim/Palestinian basta*rds claim that the 13 million Jews worldwide are the cause of all the problems confronting the 250 million Middle-East Arabs and the world's 1.4 billion muslims. Makes as much sense as Obama's claim that muslims contributed to the founding of America.

So as hatred of Israel continues to grow and as anti-Semitism spreads once again, the time draws near for Israel to end this nonsense once and for all. And I for one pledge to stand with Israel NO matter what our miserable excuse of a President and our equally miserable excuse of a Secretary of State have to say...period.


  1. Dear Diane IGNORANT Sori,
    I certainly don't deny that there is still rampant anti-Semitism in the world. However...

    "And so it is beginning again as some in the EU...the very same nations that looked away and condoned the murder of six million Jews..."

    You need to read some history. Those nations weren't looking away, they were getting the crap bombed out of them by the Nazis. Also, nobody, including the US, had any idea that Jews were being executed, at least not in the scale that they were. Even most German people had no idea that was happening, and were disgusted, shocked, and appalled when Allied troops made them go through the camps at the end of the war to assist in burying the Holocaust victims.

    What happened defies words with it's horror, but to say that Europeans knew and turned the other way is simply wrong. It's another case of conservatives rewriting history to fit their narrative.

    What's with you R's acting like you're the best friend of Israel anyway? You know the Jews voted 69% for President Obama in 2012, right? They don't want what you guys are selling, and they can tell you're disingenuous with your talk about Israel.

    1. The US knew...especially Roosevelt...he knew it all. And NOT all Jews voted for Obama and a growing number are now becoming Republicans because of Obama. And those in Israel know damn well who we true supporters of Israel are whether you care to accept that as fact or not. But being a you obviously are,,,you have bought into the Obama rhetoric hook, line, and sinker...and oh yes, the people of Europe knew what was happening to the Jews...many even turned them in...they knew...they all damn well knew.

    2. And signing your name as anonymous gives NO credibility to your words as you do NOT even have the courage to stand by those words.

  2. Diane,
    I am also appalled at the increasing antisemitism in Europe and in Washington D.C. Although it has been a problem for quite some time (Hitler is said to have read antisemitic tracts as a young man which contributed to his hatred of Jewish people) it seems that is on the increase. Obama has indeed fooled many Jewish people into voting for him, promising that the U.S. would remain their strongest ally and supporter, etc. But his actions have awoken many of them to the harsh reality that he is in fact antisemitic himself.

    As Anonymous said, the particulars of the mass murders occurring in the various concentration camps were not, and could not have been known until the end of WWII, it is nonetheless true that antisemitism existed in Germany and Europe. And such feelings have been cultivated and made stronger in Europe today by various hate groups, many of them Muslims.
    It is the nature of leftist ideology that adherents are required to value group conformity, and insist that others agree with them as well. The "PC" aka "progressively conditioned" attitudes and dogma must be held by good leftists; they also seek to imprint these attitudes and positions upon school children (as the leftists have effectively infested the educational system). As far as the rest of society they use the media to scorn and pillory those whose beliefs are different from their own. I rarely have a conversation about politics with a leftist in which he or she does not resort to name calling or some other expression of ad hominem attack, either upon me personally or against a conservative political figure. This seems to be their perferred way of avoiding or discrediting the facts, or the source of the facts. (Did you notice that Anonymous began by calling you IGNORANT? lol. They just don't seem to be able to debate a point without displaying contempt.)
    Some of the leftist positions have me puzzled. Generally speaking, leftists seem to oppose religion in America, Christianity in particular. One recent example is the barrage of attacks upon the Duck Commander from that Duck Call factory show after he answered a question about his beliefs regarding homosexuality. His belief is "Not PC" so he was caricatured and maligned in social media, and pressure was put on the producers of the show to fire him, which they did (until it became clear to them that they would have to drop the entire show if they fired him, so they brought him back).
    Yet leftists are quick to defend Muslims against any real or imagined prejudice against them. Muslims not only consider it a sin to be homosexual, they hang gays in countries which operate under Islamic law, or Sharia law. And I never hear leftists criticize Muslims for their beliefs about gays, or even their punishments for gays. That one really has me puzzled. Could it be that leftists support Muslims because they are a minority? Perhaps, but there are 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide. There are only somewhere around 13 million Jews in the world. That number may be off somewhat, but they are certainly more of a minority than are the Muslims.
    But however they rationalize it, leftists are defenders of Muslims, who hate Jews. And given that that is their position, it makes sense that they are pushing this boycott against Israel.
    I think it sucks. And I will buy Israeli products whenever I get the chance.

    1. I didn't call Diane ignorant, that's just her middle name.

      She apparently likes to see people's middle name capitalized for some reason. She continually refers to the President as Barack HUSSEIN Obama, so I will use her full name and refer to her as Diane IGNORANT Sori.

      If that's the format she wishes to use here I think it's only polite that I oblige her.

    2. have NO backbone, courage, or guts to stand by your words so what you say means NOTHING...anonymous....period. And I capitalize HUSSEIN to show what he is...a muslim.

    3. Jack...let her...and YES it is a her...let her call me what she wants...just goes to show that name called is all the cowards have to go on. Their credibility is nill...always has been, always will be.

    4. I capitalize IGNORANT to show what you are, IGNORANT.

      Oh, and your facts are wrong about WW2. It's a well known fact that most Europeans, including Germans, didn't know of the genocide until after the Third Reich fell.

      I never said all the Jews voted for Obama, I said 69%, which nobody could call close.

      Sure I post as anonymous; I'm not a big time blogger like you.

  3. If Obama is a Muslim why is he the first and only president to celebrate Passover Seders in the White House? If he was a Muslim how could Jews in attendance allow him to preside over it? His mother Stanley Anne Dunham was Jewish. Here are photos and articles of Obama's Seders. AND AND what about Capers Funnye, Michelle's first cousin and the most important black rabbi in Chicago?
    Note the pictures of Obama wearing a Jewish Yarmulke (skull cap). No real Muslim would ever wear one of them. That's what I have been told by Muslims. Diane, your assertation that Obama is a Muslim is betrayed by the facts. You are simply a blame shifter. You don't like Obama. So you try to palm him off on the Muslim faith.

  4. Good try John. However, there are no facts that are strong enough to penetrate Diane's Aquanetted bangs of intolerance.

    A short while back she COMPLETEY believed a satirical story on the internet that a town in Michigan had adopted Sharia law. There was absolutely no telling her otherwise! Look up her op-ed called "Creeping Sharia creeps" blah blah... Don't blame me if you pee yourself.