Monday, December 1, 2014


  1. Does anybody but me not understand how bad these pricks are...and why we should not allow them into our country? Is everyone so stupid in Europe and N. America that can't see how bad these people are? Gimme a break!

    1. These barbarians have NO place amongst civilized men.

    2. You represent all that is rotten and wicked in our country Diane.

    3. You know anonymous at 1:14 pm, Diane has laid this out before your ignorant eyes. If you don't heed the warnings then it is you who is the fool, and it is YOU who is rotten to the core!

      Look, sometimes I say things that are controversial, but I back up what I say with facts with good links. All I have seen you do is come in and call everyone racist, stupid, rotten and everything else without a WORD of explanation.

      If you think this site is so rotten, isn't there other sites for you to visit?

      We all know who you are by your style of writing. Could you do us a LITTLE favor please: if you think Diane is SO wrong, then prove it asshole! are the laziest shit I have ever seen! Prove something asshole...if Ovomit is so good, then back it up with proof. The debt is up 70% under you need a link for that? I can find it!

      Diane and I are in agreement that these people have no place among civilized men and women; they belong in the 7th century with Mohammad raping 9 year old children.

      I have read Diane's blog for months now and think she is one of the smartest ladies around. I respect Craig as well. They are both fine Americans who care deeply about this country. They have an EXCELLENT program that streams on the computer called CPR.

      I know that MY ideas are extreme, but I can find common ground with Diane and Craig. We all want what is good for our nation, and we ALL support the Constitution as the founders wrote it, and NOT as Ovomit decrees it!

      If you can't back up what you say, then you are one of those stupid voters that the Democrats LOVE so much!

    4. You're like Diane's little ass wart dude. You're only visible when she bends over and spreads her cheeks. I love provoking you. It really is satisfying.