Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pakistan Taliban leader: what matters is enforcement of Sharia, “whether through peace or war”

/ Jihad Watch
Sharia is the goal of jihad groups the world over. They want to establish Islamic states governed by Islamic law. Non-Muslims who advocate accommodation to Sharia are aiding in this endeavor.

Their female and non-Muslim descendants will not remember them fondly.

“TTP wants enforcement of Sharia: spokesman,” from Dawn, January 31:
MIRAMSHAH: The objective of Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is enforcement of Sharia in the country, according to its spokesman Shahidullah Shahid.
Talking to Dawn from an unspecified location on Thursday, he said what mattered was enforcement of Sharia, “whether through peace or war”.
He expressed satisfaction over the formation of a four-member team by the government for talks with the outlawed TTP.
He said that a session of the central Shura of the TTP had been in progress since Wednesday on the government’s offer.
The spokesman said in a statement that the TTP had taken the government decision seriously and the Shura would present its point of view to the nation in a few days.
He said his organisation believed in serious and meaningful dialogue and paid respect to the emissaries in the past.
He denied that Maulana Fazlullah was not in favour of talks and said that the entire organisation was united under his leadership and obeyed his decisions.

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