Monday, March 17, 2014

Cutting our military...cutting benefits...cutting moral as Putin laughs on
By: Diane Sori

A crime unlike any other as Barack HUSSEIN Obama, in his continued efforts to render our military impotent, leads our beloved America down the road to Third World status, has now NOT only cut our military's pensions and benefits but does it by exempting ObamaCare subsidies for both public employees and the 'sponges' of our society in the process of doing so.

To cut the retirement benefits of the military is the most grievous of acts any Commander-in-Chief can do to those who lay their lives on the line every day to keep us safe and free and home. And by turning his back on our military Barack HUSSEIN Obama has, with NO guilty conscious whatsoever, been able to reduce military pensions by 10% (done so by converting part of their retirement to 401(k)-like defined-contribution plans from defined-benefit plans) as well as imposing cuts that slash subsidies for base commissaries, imposing a 5% increase in the cost of military housing, and placing a 1% cap on annual active-duty pay increases resulting in losses up to $5,000 in annual benefits for those whose basic pay is $18,194, which, by the way, is well below the federal poverty line.

Well below what the 'sponges' get in freebies and handouts.

And when you add in the unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans being opposed to the national civilian average of around 7%...and with 340,000 veterans receiving public money for housing in addition to 900,000 veterans living on food stamps with almost 5,000 active duty troops receiving food stamps as well, and now add in this little bit of happiness into the mix as the Pentagon's proposed budget cuts will result in up to 90,000 servicemen and women needing to look for civilian jobs....and you have one major slap in the face to all our brave warriors...both past and present.

Nothing as low as sticking it to those fighting for our freedoms, but this president is so low that he has to look up to look down as the soldiers he sent to Afghanistan and Iraq that were severely wounded got stabbed in the back again once they got home by first denying them NOT only benefits due relating to their injuries, but then making them jump through red-tape hoops to get the very treatment they desperately need and are entitled to.

Claiming all this is to save money, the fact is that an honorable honorable leader...would NEVER take anything away from those who are America's first line of defense, especially when all these cuts target the military but do NOT apply to Obama-loving political groups and programs.

And with all these cuts...cuts that NOT only hurt financially but are intended to break our troop's damage their very souls...and doing it at a time when they just might be needed yet again for if the Ukraine situation spreads beyond its borders a confrontation with 'mother' Russia herself could be in the making.

Imagine this scenario ...Vladimir Putin is NOT happy with just the Crimea so he sets his sights on the Ukraine itself, and then decides he wants more. Not so far-fetched actually as right now there are 20,000 Russian troops and armored vehicles amassing in at least three regions along Ukraine’s eastern border, and you know it cannot be for anything good. Posturing for war while phony balloting is going on, as yesterday a referendum was held to determine whether Crimea will join the Russian Federation or declare its independence from Ukraine...a referendum where remaining part of the Ukraine is NOT even an option on the ballot.

Score one for Putin as he just moved into checkmate position.

And don't think Ukraine will just sit back and allow this for agreements signed back in 1994 that made Crimea part of the Ukraine were signed by the Russians even though now they have been rendered null and void by a man hell bent on reassembling the old Soviet empire thus making the agreements signed NOT even worth the paper they were printed on as Putin tries to shape Ukraine's future...tries to shape Russia's simply threatening war.

So as Vladimir Putin flexes his military he rebuilds Russia's armed forces...a priority for Putin as the attitude of the Russian people favors and supports the ongoing militarization of Russia... rebuilds to a tune of US-$78.7 billion in 2014, US-$96.4 billion in 2015, and US-$105.2 billion in 2016 respectively...Barack HUSSEIN Obama cuts our military funding by over $41 billion which is indeed a gift to our enemies...and cuts our manpower to levels NOT only to those of pre-WWII but to levels that might NOT even be able to stand up against the 'Russian Bear's' forces...if Putin decides to go beyond the Ukraine's borders into Europe itself...perhaps.

And as the U.S. has a total volunteer army, who in their right mind would sign on for a job were one is NOT only NOT appreciated for what they do, but a job where your Commander-in-Chief has NO respect or interest in the uniform you wear nor does he care for your welfare once you come home...a job where your Commander-in-Chief simply does NOT have your back covered but instead chooses to protect the lives of those who are actually trying to kill you.

And by cutting all from the military both budget wise and benefit wise, Barack HUSSEIN Obama has actually surrendered to those who are America's those out to kill us all.

And this man is still sitting in the White House, and I can't help but question as to why our military leaders allow this to go on, especially with the 'Russian Bear' knocking at our door.


  1. I so wish that are government would get off there ass and get are Army to go and Lock up Obama and now! This man as gone to dame far if you ask me. And I can bet I'm not alone .I would not be one pet surprised if I did not end up in one of his FEMA CAMPS just for saying this .This is how far this man has gone to me .He is a trader to the USA and are own government will not get off there ass and do anything and why?? Because he is Black that is the only reason they have not done anything .

  2. There is ample proof out there that Obama is anti-white, anti-Christian, and also anti-American. The reason he wants regulation of guns is so that he can take them away from us and expose good people to the hoards of Trayvons (a.k.a his sons) created by hair-hatted hooligan mothers (a.k.a black welfare queans) and their facilitators the Democrat Party.

    Now…concerning this article…Obama has proven once again that he is a clueless idiot. I wish I could say he was smart, but how is one to know since he locked up all his school records and grades. Is he even an American? I wonder what the school kids in Indonesia have to say about that; he went to a school that was intended for Indonesian kids and I think he also had to be a Muslim. Is the media interested? Ummm…NO! Since he is BLACK and also a communist he is one of them and his word is above reproach.

    Anyway…while the Crimean crises was going down, he was in Florida on vacation golfing. While Benghazi was happening and brave Americans being slaughtered, an aide reported he was ensconced in a back room playing round after round of cards (spades). Does anyone but me see a pattern here? HE DOESN’T GIVE A S**T ABOUT AMERICA!!! That is the big secret! THERE…I said it! Can his actions be plainer?

    Yes Diane, we are being led by a person who wants the downfall of America. I honestly hope you was sitting down for that! I know you want to believe in Obama; you write story after story that exposes him as an idiot, but deep down you want to believe a person who was elected by the people and sworn to uphold the Constitution would follow through on his vows.

    I sincerely hope you was not too shocked by this revelation. Take deep breaths and try to relax and say (two more years…two more years). With all the nuts (liberals) in the world, maybe there is just one with a bone to pick with Obama. I will have my champagne bottle ready to pop open the cork and celebrate for any good news that may happen.


  3. Hahahahaha! Either the above posts are from a devious Troll or Diane the Hater has truly stupid, uneducated followers. Of course Diane is so stupid that she doesn't know the difference between moral and morale, so her fellow KoolAid gulpers can't be much smarter. Although it could be that Diane herself is a troll who is posting such a disgusting, ridiculous blog in order to make Teabggers look like a bunch of hate filled fools. Diane and the Dimwits!