Sunday, May 18, 2014

Official Public Statement from 
CPR Worldwide Media...

I'm Michael Collins-Windsor, aka The Stallion, and I'm the CEO of CPR Worldwide Media and I'm here to tell you that our CPR family of talk show hosts and DJs support the OAS movement currently ongoing at our nation's capital.

And while the media remains silent as 'We the People' raise our voices in protest of the most traitorous of presidents in U.S. history along with his equally corrupt and traitorous administration it has become obvious that we need to rally, we need to protest, we need to raise our voices together as one and say loud and clear for all to hear that we will NOT take it anymore.

Our beloved America is becoming unrecognizable to us as the 'enemy within' turns our great republic into a model of European socialism heading on its way to becoming yet another communist state...or worse...for if Barack HUSSEIN Obama has his way America will become an islamic caliphate within a matter of a few short years.

And as we Americans of every race, color, and creed face injustice, intolerance, political correctness, and a trampling of our Constitutionally given rights on a daily basis by the man who wields a phone and a pen to take away those rights, some brave American warriors have gathered together in our nation's capital to lay the groundwork for what might just turn into the long awaited Second American Revolution.

More than 230 years ago, great patriots like those in attendance at OAS, and those there in spirit with them, fought against a tyrannical king hell bent on subjugating the people to his will and he failed. Today, those at OAS are doing the same but the king has become a president so overstepping his bounds of power that silence or even the ballot box can NO long be the answer or the solution. We must follow the lead of those protesters and join hands across the nation and NOT only support those protesting today but we must gather together and start to protest all across this great nation for numbers is the most powerful weapon of all.

And only through numbers will we take our country back from those out to destroy her.

So to those in Washington, we here at CPR stand behind you, support you, and pray for your mission...and know that what you are doing today is just the beginning NOT the end.


  1. God bless this person! Standing up to tyranny that we have not seen since the days of the cold war and WWII!

    I will stand with The Stallion against this repressive regime.

    We see the audacity of criminality from the left on a daily basis! It is only with the help of patriots such as yourself that these criminals are brought into the light. Heaven knows the mass media is not on our side.

    I consider you my brothers and sisters in arms against this regime.

    1. We are all in this battle for our country together.

  2. OAS? Oh, Operation American Spring! That was that group of 2 dozen angry old white people with their Gadsden flags in Washington this weekend. I thought there were supposed to be 10-30 million baggers there? Where were the other 9,999,996 of you guys?

  3. Funny thing... this says it's written by Michael Collins-Windsor but the writing style is IDENTICAL to Diane's.... funny that