Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dick Morris: Democrats Using 'False Flag' Plan to Steal Senate

By Dick Morris / NEWSMAX
Failing to persuade voters to support their discredited agenda, Democrats are now determined to use a false flag strategy to advance their plan to steal a Senate majority this November.

Masquerading as independents in four key Senate races, Democratic candidates are embracing a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing tactic to fool voters into believing that they are not the party hack/Obama rubber stamps they truly are.

By pretending that they are Independents, they can take power and help Obama implement his plan to create a single ruling party government in the U.S.

I have been warning about Obama's plan in my new bestseller "Power Grab: Obama's Dangerous Plan for a One Party Nation."

As the Democratic campaigns unfold, my main thesis is backed up by the facts on the ground.

Were these "independent" Democrats true Independents, their presence in our national politics would be welcome. But they are not.

If elected, they would each meekly cast their ballots for Harry Reid to be Majority Leader and form a tame part of his bloc that controls the Senate.

In South Dakota, former Republican senator turned liberal Democrat Larry Pressler is running as an "independent" against former Governor Mike Rounds, the Republican candidate. The latest polling puts him only two points behind Rounds. Having served three terms as a GOP senator, Pressler backed Obama in 2008 and 2012 and supports Obamacare. His strategy is either to win or to take enough votes away from Rounds to elect Rick Weiland, the overt Democratic candidate. The South Dakota seat had been written off as a certain Republican pickup until Pressler implemented the false flag strategy.

In Kansas, Republican Pat Roberts was coasting to a fourth Senate term when Greg Orman jumped into the race as an independent. Orman, who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, backs Obamacare, embraces the Democratic platform in toto, and actually tried to run before as a Democrat. But now he’s an "Independent." The fact that George Soros' son is reportedly hosting a fundraiser for Orman should make clear he's no independent.

In North Carolina, Republican Thom Tillis is locked in a close battle against Democratic Senator Kay Hagan. The only reason the race is close in this state Mitt Romney carried in 2012 is the presence of Sean Haugh, a pizza delivery man running as the Libertarian Party candidate. Haugh draws between 4 and 8 percent of the vote, in various polls, but all of it comes from Tillis, the Republican candidate. Where is Haugh getting his support? His money? Ask the Democrats.

In Kentucky, Alison Lundergan Grimes -- running against Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell -- refuses to say if she voted for Obama in 2008 or 2012. Obviously, she did. And just as obviously, she is running away from it now. She says she will oppose Obama’s war on coal, but, if elected, it is clear she will toe the party line as Reid demands.

The Democrats first used false flag strategy in Maine in 2012 when Governor Angus King, running as an Independent, took the Republican seat formerly occupied by Olympia Snowe.

Once in the Senate, all traces of independence vanished and he fell in line with the Democratic Caucus.

Indeed, Independent Senator Bernie Sanders told his Vermont voters that he, too,  was not a Democrat.  But at least Bernie had the guts to call himself what he really is -- a Socialist.

The new Democrat "Independents" have no such courage.


  1. Why use a false flag? Diane brought up the fact that if we - conservatives - don't get over our stupidity of personal issues, we will AGAIN lose the election.

    CASE IN POINT...as I was driving to work this morning, I listened to Red Eye Radio and a caller called in from WLS Chicago. It was an elderly white woman by her voice...and this is what she said: I would not vote for Romney because I don't trust him.

    I about went out the roof of my car cussing that stupid idiot out! SOOO...HOW IS OBAMA WORKING OUT FOR YOU....DUMBASS!!!

    She didn't trust Romney so she did not vote! THIS IS A VOTE FOR THE OPPOENTS! GOD DAMN...OUR PEOPLE ARE STUPID!!!

    The radio personality didn't challenge that idiot at all. Not a word about how much she trusts Obama.

    These GOD DAMNED idiots on our side will sit home on their GOD DAMNED snoody asses and not vote because something is against their religion, or they don't trust somebody...or some other stupid ass lame excuse. WE FUCKING DESERVE TO LOSE WITH IDIOTS LIKE OURS!

    What in the fuck did that lady not trust about ROMNEY? The man on the radio didn't challenge her at all? Maybe he felt the same way! NO wonder we lose elections with the idiots we have.

  2. Oh...I'm not finished yet...a guy from Maryland called in and said unless the Republican challenger took a strong stand against the ban on certain assualt weapons, he might not vote. SO...what does he think his NON VOTE will get him? HE IS A DUMBASS BEYOND WORDS!

    Did the guy ever thing of this: Maryland is a very liberal state; why not avoid topics that might turn some voters off such as assualt weapons. Talk about schools, minimum wage and other bullshit topics that nobody is interested in and MAYBE some of the low information voters will vote for the Republican side.

    Believe me, when the dems come up with ideas, we are going to have to present better ideas for the dumbass voters out there. I'm not saying you have to fullfill any of them, but you have to talk pretty to get elected.

    Well...if the guy does not vote, the democrats will somehow take away his right to bare arms. His non-vote was a vote for the opposite side. What a stupid DITZ he was!