Wednesday, November 5, 2014


And the House now has a super majority of RED!

To make this night perfect would be if Obama would roll up his prayer rug, grab The Moo by the hand, face the cameras, and resign.




    The black people got tired of Obama's LIES!

    NOW...let's turn this nation around from all of Obama's CHANGE!

    1. Hey troll...'We the People' and America won and we won BIG! To make this win perfect would be if Obama would roll up his prayer rug, grab The Moo by the hoof...ooops I mean hand (LOL), face the cameras, and resign.

    2. Yeah! The niggers and fags and muzzies and sluts are all gonna face the music now right Diane!? A hard rain has come and will wash all the scum from the streets.

    3. The above person is a troll and should be deleted by Diane! I would let the rain start with you dumbass! You didn't take my advice to jump off a tall building!

      I know like is tough for a loser like yourself, but you could end it right now; just do it for the sake of humanity.

    4. Shut up you homo-queer muslim loving jigaboo RINO slut! Diane knows who the REAL patriots are dont you Diane!?

    5. Free speech. Sorry, one of the big right-wing ideals, protect constitutional rights.

      Therefore, I am at complete liberty to say: Diane, you write like the third-grade son of Adolf Hitler. By that I mean your writing is unintelligent and childish, and your messages are demonic, borderline treason, and downright scary as hell (and dead wrong at best, but that's a given)

  2. My God, the inmates are running the asylum! At least these mostly look like real republican candidates that won; not the batshit crazy tea people like before.

    At least the good guys still have the veto, and by the time the next presidential election comes around people will be sick of the Repugs again. Hillary 2016!!

    1. If you use a crowbar and have someone pull really hard from behind, you may be able to extract your head from of your ass!

      Not a sermon, but just a thought!


    2. Guess what...the good guys lost on that account too as Obama's executive orders can be overturned and how will be in my op-ed for Friday.

    3. just gave yourself away...I now have an idea exactly who you are.

    4. You tell 'em, Diane!

      I don't think the troll reads anything you write, but just makes stupid crass comments. You have either one, or two, liberal trolls.

      When I ask for proof of what they say, they never reply!

      I am posting so much stuff on your blog tonight, I am losing track of everything. They accused our side of voter fraud! BRA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

      They should look at this link

      I am accused by your troll of being racist. All I ask from the troll is to PROVE me wrong. Seriously...if you say what I post is racist, or false, I promise to never post on your blog again (if that is your wish.)

      Ninety-seven percent of all murders in St. Louis are committed by a young black males. Is it racist to state a fact, Diane?

      I don't recall ever using the "n" word, or calling gays "faggots"; that is your troll doing that. I would delete them!

      As I recall, I did use the word "coons" and "muzzies", but I was solely referring to the bad elements of their society. I would include some bad blacks as the "n" word, but that has nothing to do with their skin color, but the way they conduct their lives. I believe whites can be just as bad. Case in point, the recent riot in New England that was featured on Drudge.

      Oh well...hang in there.

    5. Please, that's exactly the kettle calling the pot black. Republicans are generally less intelligent than Independents and Democrats - that's a fact, look up average IQ, education, etc. in blue states vs. red states. Worst states are generally in the South, best are in the North and East (blue states).

      I can stand moderate Republicans, we need compromise and I agree Obama's not helped much over the last several years. But you Tea Party, far-right wing extremists are delusional...If any of you somehow get into national office I swear I will move to Canada.

      In addition, Diane, please learn how to write. Thank you.

      (your grapes of formal writing and argumentation is worse than a second-grader...and no, that's not meant as an insult, it's pretty accurate...)

    6. Ha, Diane, this blog is open to the (sometimes very unintelligent) public. We can say whatever we want, sorry!

      I wouldn't say the GOP won big, either; certainly taking the Senate will help, but they don't have the 60 votes needed to overturn Obama's veto power. Therefore, every idiotic GOP bill will be shot down, like every one of Obama's bills was over the last two years.

  3. Best comment of the day: "My God, the inmates are running the asylum!"

    Anonymous, please come down and claim your prize for most reasonable human being reading this blog.