Saturday, March 15, 2014

What the media won't say about the 2 Iranians on Flight 370
By: Diane Sori

OK folks...2 Iranians fly to Malaysia NOT from their home country of Iran but from Qatar to go to China to seek asylum in Germany...makes a lot of sense doesn't it. 

It appears the two men boarded a flight in Doha, Qatar, using their Iranian passports and flew to Kuala Lumpur. There they got two passports that were stolen in Thailand in 2012, used them to buy the one-way tickets to China but if Germany was their destination why go to China, and don't you think China would know the passports were false as one of the passports was that of an Austrian Christian and these two men looked anything but European.

So while the media keeps saying these two are 'sweet innocent NO ties to terrorist young people'...they are anything but. And why are we believing the story from the 'supposed' mother in Germany...just saying this STINKS as these two are involved and the media refuses to say it.

Could it be that in Obama and Kerry...are so afraid to 'upset' the Iranians for fear the Geneva Agreement would fall apart...I say let it as it is anything but a disarmament agreement anyway.

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