Saturday, October 18, 2014


RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS...LIVE...Saturday, October 18th 11am to 1pm EST
on CPR Worldwide Media. Craig and Diane will be discussing the important issues of the day ranging from ISIS gaining ground, to Ebola and the new farce of an Ebola czar, to all things Obama and more.

Hope you all will tune in...

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  1. From a cave in the mountains of Tora Bora, mohammad the prophet will again emerge to sing out those famous words used to open the discussion of the day. LA LA LA LA LA LA LA;

    Craig Andresen has all his one line zingers ready to go; and Diane Sori has her patented response: EGGS ZAKKKLY ready to go!

    In case the audience gets a bit sleepy (or to wake Diane up), mohammad is there to sing out loudly and jolt everyone from their slumber!

    Sadly I do not know the topics of the day, but I would venture to say it has something to do with Obama, Islam, Ebola, and the coming elections. I am looking at my clock right now and the time is 7:27 AM. I can hardly wait! I hope mohammad has lots to say today.

  2. Oh...THE topic of the day is the Ebola Czar (it helps to read the headline before commenting. BRA HA HA HA HA HA!) God I can be stupid sometimes!

    Anyway, this should be interesting because the so-called czar knows nothing about any of this crap. He is just another political hack to kiss Obama's butt and make people think Obama is doing something.

    What do you think of this shit mohammad? LA LA LA LA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA LA!

    I would like to thank mohammad for his thoughts on this subject.

    ME: Diane, I think Obama is a stupid jack ass that is too stupid to know what is going on!

    DIANE: EGGS ZAKKKKLY! Oh NO...he knows EGGS ZAKKKKKLY what he is doing!

  3. Mexico denies an American ship from docking with a suspected Ebola patient, but sends thousands their diseased masses to the United States giving us diseases such as Enterovirus 68 and a host of other diseases. Gee…thanks Mexico…and Obama for making us SICK!

    I agree with the Halloween decoration in Idaho of Obama’s head on a pike; everyone should get one!

    Obama elected a new czar to cover his own INEPT ass! Think about it, when the shit hits the fan (and it will), Obama can’t blame Bush, so he needs somebody to blame for his inept, stupid, dumbass, idiotic actions!

    He be Barack the magic Negro…we can’t say nuffins about him!

    1. For me NOTHING is about Obama's race...and BTW he is bi-racial/mixed race NOT black...I cannot stomach his white half as much as I cannot stomach his black half as well as being totally against his politics and policies..

    2. Hey...his own side came up with the line: Barack the magic negro...not me! As far as him being white, he claims no part of it. I agree with you about this not really being about race, but politics when dealing with Barack!

  4. You spoke about Reverend Manning and Wild Bill! Sometimes I wonder what happened to those two. Their influence on a national level is minimal, so I do not think their influence could swing an election. They were so HIGH in your opinions, and then dropped like a ton of bricks.

    Actually the name Wild Bill made me think that Diane could be called Diane “Calamity Jane” Sori, and Craig “Mad Dog, or Mad Cow” Andresen. I think you two need a handle! Ummm…Craig could be the known as the Key Master…and Diane could be know as the Gate Keeper…NAH…that wouldn’t work because people would snicker all the time. Since Craig is a big time meat eater, he could be know that Craig the anthropophagous Andresen; and Diane could be known as the black widow (Diane’s hair is black). There are so many handles that could be employed! I will need to give this some serious thought!

    Now…as for the radio program: I listened to the whole damned thing. I know that Diane is waiting for my review. It was an excellent show. HOWEVER, I thought Mohammad was starting to sound a little bit lonely…could Craig find either a goat sound or a sheep sound to keep him company!

    I tip my hat to you two for not going berserk over the Ebola craze. However, I don’t think Diane would talk so nonchalantly if she lived next door to some Liberians who just came back from Liberia. Tell the truth Diane: suppose you had a neighbor who just got back from Liberia, would you – Diane Sori – answer the door if your “Liberian” neighbor knocked and asked for a cup of sugar? If you say you would not open the door? Why. In addition, would you sanitize the door after she knocked, or call a HAZMAT crew, or neither? Just curious!

    Also, suppose you are on a bus and a seat is free after a person working with Ebola patients vacates the seat, would you prefer to stand, or would you occupy the vacated seat? Just curious! I would be curious what Craig would do as well.

    Maybe you two could do another one of those Diane/Craig editorial pieces where you discuss things! Seriously that was good! Although the election is TOPS, I am curious about how close you two would be willing to come to a person straight from Liberia.

    1. My hair is NOT's very dark brown and I am NOT a widow but a wife. As far as the Liberian questions one cannot know what one would do until they are faced with that situation...however I would like to think that unless bodily fluids of sorts were involved it would NOT bother me in the least to open the door to give a Liberian a cup of sugar as you say, but if truth be told asking 'what ifs' mean NOTHING as 'what ifs' are suppositions and I deal in tangible realities alone.

      As for my break with Wild Bill that you seem so curious about...I NEVER knew Pastor Manning personally...when he took part in what turned into a hate rally against gay people that was when I walked away as I am NOT homophobic nor will I ever be. Our founding documents clearly state "all men are created equal..." and what's good enough for our Founders is good enough for me. Does that answer your question...

      Glad you liked our show and our article.

    2. Yeah, yeah...I know all about those two, I was just pulling your chains. Pastor Manning was somewhat of an anomaly in the black community. It was refreshing to hear a black man actually accept that black families were going down the tube and placing most of the blame on blacks. You will not hear that same message among 99% of other blacks; for that...I respect Pastor Manning.

      The idea that Wild Bill came up with was just plain kooky!

      The idea of giving you two (you and Craig) a handle was done in the spirit of fun; you seem to have taken it the wrong way. Sorry!

      For your information, I am also not homophobic and think gay marriage should not be an issue in a national election. It would seem the courts and federal government have usurped the rights of states for now.

      I’ve enjoyed your blog and listening to your show, but I think I have reached the end of my comments on this blog. I will “try” to refrain from making anymore comments because I don’t feel welcome here anymore.

      Tell Mohammad good-bye! Enjoy the bugles! Tell Craig to enjoy the “meat” buffet!

      I will give you and Craig one last praise: your show is tops, and YOU do have a great blog!’

      See ya!

    3. Of course you are welcome here...what makes you think you are NOT?

    4. I thought you wanted me to leave. I thought you was getting tired of my opinions and that I was making you mad.

      I will say this, I have not held back on any opinions on your blog; I spoke my mind.

      I do enjoy this blog and also the radio program, but I seriously thought you had enough of my opinions. I can be somewhat opinionated (but I try to give a good argument).

      How’s this…if you want me to go, then just say the magic word: go. If not, I will post my opinions from time to time.

      I wish you and Craig all the best. Also, you don’t have to worry about me NOT voting. I have voted all my life (99.9% Republican) and you will be proud to note I always voted for the “R” behind the name. I didn’t care what color, sex, or orientation the person was; ONLY that they had an R behind their name. On that point we are in 100% agreement. Take care!

    5. NO NOT AT are welcome here. I think you just misinterpreted the 'tone' of my words is all. Again, you are welcome here.

  5. HALOO...just for a trial out there, how many of you would sit next to somebody with Ebola? The government plan is to let in as many diseased people as possible to kill off the conservatives and usher in an era of democratic bliss!

    1. Sit next to somebody with Ebola...come on...really...ONLY someone without a working brain cell would knowing sit unprotected next to someone with active Ebola.