Friday, May 9, 2014

Pathetic excuse of a First Lady...just saying.

Michelle Obama wages hashtag counter-jihad

  / Jihad Watch

MichelleObamaBringBackOh yes, this will work.

If any one photo sums up the impotence, self-indulgence and silliness of the West’s response to the jihad threat, it is this one.

Oh, and aren’t you supposed to type hashtag slogans into Twitter, rather than write them on a piece of paper?


  1. She is highly qualified to hold a sign up at passing motorists saying going out of business!

    All she lacks is a BIG dunce cap!

    STUPID B****

  2. Some real reprehensible idiots contributing their offal to this blog. You folks really have nothing worth while to offer up do you?

    1. You should see what I think of you asshole, but I'll be nice and let you use your imagination.

      Oh...I see you are now down to 2 lines; I'll just call you 2 lines form now on!

      Go to hell!

    2. How very Christian of you.