Saturday, August 30, 2014

Obama at Fundraiser: 'The World's Always Been Messy'

President Barack Obama told a group of Democratic donors today that despite turmoil in Ukraine and Iraq the U.S. faces less of a threat than it did during the Cold War.

In remarks to about 250 supporters who paid as much as $15,000 per couple to attend a backyard barbecue in Purchase, New York, Obama today said the brutality of Islamic State extremists in Iraq and Syria, and Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, has made Americans anxious about turmoil overseas.

The U.S. has confronted greater dangers and overcame them, including the stand-off with the former Soviet Union following World War II, he said.

“This is not something that’s comparable to the challenges we faced in the Cold War,” Obama said. “This is something we can handle.”

Obama has moved cautiously in confronting Russia’s support for separatists in Ukraine and the Islamic State extremists who have captured swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria. On Aug. 8, Obama authorized airstrikes against the militants in Iraq while ordering surveillance flights over Syria.

Yesterday he again ruled out military action in Ukraine, saying a military solution won’t sort out the conflict there with Russia.

“The world has always been messy,” Obama said. “We will get through these challenging times just like we have in the past.”

Three Fundraisers

The event in Purchase was one of three fundraisers Obama was attending today. It was held at the estate of former UBS Americas chief executive officer and longtime supporter Robert Wolf and his wife, Carol Wolf, coordinator for special projects at the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.

Earlier, in New Rochelle, New York, the president met with 25 supporters donating up to $32,400 at a fundraiser hosted by George Logothetis, chief executive officer of New York-based Libra Group, and his wife, Nitzia Logothetis.

Both events were to benefit the Democratic National Committee. The third event, in Newport, Rhode Island, is a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Obama, who was originally scheduled to spend the night in New York, plans to return to Washington tonight. He is still set to return to Westchester, New York, tomorrow to attend the wedding of the first family’s personal chef, Sam Kass, who is marrying MSNBC host Alex Wagner.

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  1. I have to comment on these things Obama said today. Obama is trying to compare himself to Kennedy, Roosevelt and Truman saying America got through those tough times, and we will get through future tough times.

    I am going to make some bold statements:

    If Roosevelt were replaced by Obama, Hitler would have won the war. If Truman were replaced by Obama, the Japanese Empire would have won the war. If Kennedy were replaced by Obama, the Russians would have a nuclear base in Cuba.

    D-day would never had happened because Obama doesn’t like the Brits and always takes the Chamberlain approach to dealing with despots and thugs; Japan would have not only won the war, but would have Alaska and Hawaii as territories because Obama would have NEVER used the bomb; Obama would have NEVER stood up to Khrushchev…that is almost laughable; he would have stood up to the Russians then like he stands up to them now!

    I must say that President Carter was a much more effective in foreign relations that Obama.

    I think Craig or Diane hit the correct thought today in that when Reagan came on the scene, the Iranian bullshit INSTANTLY stopped. Why…because the Iranians knew damned well that Reagan was not to be screwed with!

    All the thugs of the world have free reign for two more years to wreak havoc.

    NOW…in today’s broadcast, the guys mentioned that Obama must be smart and know what he is doing because he is so damned good at it (the destruction of America.) I still posit that Obama is WAY over his head and is a total dumbass because of this: any moron can destroy anything, breaking things down is easy and requires no thought. A chimpanzee could do the same job! It’s easy to break Humpty Dumpty, but it is hard as hell to build him again. Obama is NO builder of anything! Using a metaphor: he is a chimpanzee with a sledge hammer and chinaware!