Thursday, October 9, 2014

Officials say ISIS, Ebola are coming across southern border


  1. We also have bad a mix of Ebola and foot and mouth disease in the White House. American has a bad hemorrhoid called Obama. We need a whole bottle of Preparation H to weather that one!

  2. Black teen shot in St. Louis was armed with a sandwich as per his mama:

    This is hard news!

    Where do they get these hoes? The father of the young black man is the government check; not a real man. I put 90% of the plague of black violence on the backs of liberal democrats who destroyed the black family, and are trying their best to destroy all other families as well.

    There is also a war on white people, Diane. I know how you feel, but why don’t you and Craig do a segment on your radio program about black violence? I know all about MOOSLEMS…they are revolting asses!

    I predict more racial violence in the future. It was nice to read that whites stood up to the blacks chanting for Michael Brown at a baseball game in St. Louis.

    I think you did mention that many blacks in prison are being recruited by the MOOSLEMS to commit crimes against humanity. People had better wake up!

    One more thing sweetie…don’t underestimate Ebola. I sleep very well at night, but with one eye open (be wary!) I take the phrase sleep with one eye open from Enter Sandman

    Tell Craig to crank that song up loud if he wants to get the blood boiling. HE didn’t play Hank William’s Jr.s song last week : ( OR I didn’t hear it.

    OK…I will get my Dr. Pepper and Chips and wait for a really “BIG SHOE” on Saturday! That’s what Ed Sullivan used to saw: God rest his soul.