Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Left’s Absolutely, Bone-Crushingly, Mindless Buffoons

By Craig Andresen  / The National Patriot

check 1Jumping the shark is the term used in show business when any particular series, movie or television, has gone past the point of no return with something so inane and ridiculous that people, even their die-hard fans, simply give up and stop watching.

It originated when Fonzie used water skis to jump over a tank with a live shark swimming in it and basically, that was the end of any interest in Happy Days.

The Obama regime has, officially, jumped the shark.

All but the completely Kool Aid soaked liberal/socialists and progressives, those so overtly inebriated on the juice that they can no longer utter a three word sentence, are now asking themselves…What in THE HELL???

Folks, you cannot make this stuff up. They actually said these things and there is no turning back because…they actually MEANT to say these things.

First…let’s lend an ear or an eye to the shark-jumping words of one Hillary Clinton…

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  1. OK...Craig's photo was pretty revolting, but I saw one more revolting than that! It showed Hillary trying to look sexy in some skimpy night clothes. Several men acknowleded that they threw up after viewing the picture.

    Hillary and Obama are working with some pretty stupid voters; those dumb shits don't have the brains of a sea cucumber. Hillary and Obama can lie because the people who vote for them are STUPID! They actually believe it when Hillary says Hamas needed to hide the bombs in a school because Gaza was SO small. They have no idea what Gaza or Hamas are! The average democrat voter is frankly quite stupid; there are plenty of videos that show how stupid they actually are!

    I wish Hillary would tell us how she dodged bullets in the Kosovo conflict. Maybe Candy fatass Crowley can do a piece on that on CNN.