Saturday, December 6, 2014


Today, December 6th on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 11am to 1pm EST, Craig and Diane will tackle the racially charged grand jury decision in NY's infamous police 'chokehold' case, and Hillary's now come back to haunt 'empathy for our enemies' remarks that just might end her quest for the presidency.

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  1. Here is a sample piece of editorial from the SBPDL website:

    White lives DO matter!

    Never, ever forget the callous words of St. Louis Police spokesman (woman for those gender-suprmacists) Schron Jackson, when she described the rationale behind Zemir Begic's murder. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported her describing the circumstances surrounding his lynching, by four black youth armed with hammers, thusly:

    “We think it was wrong place, wrong time,” police spokeswoman Schron Jackson said. How many... how many other homicides of white children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, mothers, aunts, fathers, uncles, grandmothers, and grandfathers have been described in a similar manner by a police spokesman when the suspect in the murder happened to share the same racial background of the killers of Begic?

    For the entire editorial, here is the link:

    The story goes on to tell the story of a young white woman named Megan Boken who had her entire life in front of her and was shot down by two nigger boys in a robbery GONE WRONG. Just like Zemir, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. BULLSHIT! It was the niggers who killed them that were in the fucking wrong place at the wrong time. When we had segregation, we were SURE to keep the niggers in their place ALL of the time!

    If one looks that the SBPDL website, the author lists in GREAT detail the crime rates of blacks in the St. Louis area. It is not whites, or Asians, or anybody else causing the deaths in St. Louis…IT IS NIGGERS!

    If white people do not wake up soon, they will soon find they are in the wrong place at the wrong time! WE ARE ZEMIR BEGIC AND MEGAN BOKEN! We need to do something about the BLACK problem in America. Segregation is where to START!!! Anyone that says otherwise has their watermelon sized head up their ass!

  2. I wonder if hands up don't shoot will help when niggers rob whites, or hands up don't rape will stop a nigger from raping a white woman. In my heart I think the answer is NO!

    Why do blacks think that black lives matter when it is they who are killing each other? I think Criag mentioned this indirectly in his blog. A black person's life matters only if they are killed by a white person.

    Personally, I am thankful they kill themselves in various ways because I would hate to have many more of them. Our nation would become the Congo with a bunch of chimps running around like bonobos having constant sex and pumping out wards of the state to take care of!

    I hope to hear what the moderate Muslim has to say about this matter. Sometimes I think Mohammad makes good sense!

    I'll get a Dr. Pepper and enjoy the show! As usual, I will make comments afterward on this blog about my feelings on the matter.

  3. I listened to the entire show today folks, and let me tell ya…Mohammad had his say today. I asked for Mohammad, and I damned well got a good dose of him! I know a little secret that Craig doesn’t know (unless he reads Diane’s blog), I always turn Mohammad down to about 1 on the dial. He always gives warning about Mohammad, so he can never surprise me. HA HA! I would probably shit my pants without the warnings.

    I keep writing about the futility of the Negro in America and Craig keeps on saying that there are some good Negroes out there. However, if one visits Craig’s blog some of his editorials sometimes can seem like he almost gets the fact that Negroes are a lost cause.

    Diane mentioned an outrageous case of whites getting killed by blacks that I had not heard about. It just goes to show that if a person is white and killed by a black they get no press at all; no matter how outrageous the case. I guess to blacks white lives don’t matter, but they damned well INSIST we care when one of their thug silverbacks bites the bullet.

    I don’t know where people like Pamela Geller get the energy to keep up with the bad antics of Muslims; yet the president wants to punish Israel for using its own land. It’s all I can do just to read all of this stuff and keep informed.

    My comments on this blog are to show people the futility of blacks and Muslims. I know that It will be hard to convince many since they have had years of indoctrination that anything white was bad. Diane…god bless her heart cannot utter the word nigger! Craig had to step in for Diane. It is my goal with my musings to show Diane the futility of the black race and have her quote LBJ with GUSTO!

    Diane did say the word “fuck” today concerning something over Obama I believe. She later apologized to the audience. I forgive her because I think the same goddamned fucking thing! It’s hard to condemn someone when you are thinking the same fucking thing!

    If anyone missed the show, they missed a good one!