Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dori's Journey Home...the final goodbye
By: Diane Sori

Today at 12:52pm Dori's journey came to an end. My dear sweet friend is NO longer in pain and is at peace. 

Cancer is indeed a bit of hell on Earth but none is more devastating than glioblastoma-multiforme....the most aggressive and malignant of known primary brain cancers. Glioblastoma NOT only kills the body as it literally eats away at one's brain, but it kills who the person is...the essence of one's being...and does so long before the body succumbs.  And while there is NO cure for glioblastoma...16 to 18 months tops even with treatment...with treatment meaning that the quality of life only gets a bit better for those whose cancer is caught early and surgically removed, and then followed up with radiation and chemotherapy.

But glio comes always in the end comes back...such is the nature of the beast whether treated or untreated.  Dori had two craniotomies within nine months to remove two tumors from her brain and was scheduled for a third surgery, but her pre-op MRI showed it to be a no-go as the primary tumor had spread, bore 'baby' tumors, and was sending out 'feelers' deep within her brain. And with those 'feelers' Dori's metamorphosis away from who she once was began.  Within weeks my friend, a former OR nurse, was transformed into either a five year old child or a blank slate who knew NO one NOT even her family or closest friends. Brief periods of lucidity would surface from time to time, but as a nurse my friend knew her future was now gone.

And through the months leading up to today's end, battles were fought on the bureaucratic side that NO one facing the end of their life should ever have to fight.  Battles with her private insurance company after she was turned down as a participant in a new 'vaccine' trial that showed promise of buying glio patients many months of additional life...battles with the same insurance company over yet again being turned down for a last ditch effort to gain her some more time by using a standard, albeit NOT yet proven effective for glio patients, an old and fairly reasonable cost-efficient drug...battles with Hospice (general term NOT the company per se) over the length of time service would be provided when end-of-life care was sadly what was to be...and all these battles were fought because of the changes in health care rules and regulations due to the monstrosity known as ObamaCare.

And in the months with NO treatment while the battle against the ObamaCare controlled insurance companies was being fought Dori had NO treatment at all, thus allowing the glio to run rampant and overtake her brain...and so the Dori I knew...the Dori who I made years of memories with was gone.

Gone amidst tears, amidst pain, amidst things best left of my dearest and closest friends went home to join her mom and dad...a family reunited amongst the clouds of Heaven. 

Dori's Journey Home is my tribute to my a brief glimpse into the nightmare that is ObamaCare...and it was Dori's wish to have her story told so that others NEVER have to face their end of life as she was forced to face hers.

So goodbye my dear friend...I love you and I will surely miss you...but someday we will see each other again...of that I am certain.


  1. So sorry for your friend Dori. You were a wonderful friend to have and you're tribute to her is very touching. God bless...


  2. For many people, including myself, there is the belief that there's something more to our existence than just this life. Dori doesn't have to suffer anymore with the frailties of the human body. Her spirit is now free of pain and suffering.

    I believe we will one day all meet again. I remember this song from youtube by Vera Lynn about meeting again some sunny day

    Sorry about your loss.

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss of your dear friend. I'm glad her suffering is behind her, and she is at peace. May the Lord bless you and give you peace and grace during this time.

  4. Oh I am so sorry for your loss of a dear friend, Diane. But as you say we will meet again some day and she is so much better off now than suffering here. I've lost many to "C" and it hurts every time! GOD bless you sweetie.